1000 Pip Builder Review – Evidence of A Scam Signal Service

1000 Pip Builder Review – Evidence of A Scam Signal Service

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You are here to ascertain whether or not claims made by are achievable. We contacted them before this review was published. They refused to cooperate because we were asking the hard questions.

We visited industry forums like Forex Peace Army, and there we saw that a number of highly suspicious customer feedback were being published without the knowledge of the admin.

Bottom line is this, 1000 Pip Builder is highly controversial. Although some websites are endorsing it, we will not go with the crowd especially if we know that this is likely to harm subscribers of this blog.

We will not please the owner of 1000 Pip Builder website because we are here to publish nothing but the truth.

Therefore, before we proceed with this review of the 1000 Pip Builder, we want to make it crystal clear that we are not recommending this service in any shape or form.

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1000 pip builder review

1000 Pip Builder review

This is a Forex signal provider who claims to have amassed a decade of experience in the field of trading. The website is operated by someone called ”Bob”, although we are not quite sure of this.

We do not buy the story that ‘Bob’ and his team have been trading for the last 10 years. Neither are we going to get convinced that this trading service has clients from all parts of the globe. Unless there is evidence of solid trading performance, it is impossible to endorse this service.

So apparently, 1000 Pip Builder website is supposed to send their members winning Forex signals in their email or in form of text message in real time.

The service allegedly aims at netting 600-1000 pips on a monthly basis.

The problem is that we do not have a single record of this ever happening in their past ”10 years of trading”. It just adds to their ridiculous nature.

We contacted them and only got a reply after the third email. We requested them to show us what they had done for their customers and instead, we were referred to their unverified myfxbook account.

On top of that, ‘Bob’ and his team sent us a couple of screenshots showing their profit curve for the last 12 months. Indeed these results were impressive going by their standards.

However, we still had more problems, and this prompted us to dig deeper into the matter. Here’s the bombshell:

Trading results

Would you believe it when we tell you that 1000 Pip Builder does not have records of active or live trading?

It’s hard to fathom that fact. But that is the gospel truth. They were not able to produce verifiable results. Their so-called live myfxbook account tracked results for 4 months in 2016. Then it stopped tracking their trade signals on 27 December, 2017.

During that time, the signals achieved a net gain of 22%. However, there were several major dips in the equity curve which suggested that their signals were highly unreliable.

Draw down was just over 11% in those 4 months. But you have to remember the fact that this account did not get verified. So anything that appears on that account was definitely prone to manipulation.

From the results shown in this curve, we could figure out that 1000 Pip Builder was far from achieving their targeted pip numbers.

1000 pip builder results

The equity curve did not make a strong uptrend — which is an indication that most of the signals were poorly performing.

And of course the fact that this account was not verified means that this service is up to no good.

On top of that, this account did not register live trading results during the time those signals were being tracked by the platform.

Who is Bob and his team?

Honestly speaking, this information is not revealed on the 1000 Pip Builder website.

We verified ownership details of this domain and realized that ”Bob” had purchased domain privacy on to conceal their identity.

This does not sit well with a service that claims to offer winning Forex signals without fail.

It is therefore impossible to verify this man’s track record just by reading his website.

The same applies to his team of traders whom he claims are experienced in chart reading.

Nothing can be verified out of all information that is found on the 1000 Pip Builder website.

That leaves us with one assumption. That Bob’s real name is not Bob.

If we go further, then we can confidently assume that this guy has never traded Forex profitably. His means of generating income is through selling bogus Forex signals that fail to give subscribers results.


The pricing of 1000 Pip Builder signals is $97 per month. You cannot test these signals for a few days before committing to subscribe with the full price.

Therefore, traders are mostly forced to fork out the $97 just to test these signals and see if they really work.

However, this is not necessary because this service fails our vetting procedure. With no track record and live trading results, one can’t be so confident that if they pay the amount, they will get results.

And of course like every other sham on the internet, this one does not have a money back guarantee. 1000 Pip Builder website would have acted professionally if they included a money back guarantee.

Then there’s the 30% discount which the owner of this site says he will give to everyone who registers to start using 1000 Pip Builder signals.

This is to entice users into subscribing. It does not mean that 1000 Pip Builder signals will make you a successful trader.

Customer feedback

While perusing this site, we came across writings from people who are purported to be customers of 1000 Pip Builder website.

But we also realized that those writings lacked their photos. Instead of using their customers’ photos, they used animated photos to represent their clients.

Why is that so? Well, you obviously know the kind of game that these folks are playing.

These are not real customer feedback or testimonials. Rather, they are mere fabrications by ”Bob” and his team. They write their own testimonials and pretend that those testimonials come from their ”happy customer”.

The truth is that their customers are not happy with them. Their failed myfxbook results is proof enough that this signal service does not deliver.

In addition to this, we noticed that this site was endorsing itself using They claim that awarded them a 5 star rating for being the best Forex signal service on the internet.

Thankfully, these claims are very easy to verify. We simply visited the website where the supposed endorsing was done, then run a search using the domain name of 1000 Pip Builder. Guess what, this signal service is not on their database. We did not see any results associated with this service.

Our best advice for you

1000 Pip Builder is a very suspicious signal service. No sane trader would bet on this website because it’s clear that they don’t have a track record.

Not only do they lack a track record, but they also make big claims that cannot be fulfilled. They say that the least number of pips which their signals can make is 600. But as you can see, that is a far cry from the reality of the matter. Please, keep your wallet safe. You’d rather invest in these recommended products than use this signal service.

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6 Replies to “1000 Pip Builder Review – Evidence of A Scam Signal Service”

  1. $97.00 per month for signals? (which for the record you can get for free online????). One small thing to point out. When you gave the December date, you said 2017. I think you meant to put 2016. Just thought that you should know. Enjoyed reading the article and I do look forward to them. Learn quite a lot.

  2. Thanks for the info. I almost subscribe it. Due to my recent experience with forexTrade1, which i subscribed few days ago. It seems like scam program. What has Written on their link and 1000pipsbuilder was alike. As said there are no testimonial. Please do the same on ForexTrade1, it is far worse by charging minimum of usd500 for their signal.

  3. dont worry people i will take one for the team. I’ll sign up for the 1 month program, and post the results on youtube with screen shots. I plan on posting results week to week until the month is done, if im not in profit by week 3, i will make sure the world knows it. I hate scammers, but no one seems to have tested them directly. I can spot the fake reviews a mile away, and this is always a bad sign. but its possible that a few could be true. I’ll let you know

    1. I am a victim, I purchased this software signal and it wiped my account to nothing. I contacted him to refund my money, he refused….please so you know what I can do to them to get back my money?

  4. I wished I had known about this before now,I bought their signal software, it wiped my account… I contacted Bob for a refund, he refused. Bob is a fraud, a cheat and a l***. His company will crash..

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