$1,000,000 Algorithm Review: Another Tempting Scam

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$1,000,000 Algorithm Review: Another Tempting Scam

The binary options market is full of companies promising to help traders become more profitable in their operations. However, most of these companies are scams only after investors’ funds. Unfortunately, some of them are not easy to spot. But occasionally, you find a company that is so ridiculous you can’t imagine how they expect clients to invest with them.

An example of such a company is $1,000,000 Algorithm. The name of their trading robot tells it all. They want investors to believe they can make them millionaires. Such promises are common with scam operations. They use such high numbers to lure eager investors into investing with them.

You should always ensure a company is genuine and can deliver on what they promise before investing your money. That is the only way you will avoid investing in scam companies. Additionally, that is the only way you will make real money.

This review will tell you why you need to stay as far away from the $1,000,000 Algorithm as you can. They are not a legitimate company that can make you any returns. In the meantime, invest only in the best binary options trading robots if you want to make any real money.

$1,000,000 Algorithm Review

The developers of the $1,000,000 Algorithm trading bot claims to be the best in the market. They boast of providing over 90% accuracy levels in binary options trading. Allegedly, every user of the robot is making over $10,000 every month.

$1,000,000 Algorithm Review, Platform

However, these are just numbers that anyone can claim. In reality, the company offers no binary options trading services. We know this because they have nothing to show for it. Everything they feature on the website is fake and blunt out lies.

The company wants you to believe they have developed software for major world exchanges. Additionally, they claim they were analyzing investments for the top 30 most successful investors.  Both of these claims are not verifiable. They do not say the exchanges they were developing software for. Further, there is no mention of the investors they were analyzing investments for.

It is easy to see through these lies. They are just tools to lure unsuspecting individuals onto their platform. They are trying so hard to convince you they know what they are doing. But, they have nothing to show for it.

The company wants you to believe you can trade binary options with no risk involved. Further, they say you can do this for free. The opposite is true. Trading always involves risks. Price volatility can lead to loss of funds. This company is misleading clients on the stakes of binary options trading. There is no way we can trust them with our money.

Investment Procedure

The company claims they are offering the trading robot for free to its clients. What they don’t tell you is that there is a catch involved. When you sign up, they open an account for you with their partner broker. They then ask you to credit that account to start earning.

However, the broker they match you with is not regulated. $1,000,000 Algorithm is just a tool to funnel investors to do business with an unregulated broker. Clearly, they do not care about customer satisfaction. Otherwise, they would let investors choose their own trading broker.

The only thing they care about is making money from investors. They have a partnership with the shady broker that entitles them to commissions. This is why they are working so hard to drive investors into using a particular broker.

Furthermore, we suspect they are trading any binary options for investors. Instead, the company relies on returns from commissions they receive from the broker.


The website provides three names of the alleged founder of this company. These names invoice Peter Douglas, Matthias Mayer, and Andrew McDonald. Apparently, Peter Douglas was a senior financial analyst in the Soros Financial Fund. On the other hand, Mattias Mayer has his own trading school. Further, Andrew McDonald was a Financial Consultant and Adviser in the Donald Trump team from 2013 to 2017.

Allegedly, these individuals have come together to revolutionize binary options trading. However, when you dig a little deeper, you uncover the truth. Peter Douglas is the name of a famous actor. Peter Douglas, on the other hand, is a well-known Australian ski racer.

These people just use random names and pair them with random positions to pose as an experienced team. This is how far $1,000,000 Algorithm is willing to go to steal your money.

Trading Strategy

The website features no details of the trading strategy the robot uses to earn money for investors. There is no mention of the market setups it looks out for before opening and closing a trade position. This is because the company does not offer any trading services.

This is absurd. The company expects investors to spend their money without knowing what will happen to it. They expect investors to trust their word. However, we are here to stop that. As far as we are concerned, these are strangers telling you to send them your hard-earned cash.

Sending your money to mysterious individuals on the Internet is a risky move. They will disappear with your money, and you will have no one to turn to.

Trading Results

The website features a table of trading results that show profitability in trading. The company is presenting these results as their own. However, these results are fictitious and have nothing to do with actual trading.

 $1,000,000 Algorithm is doing everything they can to convince traders they are a real company. They are using fake results to show that they are profitable. They want you to believe you can make money with them and change your life. However, this is far from the truth. This company has nothing to offer you. Stay away from them to save yourself some peace of mind.

Fake Customer Testimonials

It seems like everything about this company is fake. They have gone ahead to use fake customer testimonials on their website. We know this because we have confirmed that the people on the page are paid, actors.

For example, the man named Adriano featured on the video is a Fiverr actor that anyone can hire. His real name is David Dedispenza. Adriano is apparently from Italy and has an accent. David was ideal for this part because, on his Fiverr page, he offers to record videos in Italian for money.

No real company will go to such lengths to convince you to invest with them. These are massive scammers with no morals whatsoever.

Final Verdict

We cannot, in our right minds, recommend this company to you. $1,000,000 Algorithm is a scam only looking to make a quick buck from eager investors. Their only goal is to funnel individuals into using their unregulated broker.

Moreover, everything on the website is fake. The team featured on the website does not exist. There is no way to track these individuals down. It would be a bad idea to invest with such people.

While there are many companies like this, investors are still making money in binary options trading. They do this by only using legitimate binary options trading solutions that exist in the market. Save yourself some trouble and only use such companies.

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