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It should be pretty obvious that you are dealing with a scam when confronted with a site like 10daysprofit. The site is based out of the UK, or rather their company is registered in London  – so they claim. Their physical address is listed as 44 ALBATROSS CLOSE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, E6 5NX. This is mere show of credibility and does not mean that the site is any transparent. Having looked at 10daysprofit carefully, we are convinced that this website only sought to incorporate itself so as to imply credibility. In the real sense, nothing is credible about the company.

In case you doubt our assertions, you can read this review in the next few paragraphs because perhaps it will make you see some sense with regards to what this site is claiming to offer.

For those who want to trade Crypto currencies right away, these tools can go along way into proving their worth. For those who want to find out whether 10daysprofit is scam or not, the following paragraphs of this review will provide some insights.

10daysprofit Review

The website of 10daysprofit claims to have incorporated their business so they can provide trading services in Forex, Cryptocurrencies and in real estate investing. These are definitely lies from hell. Look at their returns and you will know that this company is neither trading Forex nor Crypto currencies. Real estate investing is not a reality either.


They claim that the aim is to establish long term relationship with their clients. Well, this site does not look like it can last even 6 months from now. It looks so unstable because the ROIs which they are promising cannot be sustained. And if they can’t pay those ROIs, then one thing is for sure – the site will collapse.

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So, what are these impossible to earn ROIs that 10daysprofit is promising? They are basically promising investors that they can earn 1% daily for 10 days, hence the name 10daysprofit. But they also have a VIP investment plan where they claim that investors will earn 150% in 10 days. If 1% per day is impossible to earn. Do you think 150% will be realistic? That’s the question we are asking these scammers and we demand some sort of answers.

These returns are clearly ridiculous and we’d love some clarity and proof that the site is truly earning these returns. This proof will come from customer feedback which is also hard to come by because 10daysprofit is obviously a scam.

We’ve also looked at the numbers representing user activity on the site. This is to imply that 10daysporift is transparent with their visitors. They are showing us total deposits and total withdrawals as well. And there is also a table showing users who are getting paid by 10daysprofit.

The problem we have with this platform is that it is not letting us verify this information, and hence there is no point in them showing us this table. We expect some kind of transparency with this information. This information must be verified by a third party in order for us to trust the information. Otherwise, what we can conclude here is that 10daysprofit owner has full control over what goes into that table as well as what is displayed on the site.

Anonymous ownership

They claim that 10daysprofit is a registered company. But we cannot find any company on the internet which is registered with these details. This is fake registration or there is a possibility that this registration expired. As it currently stands, there is no information anywhere on the internet suggesting that there is a company by the name 10daysProfit Ltd.

That also leaves us with no choice other than to conclude that ownership is anonymous. The real website owner is concealing their identity by having the details of this domain privately registered. This is a red flag and an indication that the site has a second agenda. That agenda has to do with something related to stealing your funds.

They have pictures which they are claim to be a representation of their staff members. We can’t believe this information at all. The fact of the matter is that these pictures were stolen from an online photo bank for convenience.

Customer testimonials

The site is quite popular. They are even advertising on Google to try gain some exposure. That means customer feedback must be there as well. Unfortunately, customer feedback is hard to come by. There are no customer feedback for this site, which is making us to ask the question of why this is happening.

We’d love to read some reviews apart from those which have been written by blog owners. We want independent reviews which are directly supporting the site with the earning claims which they are making. So far, this information is not forthcoming. So that means we have a right to make the assertion that this site has no real customers and the ones they probably hard got scammed and abandoned ship with disappointments.

Summary of what we just talked about

10daysprofit exhibits a few red flags which you should always remember. First of all, they are completely anonymous. The use of stock photos is unacceptable.

Secondly, there is lack of transparency when it comes to how they trade the markets and what their performance has been. You don’t go investing in any website that promises a ROI. You need proof of trading and also proof of successful trading. They also need to tell you if they have fees which are being charged based on watermark.

But since 10daysprofit is a ponzi scheme, you don’t expect them to have these details. Even if you requested them for these details, you would be completely ignored. That’s how ponzi scams operate.

And definitely there is no user feedback. That is something you should be wary about. When a site has no user feedback out there, it means that it is either new or has no real investment activities going on.

Our best advice for you

You must avoid 10daysprofit. You can invest on these trading bots instead.

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