12 Trade Pro Review – Scam, Hype and Nonsense!

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12 Trade Pro Review – Scam, Hype and Nonsense!

Thank you for reading this review of 12TradePro.Com. What exactly is 12 Trade Pro? Well, we could say that it’s a company owned and operated by a man named ‘Sam’. This company owns a trading room in addition to selling magical trading software for the total cost of $6,995.

The first thing worth taking note of is that Sam refused to give his second name during this investigative work. This website was registered in 2013, and is maintaining the said web domain.

Somewhere along the way, Sam begun calling this company ”Best Pro Trade”. It looks like they have since dropped this name and are now using the name 12 Trade Pro. Whatever their real name is, we will go ahead and review this business anyway.

12 Trade Pro Review

It’s still worth having a conversation with our readers concerning the reason why this company changed its name for a while before switching back to its former version.

Our research reveals that 12TradePro.Com is being hosted on a private server that has an IP address of However, the same IP address also hosts a bunch of other domain names which is directly related to trading and selling indicators. Most of these domain names have since gone out of business, with the exception of 12 Trade Pro.

The question is, why would someone create so many domain names dealing in the same line of business only to start abandoning them one by one?

We’ve got a very good answer to that question. ‘Sam’ is a marketer. Having a big list of domain names (some functional, others have since expired) coupled with his refusal to reveal his true identity could signify that we are dealing with yet another trading guru/scammer.

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Over the years, we have reviewed similar businesses before. We can tell you for real that we do fear cases where a vendor simply refuses to attach their identity while maintaining a den of rabbit holes where they can retreat to. The discovery is shocking, and this is definitely a sign that we are dealing with a scam business.

Let’s see what products they are offering at 12 Trade Pro

This website sells a number of magical trading paraphernalia. Most of them aren’t specific with the exception of Best Pro Trade software which they have really taken their time to describe in details.

Instead of giving a complete description of everything they are selling, the 12 Trade Pro website simply lists down words like automated algorithmic, swing, scalping discretionary trading, Stocks, Futures and Forex. It is not immediately clear whether these names represent their products or their trading instruments.

Most of these ‘trading gurus’ will have multiple products in stock because they are after making money. The more the number of products in stock, the more profit they will make in the process.

12 Trade Pro seems to be the name of their main product, and it seems to be a trading software or computer plan. But most of the offering on this site is confusing and very disorganized. You have to work extra hard in searching this website to get to their products.

Finally, we managed to get to that page where their products were being sold at. 12 Trade Pro doesn’t have cheap trading products at all as even a week’s trial is priced accordingly — just to ensure that the ”trading guru” is always benefiting from anyone who decides to try out his products.

A week’s trial costs $500. A financial plan is also in place where one indicator package for one computer is being offered for the price of $1250 up front fee in addition to $250 monthly fee until 18 months have elapsed.

The second financial plan is for two computers which costs $1,545 up front fee. In addition to the upfront fee, the charlatans want you to part with $350 in monthly fees for 20 good months. The total cost at the end of it all would be $8,545.

The one time purchase price is $4,995. But if you’d like to install the programs in two computers, this would cost you $6,995.

12 trade pro products and pricing

But in addition to offering this paraphernalia of financial plans (you’d think that you are dealing with a bank or an insurance firm here), 12 Trade Pro is also offering a mixed bag of indicators and trading software starting at $995 up to $3,495 a piece.

The 12 Trade Pro is a computer plan that costs individuals $4,995 on a one-off payment. However, clients can also pay this cost in monthly installments. There is also a separate charge of $2,000 at the end of it all.

Please note

You should keep in mind that these installment plans are based on a contract. This means that the money will be automatically billed, and you cannot cancel the contract once it gets rolling.

The website makes it clear that there shall be no refunds when products have been purchased. Secondly, they stated clearly that the developer cannot be liable for any losses that are experienced as a result of using 12 Trade Pro software.

12 trade pro scam conditions

Inquiring from ‘Sam’ about the legitimacy of his products

We sent out an email to the owner of 12TradePro. We had prepared very straightforward questions to ask him. We wanted to know whether Sam was trading a live account.

By the way, he is also also a ”trading coach” running a trading room at the same website. That’s why we wanted proof that his products were in fact legitimate.

But instead of giving us an answer, Sam quickly went into full evasion mode. He claimed that he had too many accounts with too many brokers, and that he had different balances and was using to trading in too many different ways. For that reason, he could not possibly give us an accurate information concerning our question.

Maybe we were asking to much from Sam. So we made it clear that we were not looking for something too big to handle. We were instead looking for a single day’s proof of live trading.

But instead of randomly picking a day’s record of his trades for any particular day, Sam chose to act combative and argumentative. We countered by telling him that he was asking people to send him thousands of dollars so that he could supposedly teach them how to trade, yet these people were investing their lifetime earnings on products that had not been verified to work. That is why we only needed one proof of concept to be certain that these products were not scam.

But the answer was this: “No, you cannot muzzle me to show you even a day’s trading statement, so I won’t produce anything.”

Next, we continued to engage him on the blaring inconsistencies and omissions that we had picked up from his trading room where he was the moderator. We made it clear that if this issue was not tackled then, we were going to sound an alarm on the internet. We were going to expose his 12 Trade Pro business to the world to raise awareness of this sham.

Finally, Sam owned up to his mistake and replied that he was only providing interpretive guidance inside his trading room. His job was to offer educational services and not to prove to the world that he was a trader.

Our best advice for you

Is it justified to sell any trading educational product for thousands of dollars? Nope. Is it fair to defraud traders on the pretext that you will teach them how to make millions. The answer is NO. Please avoid 12 Trade Pro. You can trade with these products instead. 

8 Replies to “12 Trade Pro Review – Scam, Hype and Nonsense!”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. This broker is a total scam. Before you deposit they call you everyday and promise everything to you, training, signals and huge profits. After I deposited they changed me broker to a guy called himself Steven Baxter, he said ha had wide experience from JP Morgan but looked suspicious because his East Europe accent. He called me everyday and told he had a great business opportunities for me and will make me rich, he told me Aramco was doing IPO in first week of April and he asked me to deposit 300k USD so after the so called IPO I can make 1M in 2 weeks investing in TADAWUL index. I did research and found no news about the upcoming IPO, in fact news mentioned this IPO for next year. I told him that but he insisted he was right, it looked suspicious and I declined his offer. He insisted that deposit at least 75k I can get 500k in 2 months. I refused and so far there is no IPO or news about it. He even did a trade for me which made me win 200$ to convince me but it made me more reluctant. If they have access to my account what else they can do? After I reject this business the guy disappear for few days and called again to arrange an appointment to teach me about trading and doing my investment plan. It sounded great but there was not such thing as teaching, it was again another “business opportunity”, he asked me to invest 100k in the pair EURUSD which according to him in the next 2 months is going to reach 1.13. One month later pair still 1.23. I refused to deposit more money and he got angry told me I wasted his time and so on. I decided to withdraw the money I had there because I dont feel comfortable those guys asking money every week for tradings I think are fake. Now I know if I would deposit what they asked I never see that money again. I tried to withdraw my money but 4 weeks later I still waiting and no news from them or any answer. Fake Steven got angry again because I withdraw but what should I do with all that? platform is really bad (I think is a fake platform) and brokers only want your money. Avoid them in all costs.

  3. I have been dealing with Sam from BPT for several months now and I have nothing but good things to say. He knows what he is talking about and his system simply works. I watch his videos every day and he hides nothing. I will be trading with his system in the new year and I will happily post my results.

  4. Hi, jut I thinking to buy this autotrader bot…. but I still confused…
    if anyone has bought this robot, I would like to get in touch, I’ll leave my email and telegram .
    [email protected]

  5. Lee, are you still out there?? Several have asked you for an update. We sure would like to hear back! Thanks

  6. I bought his system I paid 5000$ plus 300$ yearly fibonaci plus 50$ yearly for updates and access each Monday webinar I have the system for 2 years already bearley I managed to practise or trade I burn myself like 15k beacuse I was so naive I could make some money at the beginning and sinse than i didn’t practise any more but I’m still watching his YouTube live channel to learn more and all I can say if you practise for couple of months and how to use it and get familiarise with the market and the sistem I do see can be very profitable but I. Getting to the conclusion if I need to practise such long time I will end up be profitable trading manually and don’t need the system the system is to help you to manage multiple instruments to trade automatically but you still have to manage manually and each week you have to optimize so yes its a good tool and his constantly improving the system and you get support so thas why is not so cheap hi has a team of programtors constantly updating the system.

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