1500 Per Day Scam Review: A New Rogue System by a Seasoned Fraudster

1500 Per Day Scam Review: A New Rogue System by a Seasoned Fraudster

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”I am looking for the next 10 people to make $1,500 upon activating this software”, claims a scam video clip on a website whose domain can be accessed here —

Moreover, this video says that it’s offering a once-in-a lifetime opportunity where the lucky ones will be granted access to an exclusive members only retreat where top earners live, breath and sleep. Good, if you want this opportunity, we wish you luck 🙂 !

But if you’re still with me, it means you’re looking for real solutions for trading binary options and making realistic profits. Good for you because at least you’re not smitten by obvious black and white lies.

That video is simply ridiculous. We watched it for a while and in the first few minutes, we were told that we would get to ‘Aspen’ if we only paid attention. We have no idea where this is.

All we had to do to get to ‘Aspen’ was to activate and get started with the 1500 Per Day software.

We were also congratulated for having arrived on the 1500 Per Day website. The website writes with bold letters, informing us that this is a step-by-step training video. We had no idea what we were to being trained for.

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Secondly, even after watching the whole of that video, we never received the $1500 which we were promised at the end of the video.

In fact, we left empty handed despite being promised that those funds were ours. We also realized that this was not a training video. As a matter of fact, it was a pitch video full of promotions. The promotion was about using smart phones to make money.

All of a sudden, focus had shifted from giving away $1,500 to participating in a promotion where winners would get cool prizes. The narrator was no longer talking of giving away $1,500.

It occurred to us that the ultimate thing that all viewers were required to do was to sign up using the form next to the video in order to get to ‘Aspen’. Turns out that Aspen is not a physical place, but a broker’s platform where you put $250 and in the next few hours, it’s gone!

1500 Per Day System: What you Should Know

If you want to familiarize yourself with what a full-blown binary options scam looks like, don’t go far. Just consider 1500 per day opportunity and you will learn a thing or two.

Make sure that you’re not smitten by the lies which ‘Robert Mitchell’ propagates in this fraudulent system. You will lose money.

This guy is simply amazing in his presentation. He says he has a magical system called 1500 per Day that can trade binary options very accurately, hence making you $1,500 each day or $10,500 per week or $560,000 per year.

Don’t lose your mind yet. Ask yourself why this trading system is being offered for free and why you’re being pointed towards another binary options broker so you can sign up to receive your funds.

People don’t give away good things for free. Anyone who claims that they are offering snake oil for free are definitely selling a fraudulent system. 1500 per day does not come across as an authentic system. We will give you more reasons why.

For now, just know that you can’t and won’t make $1,500 per day trading binary options with this system. In fact, that target is a little bit far-fetched. It’s not realistic at all.

Who is ‘Robert Mitchell’?

Let’s begin with this person called Robert Mitchell. Who is he, and why is he giving out 1500 per day for free?

Robert-Mitchell of 1500 per day

Probably he is a magician. But even magicians can’t be trusted sometimes because they use dirty tricks. Mr. ‘Robert’ is not any different because for one, he is a fictitious character, and two, he does not want to face his audience head-on. Is he a coward? Definitely yes. In fact, he is the worst coward we have ever seen promoting a binary options scam.

The real owner of this website is probably hiding behind a computer somewhere in the world. On the other hand, the name Robert Mitchell is just a fictitious character used for the purpose of promoting 1500 per day.

1500 Per Day scam with more red flags to follow

Look at the supposed live trades on the homepage. The website claims that those are live trades and that individuals are making as much as $1,700 per hour.

table of live trades: 1500 per day is owned by kiwi method scam

Notice that this table of ‘live trades’ is also hinting that this widget was copied from a popular scam website known as the Kiwi Method.

Honestly, you have to be really blind to miss out these tell tale signs. The Kiwi Method scam left people literally bankrupt. I hope you remember.

Now, it appears that the owner of Kiwi Method scam just rolled out a brand-new product called the 1500 Per Day trading system.

1500 Per Day uses fake testimonials

You can see that the website of 1500 Per Day is using a number of testimonials to try building your confidence.


How about learning that these people have never used 1500 Per Day, let alone trading binary options?

These people are simply stolen photos with fake names. The so-called verification process (highlighted in red) is also fake. They are not done with nonsense yet! See more details below.

Unrealistic win rate

We all know that maintaining a consistent win rate of 98% is not possible. We also know that building a small investment of $250 into a significant amount really takes time coupled with a reliable system like the ones found here.

However, that’s not enough. You actually need to identify an authentic trading system only after you have familiarized yourself with the owner.

In this case, the owner is anonymous. Their details are hidden on the website and also on

On top of that, their win rate has never been proven since 1500 Per Day system has no track record.  So the reason why they are insisting with lies is because they want to insult your intelligence. Avoid this product at all cost!

So, why didn’t we get our $1,500 after watching the video?

It means that this website is not to be trusted. We have come across such websites hundreds of times. We have also learned that such websites only make ludicrous claims. Who gives $1500 for free just because you watched a pitch video clip? Show us one particular site where these things happen and we will bet with you.

Our Best Advice for you

It’s not worth wasting time on this product. 1500 Per Day system is simply the worst scam in the history of binary options… a system that can’t be used to trade a live account because it will always wipe it dry.

The countdown timer on this website is also another indication that 1500 Per Day is only concerned with making sure that they can sell as many spots as possible. The truth is that there’s no expiry date or time for signing up. This tactic is simply loved by scams because it manipulates through the power of fear. Don’t be greedy.

Lastly, we always give solutions where a problem exists. We’d like to end this 1500 Per Day review by giving you access to a list of genuine binary options products which have been tried and tested by us. Don’t believe anything else you find on the internet.

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