1G Profit System Review – Scam Trading Nonsense!

1G Profit System Review – Scam Trading Nonsense!

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Today, we have a nonsensical product to review. The so-called 1G Profit System sounds like a good program on the surface. It basically promises the opportunity to trade every instrument in the market, and that it will not have any problem putting easy $1,000 into your bank account on a daily basis.

Because it has generous profits to give, we expected to find more information on its official website about the 1G Profit System and how it works to make that kind of profit.

Alas! The website has nothing in the way of explanation to convince us that 1G Profit System is real. It’s the reason we have no choice but to investigate and make things crystal clear afterwards that this is a scam!

The 1G Profit System review

It is sad to learn that this system is a fraud from the word go.


The ugly truth that those who almost got convinced don’t want to believe is that Adam Williams of 1G Profit System is a fictitious character.

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To make it look as if Adam Williams is real, the scammer behind this website just made use of a stock photo. The first thing you have to realize is that neither Adam or the faceless owner of this site created this software.

Spare a minute and have a look at this domain You realize that this website does not have any address, company name or contact information that can be used to reach out to the so-called Adam Williams.

Now, because we do not have this important information, it is safe to assume that 1G Profit System is an anonymous service.

We are actually dealing with a scam product in disguise. These guys are simply too lazy to come up with a convincing website.

How 1G Profit System is supposed to work

The website of this system says that 1G Profit System uses a precision trading algorithm to open and close trades in auto-pilot.

Now, when it trades on your behalf, you should just sit back and relax because at the end of the month, you will be guaranteed of $30,000 even if you choose to spend that entire month doing nothing.

You can spend your time at the beach because 1G Profit System makes money on auto-pilot. This is apparently how Mr. Adam makes his $50 million and now he wants to give it out for free.

Adam wants you to become a millionaire like you. And we mean he badly wants this to happen that he is literally begging you to sign up.

These promises are too good to be true. Only the naive can fall for such scams. This is bullshit at worst.

Let’s see how this scam intends to fleece members of the public. Be careful not to send them any money.

The disturbing realization

The video presentation of 1G Profit System shows us this software in ‘action’. We are actually watching how crooks are turning a small account of $250 into thousands of dollars in a very very short time.

This bogus representation will definitely leave you asking a lot of question. Most people who come across this website who have never been duped before simply wonder if this is real.

Thankfully, all this is evidence that 1G Profit System is a hoax. But these guys will continue to be shameless. They claim in that video that this system will generate trades with 99.8% accuracy.

To ”prove” a point, these crooks went ahead to pull a list of supposed trade performance. We saw that this list was too good to believe. All trades except one was a loser. It’s like out of 30 trades, only one trade was a loser. The rest were successful.

Now, we are repeating this again. No software can trade with that kind of accuracy. If you want a realistic binary options software, just use these products instead. Don’t believe that a secret robot is available out there that can guarantee you a win rate of 99%. This is impossible. It only happens in your dreams.

Therefore, by portraying 1G Profit System as a trading program that wins nearly all trades, we learn that these people are cheap attention seekers who want to reap off members of the public. Beware.

No reputable brokers in this deal

You might think that you are getting a good deal by signing up to use 1G Profit System. But have you paid attention to the sales pitch and noticed that no broker was mentioned all this time.

The reason is that this system works with unregulated brokers. Mentioning brokers in the video will quickly put off some people because scammers know they are dealing with both wise and naive investors.

The ugly truth is that 1G Profit System works in tandem with rogue brokers to steal money from you. You can never complain once your money has left your hands and entered their bank accounts. Unregulated brokers are a no go zone. Never trust anyone who claims to work with regulated brokers when they are not ready to show evidence of the same.


This is the funniest section of this website. Instead of concentrating on producing evidence of how their software has performed all this time, the crooks give us a bunch of fake testimonials to chew on.

fake testimonials for 1g profit system

They gave us 3 testimonial images and pretended that these people had earned $100,000 each as a result of using 1G Profit System.

Right beside their avatars, you find a small image that says ”verified”. Thankfully, we all know that this is marketing trickery.

The truth is that no one can endorse this pathetic scam and nonsense. It has never been verified, and that’s the reason why these crooks don’t have proof to back their income claims. They just love to ramble.

This type of marketing is used by lazy individuals who want to make quick money online. The problem is that they lack creativity. They make it so obvious that what they are offering is a scam.

Actually, there is very little information about this product on the internet.

They claim that they have an exclusive VIP section, a personalized news feed and a 24/7 customer service. These marketing declarations take over the place of trading logic for this software.

In other words, 1G Profit System does not have any trading logic which it follows to make money.

We checked the FAQ section and discovered that these folks were touting a $1300 per day income system in the name of 1G Profit System.

But the problem is that people can never believe this nonsense if the software lacks a clear trading logic for doing things.

Our best advice for you

When it comes to describing what 1G Profit System is, there is really nothing to say because it is an empty website selling a fraudulent software to members of the public.

The creators of this scam don’t provide any trading logic or results to help validate their claim. This makes them look bad in the eyes of investors who know what this software is all about.

So if you are one of those clever investors, we suggest that you use these trading systems instead. You will be far more thankful that you followed our advice.


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  1. Stay away from 1G Profit System. They are running a scam program! They put no effort into their work and are very lazy. Do not use this service.

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