1k Daily Profit Review: Scam with Boring Vibe!

1k Daily Profit Review: Scam with Boring Vibe!

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This review of the 1k Daily Profit system proves that this trading system is a scam. When someone says that they are giving you the secret of the 1% wealthy population for free, you should probably ask why they are giving the so-called secret without charging any fee.

The shady website has a video where visitors are told that this trading system uses the same secret that people like Warren Buffet have been using to make billions in the financial crisis.

Those secrets can now be given out to you buy just filling out a simple form on the 1k Daily Profit website. This is something that sounds too good to be true. It’s unbelievable and utterly ridiculous to learn that some shady internet marketers are giving out what they claim to be the secrets of the wealthy.

We really need to find out what is going on here. So if you’re one of those investors who are probably wondering whether or not 1k Daily Profit is a scam, you can read our detailed analysis to find an in-depth answer to your question. This review will support our assertion with facts and proof too.

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1k Daily Profit review

The landing page of this site is very attractive to look at. The eye-pleasing aspect of this website makes people last longer and even have the patience to watch a video that lasts more than 5 minutes.

At the start, we are told that the video will only last 2 minutes. But as you continue watching, the voice narrator will proceed to say that the video will last just 5 minutes which isn’t the case.

1kdailyprofit review

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The owner of this website and project is allegedly someone called John Becker.

John Becker is an anonymous guy who claims to possess the wealth-making secrets of rich people like Warren Buffet.

He does not tell us about his professional experience in the field of trading or investing in general. He does not talk about himself too. In fact, there is no reference to his biography at all.

He leaves it to the imagination of those who want to fall into the trap that is 1k Daily Profit.

Mr. Buffer is just welcoming us to his landing page and claiming that we have arrived there as a result of a special invitation which we received from him.

But how exactly did we arrive at the website ( We conducted a Google search and came across that domain by chance and not as a result of someone directing us to them. So that’s the first lie which Mr. Becker is telling each one of his audience who arrives on his website by chance.

Mr. Becker also claims that the reason he wants us to join is because he wanted to form a community of happy people who enjoy financial freedom because they are earning $1000 per day or more.

At this point, we can’t imagine this liar talking to us in this manner. We already know that his earning claims cannot be proved at all. We watched the whole of that video presentation and never saw anything that bothers proof of earnings.

Mr. Becker did not even release any documents as proof that 1kdailyprofit makes $1000 a day.

Let’s make this clear before we forget. No trader is making $1000 per day with such a rogue software. This amount is still too high for the average investor who puts in $250 to get started.

Most newbies start with a small amount. Unless they started with a big amount and a good software to go along with, there is no possibly of making a dime in this business.

Now, already we know that 1k Daily Profit is a scam software. That is why they are claiming that you can make $1000 every day out of a small investment. The person announcing this falsehood is clearly misleading you for their own personal agenda. We have never seen or heard traders starting with $250 and making 1K daily profits.

Mr. John Becker is an impostor

Mr. John Becker is someone whose identity cannot be proved, yet he claims to be a millionaire. If he is really rich, the way he claims, he should be famous because his website is really popular. That means many people are visiting and even signing up to get scammed unknowingly.

john becker

The site is quite popular in Columbia. We guess he loves to scam people from Columbia. Or he’s just directing his marketing efforts to this region because it has the best conversation.

The fact of the matter is that John Becker is an impostor. The real owner of the 1k Daily Profit is not called John Becker. He is just hiding behind this character because he prefers anonymity.

Can you trust his secrets for making you wealthy? Absolutely not. He has not proved that he is worth trusting. He has not proved that his trading system works either.

Fake user feedback

Scroll down the website and you’ll see fake social media testimonials from supposed Facebook and Twitter pages. The figures that people mention in these pages are alarming. It’s hard to believe that people are supposedly getting rich with a free trading system like 1k Daily Profit.

You can rest assured that their photos are fake. It’s a widget that works with fake screenshots to deceive naive investors.

There is nothing like overnight riches. The alleged users have never traded with this software. 1k Daily Profit is probably using their photos to achieve an ill motive.

Limited time offer that never expires

It’s an old tactic. We don’t understand why these scammers can’t do away with their old tactics yet. This website claims that to receive your free copy of the 1k Daily Profit, you must take advantage of the opportunity now before it’s too late.

If you close the website without taking some action, they claim that your invitation will expire.

This is ridiculous indeed. An internet scammer claiming these things is definitely someone wanting you to take action as quickly as possible. They don’t want you to click your way out before converting.

You can rest assured that there is no making $1000 a day with this software.

Licenses cannot expire as there are plenty of copies which the scammers are allowing people to download as long as you will use their recommended stock brokers.

Just in case you didn’t know: this thing is free because the owner is getting compensated by the stock broker which they’ll direct you to.

By agreeing to use 1k Daily Profit system, you are restricting yourself to a rogue, unlicensed broker. All sorts of problems can arise in this case.

Our best advice for you

1k Daily Profit intends to make you lose at least $250. We have already got a glimpse of its interface and saw that it’s the same software that was used to steal money in the case of 1k in 1 Day system.

Let’s be honest with you. These scammers are looking forward to preying on anyone who will believe this 1k in a day nonsense.

They’ve recycled an older scam (like the one we just mentioned) and marketed it like a new trading system.

In reality, this is a money losing trading system. Generic trading robots can never make any money.

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