1K in 1Day Review: Brand New Manipulative Scam

1K in 1Day Review: Brand New Manipulative Scam

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This review proves that 1K in 1Day is a horrible scam. 1K in 1Day is basically a binary options fraud. It is presented by someone called John BeckerHis name is in Bold letters because we are not sure if this is his real name. Most of these scams just use aliases to fool the masses. But the purpose of this review is to expose the trick.

In a bid to learn more about the 1K in 1Day software, we decided to listen to ‘John Becker’. He claims that this software is as a result of combining his effort with someone from Goldman Sachs. Together, they were able to put together a very powerful trading bot that would make $1,000 or more per day, thanks to an impressive win rate of 99.8%.

If we do the math, we realize that making $1,000 per day is an equivalent of making $365,000 in one year’s time. Sounds too good to be true. These kinds of lies are popular these days.

How about the win rate? Has anyone had of any robot that is able to work with that kind of efficiency? We are yet to find one. But we can promise you that this is just a dream that will prove to be increasingly elusive. There is no way you can make quick wealth without working hard for it. In fact, there is nothing like get rich quickly.

There is no legitimate business that can make you the kind of income that 1K in 1Day software is promising on their website. Nevertheless, they are still making bold claims because they are targeting individuals who dream big, thinking that a magic software exists somewhere on the planet, and that this magic software can make them rich overnight.

Becker says that you can gain access to his program free of charge. Does this make sense?

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1K in 1Day review

1K in 1Day Review

Unfortunately, Becker is a scammer and the so-called 1K in 1Day is a hoax. This Becker is a fictitious character who was probably hired by the real owner of this project to lie on camera.

How do we know this? Well, we did a thorough background check using some of the most sophisticated internet search tools. These are premium products that can expose anyone’s details to establish the truth. If they have been involved in any form of crime before, we will know it.

In the case of Becker, something is rather sinister because no one with that name can be found anywhere in this niche.

He is non-existent by the way. A fictitious character uses an alias name to introduce themselves while their real names are hidden. That is why you can’t find out who this Becker is.

Also, we have been trading and recommending trading products for a couple of years now. We have never seen or heard that a trading bot is executing and winning trades with an accuracy of 99.8%. It seems impossible and rather odd that someone is claiming such a high win rate without providing any proof to accompany those claims.

And you see, anyone who pitches an idea that sounds too good to be true is definitely a scammer. That is what we have learned so far. And there is no exception here.

Fake reviews

Not only are we suspecting that 1K in 1Day is a scam, but we are also bumping into more evidence as we browse through the entire website.

There is no other tangible proof than a fake testimonial used on a web page promising overnight riches. This one too is not an exception. The web page of 1K in 1Day is full of fake testimonials. These are clearly made to mislead visitors by making them believe that 1K in 1Day is a legitimate trading robot.

One popular website by the name Fiverr is a hotbed of scammers where marketers often source their testimonials from. In this website, actors tout their testimonials for $5 only. If you are willing to pay this amount, they will do unbelievable things for your project. For example, they will put together a video and make people believe that your product is the big deal.

1K in 1Day fake testimonials


In the case of 1K in 1Day program, a popular woman is among the many personalities that were used in the testimonial section. This woman is popular for endorsing Binary options scams. She has appeared in many other binary options project besides this one.

Now that we have evidence that this product was endorsed by actors rather than real users, we can conclude that it is a scam. If it was real, they could have asked their alleged users to endorse it instead of hiring people do endorse the so-called 1K in 1Day software.

Evidence that the 1K in 1Day program is a money losing software

It is easy to tell whether this software will yield the proclaimed profits. We got an opportunity to test it because the scammers thought we would endorse them instead. But alas, we don’t endorse scams here. Each and every trading product that has ever been endorsed here was tested thoroughly before putting our sign of approval.

So in this material day, we decided to test a copy of the 1K in 1Day software. The moment we unpacked it, we noticed that it was a white label. What is a white label?

A white label is basically a generic software that has been customized with unique logos and colors to imitate a new product.

This software is the same one that was used and branded as Crypto Wealth. This program is widespread in the Binary Options niche. That means we get a lot of feedback from people who use it and get burned in the process.

The best thing is that real users have always re-affirmed that 1K in 1Day is a loss-making program. So forget the fake endorsement and believe real users instead.

What is the ultimate truth here?

1K in 1Day was designed to fail from the word go. What they need you to do now is sign up with them. If you fail to make a deposit, they will push you to do so with a broker called MaxCFD.

Notice that this is an unregulated broker. You will be pushed to make a deposit of at least $250 for the software to start working.

The primary purpose for touting the 1K in 1Day is to get as many people as possible knocking the door of this broker. The moment you make that deposit and start engaging the software, that’s when you shall realize that it’s a piece of BS.

Moreover, since this broker is unregulated, it means they don’t have any good reputation. Your money will disappear without trace.

Our best advice for you

1K in 1Day is a crappy binary option software. Real users can’t be wrong. If the fake endorsers are claiming that this software works, we got evidence to disapprove them. We tested them and even confirmed our fears from members of the public who tested it too. What did they say? They all agreed in unison that this is a horrible scam.

So just in case you planned to use it, hold on for a while. Or just sign up for these trading products instead.

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