1st Class Trades Review: A Scam or a Genuine Signals Provider

1st Class Trades Review: A Scam or a Genuine Signals Provider

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1st Class Trades is a signal provide for Forex and Crypto currencies. The provider does not charge anything for their signals but on condition that anyone wanting to utilize their signals must sign up with one of their recommended brokers or exchanges. On their sales page, they tell us that 1st Class Trades is the Ultimate Foreign Exchange Signal Experts. They also claim that they assist their worldwide audience with interactive and dedicated support. 

Their mission is to ensure that clients are provided with profitable trades instantly as they are always analyzing the charts on behalf of their clients. They also claim to provide potentially high and profitable trades. The service which they are offering is supposed to be free, and they claim it’s professional.

In the end, they claim that 1st Class Trades will ensure your financial future is secured because they are a certified signals provider. However, they did not reveal who certificate them as professional traders. We hope there will be some transparency as we move forward with this review.

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1st Class Trades Review

Trust, knowledge and experience is the principle that guides this site’s operations. The operators are anonymous, and their trading experience is also known known. Their profiles cannot be verified and so we have no idea whether these are real professional traders. The domain of the site suggests that they are based out of the UK.

1st Class Trades

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1st Class Trades provides between 5 and 10 signals per day. These signals are for trading Forex and Crypto currencies but the vendor claims that signals are provided from Monday to Friday. Crypto currency signals can be sent on the weekend as well but this site does not tell us whether they have weekend signals and yet they claim to sell Crypto currency signals.

Signals are sent out through Whatsapp or email on a daily basis. The site also claims that their signals are 87.5% accurate. We hope that this win rate can be justified by proof of trading success because this is an extremely high win rate and if 1st Class Trades cannot provide some type of verifiable proof or data, then it remains as mere claims.

We have actually checked the entire site for hints of trading performance and found none. In fact, 1st Class Trades does not mention anything to do with trading performance apart from claiming that their signals have 87.5% win rate.

Traders behind 1st Class Trades

For 1st Class Trades to provide us with signals, there must be traders who analyze the market to provide these signals. The problem with this site is that it doesn’t address the most important things like site ownership, the team in charge of trade analysis and so on. If we cannot figure out what type of trading experience these people have, we may find it very difficult to believe them more so if they are anonymous. The site is operated by faceless individuals and we do not think it’s professional and ethical for a site dealing in investment products to fail in this critical area.


1st Class Trades has some testimonials on the homepage from people who claim to have found success with their signals. But these testimonials are fake since they used stock photos and fabricate texts that go with those photos. Some of the characters who appear on the testimonials even claim to have made enormous returns within a very short time, which is extremely disturbing. These testimonials cannot be verified because the profiles of these people were not provided either.

In short, there is a sense of anonymity and mystery surrounding this site and its operation. Instead of building credibility, they lose it simply because they are not transparent. The testimonials in question cannot be found elsewhere, and we believe that if they were genuine, we would find others talking about this site on the internet as well.

Free signals

Some people may be tempted to test the services of this signals provider because it’s free and so they think it doesn’t cost anything to make that move. Well, our take is that in as much as you are utilizing free signals from this vendor, you are going to pay in terms of spreads. The vendor earns commissions because they referred you to their broker and the broker simply added spreads to your trading account to compensate for the commission that they will pay the vendor.

One thing you need to realize is that you will be trading a live account which also involves trading with your own money. If you do not know the kind of people you are dealing with and the type of trading experience which they have, trusting them with your investment decisions should be the most difficult thing to do. If possible, you should try and see if there is a demo for this service. If that is the case, you can try the signals on demo to see how it goes. You will most likely be interested in the results and not anything else.

Also, it’s a well known fact that free signals simply don’t work. The reason they don’t is because you cannot expect a vendor to work hard for you free of charge. Even if they are being paid a commission with their brokers, the fact of the matter is that sending out free signals can be demoralizing. Don’t believe anything to do with free signals. Good signals are paid for.

The truth

1st Class Trades cannot be trusted, must like some of the Forex trading companies that we have reviewed here before. There is a great dose of mystery which surrounds the site since they are not upfront with many important things. There is also no professionalism at all to help build the site’s credibility.

Our best advice for you

1st Class Trades does not look like a promising signals provider. If you’re into trading Forex, we advice that you should use a professional trading software for that. 

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