Most Profitable Forex Broker Affiliate Program

Most Profitable Forex Broker Affiliate Program

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Every forex broker needs consistent influx of new traders to grow. Without being able to attract new clients, no forex broker will be able to grow its business online.

In case you’re still a beginner, a forex broker is a company, institution or an individual that acts as an intermediary between currency buyers/sellers and the currency being traded.

To become a forex broker, you must first register with appropriate financial institutions and establish your company.

Many forex brokers have been established in the last decade, most of which have been very successful in their business. Some also establish their companies in other to scam forex investors. Don’t fall prey to those type of brokers.

Majority of the brokers I’ve encountered online offer affiliate or partner programs where they encourage individuals, business holders, webmasters and others to attract new clients for them.

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If you are already a forex trader, you may have noticed that your broker has asked you to tell your friends about them and increase your earnings. That is one form of affiliation where you are the affiliate or partner for that broker and hopes to bring in new people(may be your friends, colleagues or class mates) who will open live accounts with the broker and start live forex trading.

Almost all forex brokers online have one form of affiliate program/partner program or the other. In this article, I will let you know the best forex affiliate program and why they’re truly the best.

You know, I’ve realized that many so called “forex traders” don’t even trade forex but they focus on bringing new live traders to their respective brokers and that’s how they make their own money. They never click buy or sell buttons but they still rake in their own monthly income.

If you’re this type of “trader”, then this article is for you.  I’ve researched among the top forex brokers in the world to find the one that has the most lucrative partner program and found the result was Liteforex partner/affiliate program.

best forex broker affiliate program

Liteforex broker rewards you generously for bringing in new clients for them.

Why does Liteforex broker have best affiliate Program? 

The reasons are too many to explain but i will try my best to mention all the benefits you will get by partnering with Liteforex broker.

Let’s start with the various programs they offer.

Liteforex affiliate Programs

  • Bring your friend Program

In the “bring your friend” program, Liteforex Group of Companies reward you for bringing your friends who are interested in forex trading to them. For each friend you bring into liteforex, a certain amount of bonus is deposited into your account. 

  • Internet Program

  If you participate in the internet program, Liteforex rewards you up to 2 pips for every client that starts live trading under you. The earnings don’t end there. If you recommend Liteforex to your fellow webmasters, you will receive 10% of their earnings.  I’ve never seen a broker that offers these kinds of huge returns just for promoting their brokerage company.

  •   PAMM-Partner

You are also rewarded for bringing both professionals and investors who will do business with liteforex.
Regional Representative
When you apply to be a regional representative of the liteforex group of companies, you will receive branded products to promote your business. These products could be unique websites, personal pages e.t.c. Also, you will be the head of liteforex at your geographical location. Your personal information will be made available at their site.

Apart from the above programs, you will also receive banners, calculators, affiliate site from liteforex,  cards e.t.c to promote your business.   You will also get training materials like Informers, avatars, bars, widgets, wallpapers, teasers, business cards and booklets to promote your forex affiliate business.
Besides this, you will be able to view the full analytics of your promotional efforts through your dashboard.
What i enjoy most about liteforex affiliate program is the weekly contest they run for every affiliate member which they call weekly sprint. In this contest, almost every affiliate member that has performed a reasonable activity in their affiliate account gets a reward for that week.
There are other contests but i don’t want to stress on those for now.
You will get full analytics and conversion statistics of your promotional efforts. The image below shows the brief  graphical statistics of my affiliate report given by Liteforex.
liteforex broker affiliate program

Best of all, you don’t even need to verify your profile to withdraw from your affiliate account but verifying your liteforex account is recommended in order to get additional benefits.

You can also decide to start live trading with Liteforex instead of affiliating with them. In live trading, there’s no major difference between them and other brokers.

They offer full trading instruments with low spreads, deposit bonuses, PAMM accounts, deposit insurance, automated trading, mobile trading and more. With their deposit insurance, you will recover your money in full in case of any abnormal loss.

The only thing missing from their live trading is that they don’t offer any other services apart from forex .i.e. they don’t deal with futures, stocks and bonds.
Read more about Liteforex broker review and analysis.

Advantages of Liteforex broker affiliate Program:

  • They have the highest affiliate commission of up to 2 pips
  • Multi Level affiliate program
  • Various partner instruments and training materials
  • Website development and support
  • Personal affiliate manager for every partner
  • Broker have received many awards for their unique affiliate program
  • Opportunity to start your own personal business
  • Instant commissions credited to your affiliate account when the trade has closed
  • Fantastic live support which is always eager to solve your problems
If you are planning to join any forex broker’s affiliate program, i recommend you join that of liteforex because you will truly enjoy the generous rewards from them.

You can decide to use your existing site to promote them or apply to get a branded website from liteforex to manage your business. You can customize the site to your likings and these kind of sites always perform well if you are a regional representative.
This can be achieved by attaching some words related to your country/region to your prefered domain name.

To join liteforex affiliate program, Click here and then look at the Top of the Page==>Partnership==>Internet-Partner (Under Programs) ==>Then Register an account.

Share your story about liteforex affiliate program in the comments below.

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