Fairbinaryoptions, is a Fake Site. Stay away!

Fairbinaryoptions, is a Fake Site. Stay away!

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Before you try to crucify me, allow me to air my views on this matter.

Yes, by Erik Smith is a fake site. You shouldn’t trust binary options resources listed on that site.

This may be your favorite site for binary options tutorials, brokers, signals e.t.c but it may as well be a death trap for traders especially the newbies.

In this article, i will show you in detail, why you shouldn’t trust any information that comes from Erik Smith’s

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

First, you should know that Erik Smith’s sole objective is to get new traders to register with any of his recommended brokers, signal providers and any other paid service.  This way, he’ll be able to get commissions for any depositing trader. Also, he is being paid handsomely to display a lot of scam brokers on his site.

The issue of popularizing scam brokers was the darkest side of it all and that motivated me to write this article.

For Christ’s sake, is one of the reasons why binary options is regarded as a total “Scam” today. This is because Erik’s site is one of the most trusted sites in the binary options industry but frankly speaking, it is not.

Any mention of the phrase “binary options” outside the binary options community would steer up scammish thoughts in the audiences’ minds. For instance, take a moment and ask any questions regarding binary options in the Yahoo Answers community – You’ll be surprised that the first response you may get will be “Binary Options is Scam! Stay away!

This is what sites like causes. They paint bad images of the topic to the outside world.

How would you expect a new trader that had had a bad withdrawal experience with any binary options broker to still consider options trading a legitimate business? No way!

Below are some of the reasons why you should not trust any binary options information that comes from

1. Fake Broker Reviews

This is the #1 reason why shouldn’t trust the information from Erik’s site. Most of his broker reviews are fake and are personal broker reviews.  They are not real user reviews.  Also, many new brokers find his site a fertile ground for growth and development of their ugly businesses.

His site was just perfectly designed to portray a mixture of good and bad brokers in such a way that it would be hard for someone to detect the differences easily.

He is being paid high amounts of money to collaborate with and support scam brokers to take away traders’ funds!  Why would he refuse such huge amounts of money.  I have no idea how much he gets for those fake reviews but what i do know is that he will never do that dirty job without charging a token from the brokers.

Take a look at the screenshot below: These brokers are what he regards as the “best and trusted brokers” but honestly speaking, some of them are not!  There are only few brokers in the market that are actually legit.   At the time of writing this article, below are all of the brokers supported by

fairbinaryoptions, brokers


fairbinaryoptions, brokers

fairbinaryoptions, brokers

fairbinaryoptions, brokers

fairbinaryoptions, brokers


fairbinaryoptions, brokers


I will use two brokers (OptionRally and CeedarFinance) in that list to drive home my point as i am pretty sure those brokers are scams and are not trusted by traders. Others in his list may be reliable why some others may be similar to the above two or entirely new brokers whose reputations have not been fully ascertained.

OptionRally broker has recently been found guilty of withholding clients’ funds without their permission. In order words, when you register with OptionRally and deposit money, you can hardly ever take it out again even if you complete the minimum trading requirements.

I am not the only one witnessing this – Below are links to third-party sites where traders are complaining of losing funds with OptionRally in one way or the other:

Update: OptionRally Broker Has Changed from Bad to Good In 2 years, Read Full Review Here.

What does Erik’s has to say about OptionRally

Erik Smith wholeheartedly recommends OptionRally to his site visitors.

Apart from giving a fake website review of OptionRally, he wrote about “OptionRally Scam” which you can clearly see below:

Screenshot optionrally scam fairbinaryoptions.com1

Screenshot optionrally scam fairbinaryoptions.com2

If you’ve already noticed, I am providing only screenshots from Erik’s site and not linking to it because after reading this article, he may decide to remove those scam brokers and their associated fake reviews.

So, you can clearly see that Erik Smith is working hand in hand with some of the top Scammers in the industry to rip off traders’ funds! Any broker that refuses to pay him will not get approved in his list of  “best binary option brokers and trading platforms”.

Another fake broker is CeedarFinance. One thing you should know is that CySec has permanently revoked the license given to CeedarFinance broker because they violated some of the laws guiding their activities. This factor alone can make them go haywire and rip off traders’ funds any how they want with no authoritative body questioning them.

Proofs that Ceedar finance is a scam broker and should not be trusted:

What does Erik’s has to say about CeedarFinance

Again, Erik Smith recommends this fake broker, CeedarFinance.

Read the text in the image below:

Ceedar finance scam screenshot


2. No Real User Comments/Reviews Allowed

Of course, since he hides the truth from the public, he wouldn’t allow real users to leave comments or post reviews about the specific brokers listed on his site.  He realizes the fact that allowing user reviews will hamper his efforts and bring his profits from the brokers to the barest minimum.

This is unlike real binary options sites where users are allowed to comment or review any brokers, products and signal services of their choice.

3. Fake Seals/Awards

As one would expect, the seals and awards at Erik’s just serves an enticement to get new traders sign up with his recommended brokers.  Those are fake seals and should not be trusted. Anyone can build up seals from anywhere!
fake seals -

You should know that he was given those seals/awards because he has achieved massive success in driving enough traffic to various scam brokers and in return, they rewarded him the so-called “seal of approval, fairness, safety, support e.t.c”

Even if he was truly given those seals by the “authorities”, he doesn’t deserve them at all judging from the analysis you saw above.

4. Others:

Other things you should know about is that Erik, with his Knowledge in the binary options industry has set up guides, news, academy and trading strategies all tailored towards driving visitors to his list of scam brokers.


What Now?

Avoid sites like Stay away from that site entirely if possible.  In as much as you can learn from his trading strategies, news, guides e.t.c, DON’T EVER REGISTER WITH ERIK SMITH’S RECOMMENDED BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS! THEY ARE MOSTLY FAKE!

There are many other sources where you can find trusted brokers and trading resources. These sites are (arranged in no particular order)

I know that my site may not be as popular as Erik’s in the industry but with the help of my readers, i believe we can expose all the fake products/sites/brokers/services in the binary options market and build a better future for it tomorrow. is just one out of many sites that engage in this type of unscrupulous activity. I will be exposing them like this one after the other and it is left for you, the reader to make the right choices and make the best out of your small investment in the binary options community.

Your questions and comments on this issue are always welcome!

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3 Replies to “Fairbinaryoptions, is a Fake Site. Stay away!”

  1. Thanks for this Honest review . I am James admin of .. as a Affiliate marketer we need to show some respect to the readers that trust our websites . These Type of Scam brokers should not be promoted by the sake of Commissions .Fair Binary Options Website looks Great in design ..and his reviews are good ..but i don’t know why he need to promote this scam Brokers .He can get CPA from almost all brokers he must have avoid that cedar finance and OptionRally … Thanks for this initiative in pointing about the scam review of Fair Binary Options .. i will mention your post in my next article

    1. H***o James,

      Thanks for leaving a feedback about

      Yes, the site looks great in design and Eirk’s sole aim is too f*** users into signing up with his affiliated scam brokers simply because the users are just “newbies” or does not have any means to verify the legitimacy of his “best brokers”.
      Some have criticized my review without actually reading in between lines to find out why i made such a costly conclusion about Erik’s site.
      I believe that some of these scam brokers depend solely on his site to get clients and in return, he’s compensated both with CPA commissions and advertising revenue.
      As you rightly said, there are many more legit brokers to promote instead of f***ing users to believe that all brokers are real.
      I really appreciate your feedback about this review and your enthusiasm to make the article seen by as many people as possible.


  2. I received a call from TradeSold who somehow got my mobile phone number and convinced me to deposit AU$909 into an account. I am inexperienced in binary options trading and have since requested at least nine times for my money to be refunded. Every time I send an email they respond by explaining to me what a good deal they have to offer.I am certain that I will never receive a refund of my money. Beware don’t do business with this unethical company. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next to get my money back .

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