Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?

Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?

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Last Updated: May 31, 2017 @ 20:83 GMT


Signals365 scam

Signals365 Review

Signals365 is a professional binary options signals service launched in December 2014 that provides 100+ signals per day on an intuitive signals interface. Signal accuracy varies from 70% for short-term 5M expiry times up to 85% for 20M trades or higher.

The main advantage of using is that it’s a web-based signals platform that doesn’t require you to sign up to a new broker. They also publish all results on the site for full transparency.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.


Once you sign up for membership you’ll get instant access to their innovative online signals platform. Every new signal is generated with a sound-alert and flashing yellow box with a countdown to place the trade.

Each new signal includes the date, asset, direction, time, expiry time and countdown. The countdown varies from 1m – 30m depending on the time frame you’re using.

 signals365 signals 1

Once a signal is finished, the platform also records the closing price and the result. The advantage of this is that you can then view all previous trades for full transparency.

Assets and Expiry Times

The current assets used by Signals365 are the AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/JPY. They also told us they’re planning to add the USD/CHF and NZD/USD once they’ve tested the results.

You can  filter all signals based on asset and time-frame. This is helpful if you want to filter out lots of short-term signals in favor of longer-term signals with a higher win-rate.

From our review, we saw around 70-80 signals per day on the 1M time-frame and around 10-15 signals per day on the 5M time-frame (20M recommended expiry time).

Signals Filtered during Major News Releases filters all signals during major news releases for each currency, which is great for traders. This is because you don’t having to manually check the economic calendars at sites such as ForexFactory and FXCM for major news releases before each trade.

In general signals are filtered 30m before and 30m after a high impact news release and then 15m before and 15m after a medium impact news release.

Performance and Results generates an average win-rate of 70% on the lower time frames and 85%+ on the higher time frames (5M+). This is pretty good considering they offer 100+ signals per day during the London/NY open trading hours. If you use a martingale strategy then you can increase your win-rate to 89% or higher.

Finally, you can increase your win-rate even more by only choosing signals with a good recent track record. For example, if you receive a signal on the AUD/USD on the 5M time frame then you can check the previous results to ensure the signals are OK. You can also avoid signals where the recent track record has been poor (this might be because of long-last effects of major news events or low liquidity in the markets e.g. during Bank Holidays).

signals365 signals 2


Price membership costs $99.99 per month or free if you sign up to one of their partner brokers.

We believe this is a good price because no other signal service provides 100+ signals per day with the same win-rate.


In conclusion, we think Signals365 is a great binary options signals service for our users. The website provides full transparency of results, boasts good win-rates and 247 customer support.

Although some other signal services provide a slightly higher win-rate, most of these will only provide 2-3 signals per day, which often means you’ll miss a trade. However, you don’t have to worry about this at

Register today to start receiving these daily signals!

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59 Replies to “Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?”

  1. to Binary/Forex.and with so many bad signal providers who work with the Brokers you lose before you start.can you advise on any good signal providers please?
    Regards Graham

    1. Hi Graham,

      Thanks for your question. I’m glad you’ve commented on just the right article describing a good signal provider. Go ahead, take a look at the article on this page and see why Signals365 is the perfect binary options signal service you’ve been looking for.

  2. Not many brokers offer the 20 minutes expiry time.
    Signals 365 should reconsider the 20 minutes expiry time and extend it to 30 minutes expiry time.
    I don’t like using brokers suggested by their signals providers.

    1. That should be put in the suggestion box for the developers of the software to work on. What are you saying – you don’t like the brokers recommended by signals365? Why don’t you like them? In fact, Signals365 ONLY works with reputable and trusted brokers – one that will accept and process your withdrawal request when you request for such not some fake scammy new sites that call themselves brokers. Just be careful when selecting the “brokers you like” because some of them may just be out for your wallet and when they get it, you’re just on your own – no more response to your support queries.

  3. I want to use signal 365 do you recommend it. I am newbie or is the a auto copy or auto trade system you recommend

  4. Hi Val, I already sign up to one of Signals365 partner broker (Cherry Trade) and makes a deposit on 7 August 2015 but until to date I did not receive any pa**w*** to access to their free life-time binary signals. I already sent a couple of email to inform them that I have already sign up with their recommended broker via their link(s) but no response. Can you help me to solve this problem, please.

    1. Hi Mohd,

      According to the reply I got from the support at Signals365, they’re waiting for cherrytrade support to confirm your deposit.
      Please contact their support/live chat directly if you have any further enquiries.

  5. Hi, I have the similar problem as Mohd Fauzli, I tried to contact them but they didn’t answer me. I sent them an e-mail to [email protected] and i left a message on the “got a question? contact us” box. Please help me to solve this problem. Sorry for my bad English I’m from Hungary.

    1. Hi Zoran,

      I was told that your account was setup months ago and ready for trading 🙂

      Please contact their support if you have any further enquiries as it’s difficult to a**ist you guys here for a third party service. Also, it will take a lot longer time to get a reply from me.

  6. h***o, i already have an account with cherry trade which is one of the brokers recommended by signal 365. i want to withdraw my money from that account and open another account through the link on signal365. My question is, can that be a possibility? i will appreciate a prompt response

      1. hi val, signed up under your link at signals 365 but when i try to log in, it tells me i am not registered. then i am also trying to sign up with their affiliate link on cherry trade with my debit card but it has proved to be unsuccessful. any ideas?

      2. hi val, signed up under your link at signals 365 but when i try to log in, it tells me i am not registered. then i am also trying to sign up with their affiliate link on cherry trade with my debit card but it has proved to be unsuccessful. any ideas?

  7. hi, I have a question, if the signal time was ex: 12:50 and the option expirity lenght is 20 minutes, can I put the trade for 13:15 ??? Sorry about my english, Im from brazil. Thanks, bye.

      1. Hi!
        I have this problem: I just bought their software and want to use it with another not supported broker it provides. The prblem is, once I got their billing email with a redirecting link to the website where I can download the software, the page doesn’t show up and turns to an error 524. I tried contacting the owner of this site ( http://www.signals365) with no response. Can you help me out, I’m desperate, cause I’m so afraid that this is a big scam.


        1. Hi Paulina,

          Signals365 is not a scam – you don’t need to be afraid of anything – they’re just having server issues overloaded and lots of bots attacking their site and it’s caused their servers to go down but all the issues have been fixed now so you can try accessing the site again.

  8. so from recent use of there signals how good are they let say 10 trades in a row what do their ITM look like. because i am a bit busy and i want to trade their signals as soon as i get the alert or is their a technique for using their signals.i also see some complaints here by some individuals who registered through a broker link on their site, don’t get instant access. please hope this is not a constant issue

    1. Hi, Sorry for a late reply. I just fished out your comment from my spam folder.

      The ITM varies. I usually calculate the win rate at the end of every trading day. It’s usually falls within the range of 65 to 75% on most days of the week except periods of high volatility like during news release. No, it’s not even an issue. Once you register through their affiliated broker, send them an email and within 24 hours, they will activate your account so you can start copying trading with the free signals.

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