Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?

Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?

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Last Updated: May 31, 2017 @ 20:83 GMT


Signals365 scam

Signals365 Review

Signals365 is a professional binary options signals service launched in December 2014 that provides 100+ signals per day on an intuitive signals interface. Signal accuracy varies from 70% for short-term 5M expiry times up to 85% for 20M trades or higher.

The main advantage of using is that it’s a web-based signals platform that doesn’t require you to sign up to a new broker. They also publish all results on the site for full transparency.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.


Once you sign up for membership you’ll get instant access to their innovative online signals platform. Every new signal is generated with a sound-alert and flashing yellow box with a countdown to place the trade.

Each new signal includes the date, asset, direction, time, expiry time and countdown. The countdown varies from 1m – 30m depending on the time frame you’re using.

 signals365 signals 1

Once a signal is finished, the platform also records the closing price and the result. The advantage of this is that you can then view all previous trades for full transparency.

Assets and Expiry Times

The current assets used by Signals365 are the AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/JPY. They also told us they’re planning to add the USD/CHF and NZD/USD once they’ve tested the results.

You can  filter all signals based on asset and time-frame. This is helpful if you want to filter out lots of short-term signals in favor of longer-term signals with a higher win-rate.

From our review, we saw around 70-80 signals per day on the 1M time-frame and around 10-15 signals per day on the 5M time-frame (20M recommended expiry time).

Signals Filtered during Major News Releases filters all signals during major news releases for each currency, which is great for traders. This is because you don’t having to manually check the economic calendars at sites such as ForexFactory and FXCM for major news releases before each trade.

In general signals are filtered 30m before and 30m after a high impact news release and then 15m before and 15m after a medium impact news release.

Performance and Results generates an average win-rate of 70% on the lower time frames and 85%+ on the higher time frames (5M+). This is pretty good considering they offer 100+ signals per day during the London/NY open trading hours. If you use a martingale strategy then you can increase your win-rate to 89% or higher.

Finally, you can increase your win-rate even more by only choosing signals with a good recent track record. For example, if you receive a signal on the AUD/USD on the 5M time frame then you can check the previous results to ensure the signals are OK. You can also avoid signals where the recent track record has been poor (this might be because of long-last effects of major news events or low liquidity in the markets e.g. during Bank Holidays).

signals365 signals 2


Price membership costs $99.99 per month or free if you sign up to one of their partner brokers.

We believe this is a good price because no other signal service provides 100+ signals per day with the same win-rate.


In conclusion, we think Signals365 is a great binary options signals service for our users. The website provides full transparency of results, boasts good win-rates and 247 customer support.

Although some other signal services provide a slightly higher win-rate, most of these will only provide 2-3 signals per day, which often means you’ll miss a trade. However, you don’t have to worry about this at

Register today to start receiving these daily signals!

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59 Replies to “Signals365, Review – Is it worth a Signal Provider?”

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for your reply. I wonder if I can make at least 100 $ per day using this signal? My biggest goal is to achieve 300$ daily, so do you have any tips for this any recommendations such as whats the best time the signals are most accurate, so I don’t have to make many bets but only perhaps 2? e.x 150 $ per bet to have 300$ for one day. Cause I think the more I play the more I’m likely to loose….
    Will appreciate all guides from you, Thank you!

    1. I really don’t like to say how much people will make or if they can make $300/day. I would recommend trading no more than 5% of total money per trade you should take their trades as soon as possible.

  2. Val, I have demo tested around 2000 trades of them now, and the summed up win rate is around 58-60%. Which is still good because you are still in profit, but its not what everybody claims it is.

    That said I will start trading with them on a real account, if it continues consistent with at least 58% win rate, then we might as well be roaming around in a Bentley soon, no matter how small the profit is, it turns into a fortune depending on how much one invests.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment Samir. I guess the success rate of Signals365 varies among users depending on which time of the day you use the signals. I’m getting more than 81% win rate here.

          1. H***o Val. I am considering using signals365 when I start to trade binary options. I see on their website that their win rate is around 70%. I read some of your comments on but I would like to know if signals365 is a reliable, trustworthy, true, efficient, legitimate signals provider and not a scam. There are a lot of scammers out there and I am being cautious. I along with countless traders are trying to find a legit way of earning an additional income and I would not want to believe that after reading your reviews and comments that when I or if I join signals365 I encounter problems. Problems ranging from, their website is down, cant get in contact with customer service etc. Looking forward to your response and I hope its an honest one.

            1. Hi Tyler,

              Thanks for your comment.

              To respond to your comment, i would like to start by saying that it’s rare to see a binary options signal service that publish their trade results on a daily basis on their site for clear transparency. This is the case with Signals365. They’re very confident with their results and that is why they can freely share it with the public. With their service, you have nothing to fear about as they even work with reputable brokers so you can withdraw your earnings anytime you wish. If you wish to use their signals, just follow the steps listed on their site.

  3. Thanks for the reply Val, im impressed and happy that you are achieving such a high win rate. May I ask during which hours do you usually trade with their signals? Any specific setup, like only trading longer trades or in select currencies?

    1. Hi Samir,

      Sorry for a late reply, your comment and some others were mistakenly captured by our spam filter.

      About Signals365 – there’s no specific time or period they release highly accurate signals. However, try to trade only on non-news trading days, Monday-Thursday. Friday is always worst because of low liquidity and banks close as well. The win rate actually varies a lot and i get 80% on some days and about 65 – 75% on other days. Either way, it’s still generally profitable for me :). Today specifically, i got more than 79% win rate! – you can view the results here yourself – Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4, Screenshot 5, Screenshot 6.

  4. Hi Val
    I need to know is this service free for ever if i opened an account with one of their brokers or free only for one month?
    And if i trade with minimum deposit for example $300 is it safe?

  5. Go Val,
    First thank you for all the information on your website.
    I would like to know what are you doing when a signal arrive ? Do you apply it as fast as possible on your broker? Do you use a martingale system when you lose?

    Sorry for my bad english


    1. Place the trade as soon as the signal arrives. You can use Martingale once as part of money management but I would wait for a bad run to end (so you’re not doubling up on the same sequence of trading which might be bad).

  6. Hi,please are you still using the SIGNALS365 signals,how is the performance as at today,is it still good?

    2. Do you recommend using autotraders for trading BO,IF yes which is your best recommended,proven and tested by you cos many if not all of them are scams.Thanks

  7. Hi Val,

    I signed up to Banc De Binary via the link provided on the signals365 page. I have also made my initial deposit.
    However, now that I have tried to contact signals365 with confirmation of my signing up, none of my emails are going through! Each email I send I am receiving back as ‘delivery status notification failure’. Nor am I able to contact them via the live chat tool on their website.

    Please advise as to what further steps I can take??

    Many thanks

  8. H***o Val,

    I wanted to sign up with signal 365. Do you think this signal is profitable? please guide me what you think?

    Thank you,


      1. Thank you the reply Val, I will sign up with them as soon as I have the money to roll in.
        Do your think the BOTS binary option trading signal is good to start with too?

        Thank you,


  9. Dear Val, what is bettet when you want to receive the signals fast and easily between paying the $99.9 and signing up for free signals?
    Secondly, thank you for the advise about the players in this industry.

    1. Hi,

      It really depends on your choice. You can get their free Signals if you opt you use their recommended brokers or pay the $99 monthly if you want to use your own broker. Left for me, i’d suggest you go for the free signals instead as it’s cheaper.

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