Fast Cash Biz, is a Scam!!! True Facts Unveiled

Fast Cash Biz, is a Scam!!! True Facts Unveiled

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QUICK AND URGENT UPDATE:  After a week of testing and tweaking of the fast cash biz software to see if it’s a profitable software or not, I continued getting loss after loss on any trade executed by the software till my account balance went from $500 (initial deposit) to $30 within 7 days. This means the software has virtually lost all my money within a few days of activating it. Initially, I thought the fast cash biz was a good software but after using it personally, i can confirm that the product is a total garbage and absolute nonsense. It will be unwise for me to recommend this product for Valforex readers. We expected at least 80% return on investment when we started using fast cash biz but in fact, we got a 94% loss which was obviously devastating!

When compared to our recommended auto trader, the binary option robot and other top performing binary signal services we endorse on Valforex, the software is nowhere to be found! I highly encourage you to signup with our recommended robot and see how you can dramatically transform your binary options  trading experience instead of wasting your money with this fraudulent fast cash biz software. 

I suspected the fast cash biz software would be a bad product when i first heard about it because it looked similar to other scam products before it but i went ahead to fund my broker account and used the software only to notice it’s all bullshit. All these I’ve done so you won’t fall a victim to this fast cash biz scam being advertised to the lay audience! 


Summary of Fast cash biz (

  • Rating: 1/5 so this tells you one thing for sure, and that is this software is not for you if you want to earn fast.
  • Pros:   There’s none.
  • Cons:  The review will reveal all the cons that you need to know
  • Our recommendation:   The smart approach will be to opt for other software rather than investing your time and money on this software. You can also see our list of the best binary signal providers for successful binary options trading.

Full Review

Excelling in the field of trading is no easy job. However, some people are always on the hunt for shortcuts to make in some decent amount of money. Thus, they end up making the worst decision, and that is opting for automated trading. Nowadays you will come across many different automated software scam. One such scam is fast cash biz ( The review will reveal the reasons why you need to avoid this software under all circumstances. Now let me give you a background of this software first. The creator of fast cash biz is David Graham and Madison Clark. Let us start unveiling the real facts about this software.

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A failed effort to overpower the mind of the viewer

Well, when I watched the video of fast cash biz they showed a quite grand background. Now what I feel is that this was an attempt to pull you into a dream world and to make you believe that if you opt for this software then you can be rich too. Though it is a very different marketing strategy, it still does not work with a professional trader like me. I do not get overpowered and neither should you.

Zero-click system not convincing

You cannot achieve anything in life if you are not willing to move a finger so in short this software will not get you anything either. The balance does not multiply overnight, and if someone is trying to convince you of this then they are just keeping you in the dark and you should not get carried away by this attempt. Now the sales video starts by the fact that you can make money overnight and that is a completely wrong approach, and this does not happen in real.

Can profits pour in like this?

Now I will just share two snapshots with you that show how the profits multiply by using fast cash biz ( Now I have to pass my judgment this is impossible to multiply the profits so massively. However, I know the psyche of new traders and I know that they do get carried away by this thought. I can just say one thing that if you try hard you can become a successful trader, but you will never become a millionaire overnight so if someone is trying to convince you of this then they are keeping you in the dark and you need to be aware of this fact.

Fast Cash

Fast Cash scam review

Sales video lacks important stuff

Now there was one major flaw in the sales video they did not discuss any features about the software. Everything was mentioned verbally. Well, this does not work in the technical world because you need proof. Most software sites show you a demo of the software, but when you will view the fast cash biz video you will notice that the demo is missing, so this also creates the element of doubt, so you have to make your decision wisely.

 The unanswered questions

Well, when I looked at the video I wondered how it operates do they have any autopilot button. The other question that came to my mind was what is the actual procedure of using the software. All these essential details are missing. When you do not get the answer to your questions, this can surely drive you nuts. They did not mention the deposit amount either. The video does not even reveal the broker that is associated with the software, and all this can be quite frustrating because you will be simply clueless about the software. Obviously how can anyone opt for software without knowing these essential details? The biggest risk is that if you end up depositing a scam broker you will be ripped off all your deposit.

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Abrupt website design

Now the website design does leave in an impact. Now when you look at the website, it does not have a professional outlook. A well-designed website has proper widgets, but all these elements are missing in the website of fast cash biz. Now another important element is the customer support. When the facility of live chat is available, then you can communicate with the support service. All the details are not there with fast cash biz so in case you have any questions they will remain unanswered because the software is not offering you an adequate support.

Fast Cash scam

Mechanism of the software  not revealed

Now most sales videos for binary options trading software-discuss the algorithm that is used. However, when you look at the sales video of fast cash biz, then you will not find any discussion on the algorithm. This increases the doubt as well.

How should you judge fast cash biz(

Now if you still think that I am bias then let me tell you how you should judge this software.

  • Does it offer any tutorials and the answer is
  • The software does not even offer any demo. When a software offers a demo, it at least gives you some idea of the software, but, in this case, there is no such help available.
  • The software lacks credibility and transparency. If you have gone through the details above you will realize that credibility is established when vital details are revealed. However, it is a different scenario with this software.

How new traders should choose software?

If you are reluctant to opt for manual trading and want to take a chance with automated software, then let me guide you a bit. When you opt for an automated software, check the website first. If the website is complete and has proper widgets like help and service details, then you can explore it further. The best software is the ones that offer you a free version as well along with a paid version. The customer support should also be there to answer your questions. The most important part is that you should not be compelled to pay a huge deposit.

Another important aspect is that the feature details should be there. As a new trader, you should be more inclined to know how you will improve as a trader by using the software rather than just making a massive amount of profit. When you are a skilled trader, then money will be coming to your effortlessly. fast cash biz is not the recommended option and does not be lured by the glamorous lifestyle presented in the video. You can only earn your bread when you work hard for it, so it is a big no to fast cash biz.

If you are still looking in for some help and need some credible assistance, there’s a variety of top rated binary signal services that can help you make your options trading a success. This link has all the valuable assistance that you need for sure. It has the list of the best signal services. Try out the paid or the free signal services. You will get all the help with trading when you opt for any of the services so make your choice now. Earning as a trader will not be hard if you make smart choices and are wise with your decisions.

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36 Replies to “Fast Cash Biz, is a Scam!!! True Facts Unveiled”

  1. somethings kida(probably correct) kinda odd here and makes one wonder about PCH when tthey allow questionable outfits as Fastcash biz to conjoin with their business?

  2. Any comments on here, how are people doing? I see on Watchdog they are recommending it. But I know they only allow positive feedback on that site so I don’t know if I can trust them.

  3. Hi

    Is Fast Cash Biz now a scam or not. Your Heading reads it is a scam and then follow the promotion of the Auto Trader ?



    1. Hi Joseph,

      It’s worse than both of them. It’s a scam. The software lost my whole money after using it for a few days. I won’t be recommending it for Valforex readers.

  4. Something seems inconsistent with Fast Cash Biz, the below website shows it to be a scam from the comments there. Do you have any comment? I know this post would be deleted by Watchdog which is why I am posting it here to see what you think.

    1. We’ve confirmed the fast cash biz software to be a scam after testing it ourselves. It continued giving us losses after losses until we lost almost our whole deposit. Please stay away from this scam!

  5. This system only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online.It really is just smoke and mirrors for yet another Binary Options scam.

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