The Millionaire Bot Scam: Honestly Revealing the Dirty Facts

The Millionaire Bot Scam: Honestly Revealing the Dirty Facts

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Do you find binary option trading a terrifying experience just because you lost a lot of money to automated systems?

Do you think it is time for a change?

Are you willing to break out of the shell where it is a firm belief that automated systems earn money?

If you are ready for the change, then it is time to know about all the product scam, and one such name is The Millionaire Bot.

You need to avoid this system by all means and if you need to know the reason just read the complete product review to know why The Millionaire Bot is not going to work for you. This scam has been created by James Robinson, who lacks any new idea and is using the same old repeated scam techniques.

The Millionaire Bot Sales video is enough to put off the trader

The Millionaire Bot sales video starts in a very sensational way, and many reveal the money they earned through the system. Then the sales video asks a stupid question. The sales video asks whether the trader is interested in making $13,425. Well nobody will be saying a no to such a big offer.

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Such a video does not offer any potential use to the trader. To top it all, The Millionaire Bot claims that it works on auto-pilot. Well, let us get things straight auto-pilot is no magic. Nothing is free people, and the trader has to put in an investment of about $250. Well, they show this guy trading in the video and show that the initial deposit of $250 multiplied to over $1000. It all sounds so fake. This video is an utter waste of time and money. No one is interested in any fake bragging in real.

Now in the middle of the video this irritating message pops up that there only limited spots. This is yet another technique to make the trader believe that this Millionaire Bot system is so valued.\

Millionaire Bot Scam Review

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The unprofessional element is that the creator of the system starts telling his own story that does not interest the trader. No one is interested in knowing how people started with their struggles. It truly sounds dull and boring. If you notice that this system has a lot of similarity to other scams like Euro Millionaire, Monaco Millionaire, etc. that we have reviewed in the past and the theme of the videos is more or less the same.

Do traders think trading works out without experience and education?

The Millionaire Bot claims that the user can earn without knowing a thing about binary options trading.

Without having any concept how can the trader just trade blindly?

The reason these scam systems say that the user does not need any experience because they need easy prey that may become any easy victim to their trap. A knowledgeable trader will not fall into the trap so easily, so these professional scammers do not need people who understand the key concepts of binary options trading.

Professional traders know all the intricate aspects of trading and they are the ones who ask the why and how to question. This is the reason that these scammers want to avoid these professional traders by all means and only approach those who have lacked the understanding of the binary options trading world.

 The sales video does not have the answer to how the Millionaire Bot system works?

How is the Millionaire Bot system coded?  Whether it is error free or not is not the concern. What is important is the logic behind the system, but somehow the system fails to talk about it. There is no defined trading pattern. This brings up a very important question.

Is it a loophole that this system is cashing on or is it some algorithm?

No one will sign up before getting the answers to these questions because they are important. An investor needs to know the truth. Only then he will be willing to invest in such a system.

Millionaire Bot Review

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The negative aspects about the Millionaire Bot

Most people reach a conclusion by looking at the website. The website is as abrupt as the sales video. There is no useful information. There are two text fields that require the user to enter his name and email. However, that is not enough.

A trader needs the correct insight about a system.  Now what these scam systems do is that when the trader gives in the email then the user is directed to a new page. The trader has to make a deposit at this point, and there is no surety whether the trader will earn or not. There are a few badges on the website as well.

If these badges are clicked nothing happens as they are not clickable. These are just placed on the website to create fake imprints on the mind of the trader. Anyone who signs up with this system will fail miserably. The only way the user can contact this system is through Outlook mail, so if the user has some on the spot questions, they will never be answered.

The Millionaire Bot system does not offer a demo as well so the trader will never know how this system works in real. This is also enough to put off any trader. In short the investor has to sign up blindly without having any information.  Obviously the brokers that are associated with these systems are also a scam and cannot help the trader much at all. Anyone who thinks logically will be able to pinpoint the defects of this system. The trader should make it a point to avoid The Millionaire Bot by all means. This will be the wise decision on the part of the trader. This way he will get the desired results for sure.

How to fight the trading scams like The Millionaire Bot?

Well, it does seem hard impossible, but any investor has enough wisdom to fight a trading scam. The investor should explore a system like the Millionaire Bot with bird’s eye view. Any reasonable and legitimate system will clearly answer the concerns of the trader.

Most traders opt for shortcuts, and that is why they end up losing money. Even if a trader does want to opt for automated trading, they should explore the pros and the cons of the system. This way the trader will be able to make the right move at the end of the day and will not lose anything.

The Millionaire Bot is a big threat for the trading future of a system so avoiding this system is the best refuge. Information is only hidden in situations when a system is fake, and the trader needs to understand this aspect if he values his money.

Explore legitimate ways of trading and learn the pluses of manual trading. When the trader has the skill, he will not be led by misconception and will be able to make the right trading decisions. If you are searching a better solution, you can find a variety of top rated binary options signal servicesThe Millionaire Bot is just an attempt to play with the emotions of traders, and this attempt will eventually lead the trader nowhere.

He will not be able to excel at all, and this is something every trader should avoid by all means. There is nothing better than learning and avoiding mistakes in the first place. The Millionaire Bot is just an attempt by the scam and fake actors to impress the trader with false attempts of making money. A reliable trader needs to understand this aspect.

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10 Replies to “The Millionaire Bot Scam: Honestly Revealing the Dirty Facts”

  1. I have never heard of this Millionaire Bot program. Any program that purposely hides information from users sounds like a scam to me. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Manual trading seems like the most efficient way to explore your options.

  3. This is really true. Thanks for this article. I’ve come across many platforms on trading and you really shouldnt invest your time blindly for the things you dont know if will work. Especially if money is involved.

  4. I have come across many sites which attempt to cheat us users for easy money. I am absolutely appalled that people can get cheated up to millions on this. Thank you for this article, more should read this!

  5. This is a good article. It really makes an investor think and ask hard hitting questions about the legitimacy of an offer. So many scams out there and it’s always best to be safe and not fall into the trap. Always trust platforms that are reputable and have a good track record.

  6. What a dumb question they ask: “are you interested in making $13,425?” Well…yeah like I would say know. I guess they think are people are stupid trying to pull these cheap sales tricks.

  7. Well I really don’t have even $250 dollars to invest right now, so I guess me being broke saved me from the wrath of this opportuniTease LOL.

  8. Nice in-depth review. Quite honestly, if the don’t offer a demo account for this type of program, then it definitely seems as though they’re trying to hide something.

  9. There are lots of scammers online. Thanks for the people who spent their time making this kind of article to warn innocent people to avoid being scammed. Scammers are everywhere! We have to be careful on making transactions online.

  10. I cannot blame people for falling for these. They just want a better life. It is unfortunate that people are scamming instead of helping.

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