15K IN 15 MINUTES Review – Highlighting the Real and Honest Facts

15K IN 15 MINUTES Review – Highlighting the Real and Honest Facts

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Are you stressed out by facing automated system scams now and then?

Do you need a break from this monotonous routine?

Well for this you need to know about all the scams that are out there in the market. Now the latest scam to come to the forefront is 15K IN 15 MINUTES.

Note: There’s a perfect alternative to this 15K IN 15 MINUTES Scam which is the binary options robot.

Yes, people, this system says that you can earn $15,000 in just 15 minutes. Wake from your dream guys because this does not happen in real. For the real money, you need real trading systems that are capable of generating the money you need.

15K IN 15 MINUTES software is just the perfect robot to deprive you of your money so stay away. This well-planned scam is set up by Phil Harris.

15K IN 15 MINUTES Sales video is an utter torture to watch

The sales video of 15K IN 15 MINUTES is very boring, and the speaker has the same story to tell that the traders get to hear in other scam system videos. The speaker of the video starts with the fact that he was able to make a lot of money with this system. Then the guy shows his bank accounts that show the fact that he has earned a lot of profits.

Throughout the video, the presenter keeps on saying that he does not need the money of the traders and he is very rich. He just wants to help others. Well, this theme is so familiar and something that traders get to hear from every other platform like Fast Cash, First Class Profits etc. Thus, this is nothing new.

What becomes irritating is that the person keeps on saying that the 15K IN 15 MINUTES uses a secret method, but does not give any logic of the method or approach. The video seems to be a perfect drag, and the trader does not feel like watching the video till the very end. There is no useful information in the video for the traders.

The illogical spot counter of 15K IN 15 MINUTES

When the trader visits the website of 15K IN 15 MINUTES software, there is a spot counter there. Initially, the counter is set to 10, and it goes on decreasing when the trader is on the homepage. Finally, the count comes to 1 and sticks there.

If at this point the trader refreshes the page then the count again comes to 10, and this seems very funny and unreal. This means that there is nothing true about these counters, and this widget has been set up to keep the traders in the dark.

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Before page refresh

15K IN 15 MINUTES Scam

After page refresh

15K IN 15 MINUTES Scam Review

15K IN 15 MINUTES Live chat another scam

Now a trader might get pretty excited to communicate with the platform via the live chat, but no the trader does not get access to the agent immediately, the system asks the trader to give the email address so that they can bug the trader with the unsolicited emails. This is yet another bad deal.

This means that if the trader is desperate to talk to the live support then he has to be willing to compromise on his privacy. Even when the live chat is available, the agent will not be willing to give the accurate answers to the trader. 15K IN 15 MINUTES will eventually lead the trader to doom.


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The 15K IN 15 MINUTES member counter seems illogical

There is a member counter on the website of 15K IN 15 MINUTES. It also increases every second. Whether this system has so many members or not is still the question. There is no proof of the fact that so many people are using this system. This information does not add any value to the website for sure.

15K IN 15 MINUTES the big scam

The deposit matters

Usually with systems like 15K IN 15 MINUTES the trader has to start with $250. Well, it may seem like a small amount for those traders who have made their mark, but for the new ones every penny counts. This matter is of great significance because $250 is not such a small amount and its loss cannot be ignored at all.

The question is that if the trader has to pay $250 for the activation of the system then how the system can claim to be free and it sounds like a real bad joke.

 Significant information missing

The 15K IN 15 MINUTES system says that the trader has to sign up with recommended broker, but there is no mentioning of the broker name anywhere. This means that the trader has to make the deposit blindly. There are 100 percent chances that the name of the broker has not been mentioned in the video because it is a scam and it is not regulated at all.

This way the broker does become a threat for the trader because he can end up losing his money and this will not prove to be good for the trader, so he has to be careful when depositing to the broker.

No information about the algorithm available

The 15K IN 15 MINUTES does not offer any information about the algorithm that is used by the system. This way the investor does not get any idea how the system identifies the winning trades. Without knowing these details, there is no point for the trader to opt for such a system at all because it will not lead the trader to success.

The trader will not be able to achieve any success at all this way. The trader needs to open up his eyes and see the reality of this system.

What a new investor needs to know

The psyche of a new trader is very different in comparison to a skilled trader. A new investor needs to know everything. For example, a new investor needs to know the step by step process of signing up with the system. This way the trader can make his choices wisely and does not have to worry about anything at all. Thus, this makes 15K IN 15 MINUTES a bad choice for the new trader. On the contrary, an experienced trader can judge right away that 15K IN 15 MINUTES is a scam and will not offer any useful help to the trader.

What 15K IN 15 MINUTES misses out

First of all, it does not sound reasonable to opt for a system that completely runs on auto-pilot. It has no potential use for the trader. If the system had allowed a manual trading opportunity to the trader and just assisted the trader with some trading signals based on expert analysis, then it would have been a better option.

However, a practical system should never promise sky-high profits because this just does not happen in real and if the system is trying to convince the investor about this then it is a lie for sure and cannot be believed. If 15K IN 15 MINUTES wanted to build its credibility, it should have offered a demo to the traders so that they can get an idea of the system. Above all 15K IN 15 MINUTES should not have claimed as it is not, so you can check these auto binary trading softwares that to be free from scam.

The conclusion is that the traders should not waste their money on 15K IN 15 MINUTES because this system is not credible and cannot be depended upon for sure. The traders should only opt for those systems that are legitimate and offer all the needed information to the traders.

The sales video of legitimate systems does not boast of unreal profits. On the contrary, the real systems offer real guidance to the traders, so they need to act smart and wisely. This way the trader will not be standing at the loser’s end so all. The traders should make a wise move and deny the opportunity of opting for 15K IN 15 MINUTES.

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10 Replies to “15K IN 15 MINUTES Review – Highlighting the Real and Honest Facts”

  1. You said “There’s a perfect alternative to this 15K IN 15 MINUTES Scam which is the binary options robot.” But then I click on it and just got an error message. The site is not accessible. What’s up with that?

  2. I’m noticing that a lot of these programs ask for an initial investment of $250. Is this the going rate or something?

    1. Hi, that is the minimum investment amount for most binary options brokers (both legit and scam ones) but the problem is that many scam products like 15k in 15 minutes promise high returns as soon as the trader deposits funds.

  3. I do hope that nobody falls for this. Whoever is behind this scam, I can’t imagine their karma. Kudos the author for the info share!

  4. This is absolutely a scam. I don’t know why people fall for something like this. There’s no easy money. The secret to getting successful is still hardwork and discipline.

  5. There’s no easy peasy when it comes to money. This is a serious scam. I hope nobody would fall in this crazy schemes any longer.

  6. 15K in 15 minutes? More like 15K of bs in 15 minutes. Thanks for the info, really in awe at how much effort you put in to catch out these scammers, thanks!

  7. Hate those stupid spot counters to make you feel rushed and pressured to get in. Such a huge scam and is so misleading to innocent people.

  8. Now this is clearly a scam!!! Who on earth will give you 15K in a heartbeat? As the saying goes if it is too good to be true it probably is.

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