7 Figure Challenge is a Scam! – Don’t Be Fooled!

7 Figure Challenge is a Scam! – Don’t Be Fooled!

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7 Figure Challenge Review – Is 7 Figure Challenge Software The Biggest Software Scam?

7 Figure Challenge Software Review

Binary options trading can rake in a lot of money, but it is also a risky business at the same time as there a lot of fake services in the market that give you a promise of millions only to empty your bank account and leave you high and dry. It is essential that you search for a real review before jumping into using some binary options software that is new. You can check our approved binary options signals HERE to view the best alternatives.

Note: A good alternative to this 7 Figure Challenge scam is the binary options robot.

Genuine binary options trading softwares are designed to help traders win and predict the trends of binary options and work as a code to achieve financial success by showing traders how they can make money online and get huge returns on their investment. There is no limit to the amount of money one can make on the real websites; it all depends on how often one trades on the recommended trades. Genuine sites also provide an analysis of the conditions of the market, which guides traders on which steps to take in order to be successful on such platforms. Traders are equipped with secret strategies that enable them to make thousands of dollars from a few dollars. However, there are numerous scam sites such as the 7 Figure Challenge software which claims to be a great tool for anyone looking forward to trade with the least amount of effort, minimum risk and maximum profits.

The 7 figure challenge software is a binary options software developed by a team of experts who clearly seem not to be using their real identities. The presentation videos on the 7 Figure Challenge software webpage will take you into a world of your own where you are filled with false ideas of great financial wealth. The developers claim that the site has been around for three years, yet this is not true because this site was just formed recently. The widget with live profits is also dormant as they remain the same even if you refresh severally.

7 Figure Challenge

Martin Taylor goes ahead to cheat you how the 7 Figure Challenge Software Scam will continue delivering consistent performance without failure or risk involved. He makes you believe that you should stop trusting the other binary options software as they are all scams and instead believe the 7 Figure Challenge Software which is the real thing that will transform small investments of between $200-500 into thousands of dollars within just a few weeks. He acknowledges the numerous binary options scam sites surrounding the industry, but regrets to inform the viewers that there are only a few slots left for the acceptance of additional members. He finishes by saying that the 7 Figure Challenge software is the only legit site and therefore people should not rush into the others as they are all scams and will only take your money.

The 7 figure Challenge Software Website- 100% Scam

7 Figure Challenge

The 7 figure Challenge website consists of a simple video and email subscription form. For you to join this site you require an email address and they claim that here are no hidden costs. There are a lot of success stories from people who have used this website and have earned lots of money from simple investments. The owner of the website also shows you how you can make money using the simple techniques he claims to be knowledgeable about.

The real truth is that the owner of this site does not know what he is talking about because the site is a scam. The testimonials are also not real because the people who give them, do not use their real identities and are not traceable. The 100% money back guarantee they claim is not real because there are a lot of people who have lost lots of money. Everything on this website is a big lie and you should be able to see this as soon as you land on the first page.

Binary options are contracts of limited risk that are based on a simple yes or no market proposition that depicts whether the market will go up or down by the end of a trading week. They offer traders ways in which they can trade the most active indices, Forex, commodities, events and bitcoin markets with relatively low collateral. Binary options are a simple way to trade the fluctuations of prices in many global markets. The 7 figure Challenge Software is however designed in a manner that is not comprehensible that does not depict the trading indices in a clear manner. Unlike other programs which offer some form of incentive, there are no charitable bonus offers on the 7 figure Challenge Software, therefore there is a high likelihood that you can leave this site empty handed even after investing a huge amount of money.

7 Figure Challenge Review

7 figure Challenge system does not have a functional mobile application that can be used in cases where one does not have sufficient time to trade or intends to trade at anytime from anywhere, unlike other genuine software which have them and are very accessible and reliable at all times and places. Beginner traders have a hard time using the 7 figure Challenge Software since the layout cannot be personalized to suit the preferences of specific traders. Unlike other genuine websites which have a wide variety of options such as high or low, Meta record, one touch, home builders, the ladder among others, the 7 figure Challenge Software ’s trading options are not clear and can thoroughly confuse a trader when it comes to the positioning of cheats.

The customer service on the 7 figure Challenge Software website is unreliable and not accessible easily. Even when you reach them, the customer service representatives are not very helpful and will not satisfy you with complete information. This method is limited to a few countries which mean that even if it were genuine, most people would not have enjoyed its services unlike others which are available throughout the world.

Finally, this 7 figure Challenge Software does not have a demo account where traders can trade without running the risk of losing real money. This has been seen as a strategy used by the developer of the site to ensure that unsuspecting clients invest their money and get conned before they can realize what is really going on in this site. Since it does work on phones and tablets, this means that one has to download it to their PC which will definitely not allow trading on the go, hence meaning that one has to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer in order to make meaningful profits if possible.



You should never trust a site that pays people to give fake stories to lure beginners because experienced binary options traders will definitely sense the loopholes in this scam since they know how to spot the red flags. This review should be an eye opener for those people who invest their hard earned money in any binary options trading software without investigating the real motives of the development of such software. Members who have tried the 7 figure Challenge Software are encouraged to share their feedback, impression and results of what they experienced or are currently experiencing on this site in the comments section below.

Note: To avoid such scams such as 7 Figure Challenge system and get to use only profitable binary robots we recommend you visit our list site for approved and reliable trading softwares.

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  1. After reading this i do believe 7-figure challenge is a scam. Paying for endorsements is a trick scammers use, not to mention people are getting beat by this and i could have had i not read this article!

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