Social Tech Trader the New Trading Scam on the Hunt for the Investor’s Money

Social Tech Trader the New Trading Scam on the Hunt for the Investor’s Money

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Binary option trading is not an easy deal. It takes years for the traders to master the art of trading, but it is not a tough job for the experienced traders who know the job. The biggest problem with the new traders is that they get attracted to trading shortcuts like trading bots.

Note: A good alternative to this Social Tech Trader scam is the Super Simple Bot.

There are selling online with different names and one such scam is the Social Tech Trader. This scam is on the same mission and that is to deprive the trader of the hard earned money and thus this platform is a bad choice for the traders. If you need in more details then just go through the complete review of Social Tech Trader.

Social Tech Trader Website looks dull and boring

The website of Social Tech Trader looks dull and unappealing. It does not give in a professional touch. The investor does not even feel like signing up with this platform. When the investor looks at the website then the website has a video. Now most traders are not interested to go through the complete video. What the traders want is that the information should be available right on the website.

There are live trading results on the website. However, Social Tech Trader fails to understand the fact that these live trading results are not important. What is important is the trader’s individual experience with the platform. This trading platform fails to give in satisfactory results to the trader and is a big disappointment for all the traders out there.

Social Tech Trader

Note: It is important that the investor should avoid the scam trading bots by all means for sure and get one from our suggestions.

The website of Social Tech Trader has loads of testimonials, but they just do not prove to be useful at all. The reason is that a trader intends to learn through his personal experience with trading. There is a chance that people who have written these testimonials are paid actors. Thus the trader should not take the risk at all and he needs to be careful with his choices.

Social Tech Trader Scam Review

The Social Tech Trader even has got the options to leave comments. However, there is no guarantee about the fact that these comments are honest. Thus they cannot be relied upon either.

Social Tech Trader Scam

Note: The investor has to avoid the scam trading systems like Social Tech Trader if the investor wants to be successful.

The website of Social Tech Trader mentions the fact that the registration is free, but the trader needs to remember the fact that if he has to make the trading bot functional then he will have to make a deposit. Usually these scam trading systems are associated with scam brokers and thus they are great chances that the investor will lose all his money.

Thus the investor needs to make smart choices if he does not want to end up losing his money at the end of the day. Social Tech Trader is a bad choice.

 Demo facility is missing with Social Tech Trader

Now when the investor opts for a trading platform, what he is looking for is an opportunity to try out the system. However, the biggest issue with Social Tech Trader is that the demo is missing and that is truly a big problem for the trader. There is no way that the trader can get to know about the features of the system without having an excess to the demo so this is a setback for the trader. This also magnifies the fact that Social Tech Trader is a scam.

Social Tech Trader video hiding the truth

The video makes unrealistic claims and does not really focus on the logic behind the Social Tech Trader so this makes this trading system a big disappointment for those traders who yearn to know more about this system.

The trader has the option to opt for auto-pilot, but the truth is that the investor does not really learn through auto-trading. An auto-trading system cannot mitigate risks like a real trader. The investor who is well versed with trading tries out his trading strategies, but this is not really possible with an auto-trading system. The video mentions exaggerated profit figures.

The truth is that it is not possible to earn a lot of money through a trading system like Social Tech Trader and the investor will have to strive and struggle to achieve his goals. The video makes it appear all too easy. The video mentions after every 90 days the system will be adding in 45 new members.

This technique is just meant to show that this trading system holds a lot of importance for the investors. Thus the trader should not think on the lines of opting for this trading system at all.

Social Tech Trader a big scam

Social Tech Trader does not have a reliable customer support

The customer support service is the backbone of any trading platform. However, the relevant help is not available with Social Tech Trader. The trader just has the facility to send in an email to the investor. The live support is not helpful at all. The trader cannot send in the questions to the customer support. Thus this is an issue with this trading system.

The investor should ensure that he does not opt for a fake trading system like Social Tech Trader if he values his future. When the reliable customer support is not there then the trader will not be able to get adequate help.

 Social Tech Trader accuracy rate a big question?

Now the website of Social Tech Trader mentions that it has an accuracy rate of 90 percent. However, it is very difficult to predict the accuracy of a trading system. The chances of errors and mistakes are always there. Even with manual trading it is hard to predict the accuracy so if a trading system predicts an accuracy rate then it is a big scam for sure.

The investor should not give into these gimmicks and he needs to make smart choices. Social Tech Trader should not be the investor’s preference at all. The biggest risk is that if the trader believes in this accuracy rate then there are chances that the trader will be losing his money at the end of the day. The investor needs to act wise if he truly wants to be a big success in the trading world.

 What should be the trader’s strategy to success?

The investor should start with manual trading. He needs to learn the concepts of binary option trading. Every trader will make some mistakes in the start, but the trader will be able to learn eventually. The investor learns through his mistakes. Now what these trading systems do is that they give in the perception to the trader that he will be able to make money overnight. However, this is not the scenario in real.

Earning through binary options is always a gradual approach. Consistent income is only possible if a trader earns manually. The investor should not invest his trust in binary option trading. The investor needs to be careful in his decisions if he wishes to be successful with binary option trading in the long run.

The final conclusion is that the trader needs to shun the Social Tech Trader and pick a original one from our suggested binary robots. If the trader opts for such scams then it is equivalent to encouraging the scammers because then they would set up more such traps for the traders. The investor should be quite careful when investing his hard earned money.

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2 Replies to “Social Tech Trader the New Trading Scam on the Hunt for the Investor’s Money”

  1. On the Social Tech Trader website there is a big box which is supposed to be showing live trades. However, it does not show the trade price or give the name of any asset. A line at the top of the box shows that a starting balance of $500 has produced profits of $834,945.00. These profits come from 12,680 winning trades and there have only been 394 losses. This “Live Trades” box is supposed to be verified proof of actual trading results, but it is only a simulation. The details are never updated and it is not even a true screenshot.

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