Thousand Dollar Days Scam Alert for all Willing to Invest

Thousand Dollar Days Scam Alert for all Willing to Invest

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Have you desired to earn a lot of money, but feel that your efforts are going in vague? Do you want to identify the root cause why you have not been successful? Have you been into automated trading and signed up with scam trading bots. Well this is the reason behind your loss.  Most automated trading systems in the market are scams.

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The problem is that every now and then new trading bots are emerging in the market and one such trading bot is Thousand Dollar Days. David Sampson is one who came up with the idea of Thousand Dollar Days. The name is itself deceptive and one thing is for sure that you will not be earning thousand dollars a day with this scam system.

 Thousand Dollar Days revealing its own flaws

When the investor looks at the sales video of Thousand Dollar Days then a big flaw is evident. The video shows the name of the broker to which the trader has to make the deposit. The name of the broker is shown as VXmarkets. Most people have never heard of this trading bot so there is a great possibility that this trading broker is a scam. The risk is that when the trader will make a deposit to this scam system then he will not be able to withdraw his profits.

Thousand Dollar Days

Note: Scam trading bots can be a big threat so only opt for credible trading bots.

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The video carves the picture that the trader can earn without lifting a finger, but that is not the case in real. If the investor wants to earn then he needs to have a basic understanding about binary option trading or his career will suffer. The video displays the basic interface of Thousand Dollar Days and an on/off button is displayed on the screen. Trading does not work by an on/off button and the investor has to be well-versed with the trading concepts.

The sales video of Thousand Dollar Days is making a lot of exaggerations. For example, the video says that every member is earning $1000 a day. Well earning so much is not an easy job and only the best in the business can claim to have so much success with their endeavors.

Thousand Dollar Days Scam Review

Note: Do not fall for this scam and sign up with credible trading bots only.

The Thousand Dollar Days video also claims that this trading system is free. No one will believe it because nothing is free in this world and if the investor truly wants to earn then he has to look into the real picture.

Anyone will wonder why the maker is offering such a precious trading system for free. Usually the investor has to pay in the form of a trading deposit so it is essential to understand this gimmick. This way the investor will not end up losing money. The trader has to be careful with his choices if he wants success.

Now the way this system works is that Thousand Dollar Days is linked up with the free account of the trader. The maker wants to convince the trader that the trades of this automated trading bot will be replicated to the trader’s free account.

It sounds hard to believe this fact. The interesting part is that there is another catch too. The video states that if the investor intends to continue with the free service then he will have to contribute his less profitable day earnings to this development team so this clearly denies the fact that this system is free.

The Thousand Dollar Days claims that they execute the best signals that get approval from experienced traders. None of this sounds believable so the investor needs to act smart if he does not want to suffer massive losses. If the trader will follow the wise approach and will not give in to the claims of this trading system then he can save himself from this scam.

 Big reasons for not opting for Thousand Dollar Days

The website about a trading system reveals a lot. Same is the case with Thousand Dollar Days. When the investor will look at the website then one thing will be quite clear and that is this system is a scam. The website lacks the essential information. When the investor looks at the website, he is just clueless what this system is.

The features are not listed on the website and it simply looks incomplete. The testimonials are also not present on the website of Thousand Dollar Days so this is another clue that this system is a perfectly designed scam and is just focused on depriving the trader of his money. Thus the investor has to be careful if he does not want to lose his money.

There is no proper about us page on the website. The help or contact us page is also missing on the Thousand Dollar Days website so all this carves a very negative picture and puts a stamp on the fact that this trading system is a scam.

It is very important that a trader should judge a system with a bird’s eye view before signing up for a system. This will be the right decision to make and this way the trader will not end up with a loss coming his way for sure.

Thousand Dollar Days has no proper customer support

Another drawback of Thousand Dollar Days is that it does not have a proper customer support service. Even the email is not mentioned on the website so there is no way that a trader can get in touch with this system. He is compelled to sign up and only then he will have some access to the system.

What the investor has to do is that he needs to act smart and should not just opt in for this system without judging things. The investor has to be careful with his choices and this will be the smart move.

Secondly, there is no live chat support. This means that if the trader feels the need to put up some queries then he is clueless. The live support is not there to address the concerns of the trader. This is a confirmation that Thousand Dollar Days is a scam.

Demo facility not available

Thousand Dollar Days does not offer a demo to the trader as well and this is yet another clue that this trading system is a scam. Usually the investor can check the features of a system through a demo.

However, when the demo is not available then the trader will not be able to know the truth about a system. Usually the demo is never offered when the trading system has evident loopholes. This is exactly the case with Thousand Dollar Days so the trader needs to stay away from this scam if he wishes to earn.

The best approach is to avoid Thousand Dollar Days. If the investor is keen to opt in for trading bots then he needs to search for those trading bots that are reliable. This will be the smart move on the part of the trader.

Secondly the trader should put in an effort to master manual trading. When the trader has strong manual trading concepts then there are fewer chances that the trader will end up with a scam. Thus the investor has to think 100 times before selecting a trading bot. The better decision is to shun the idea of opting for Thousand Dollar Days.

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2 Replies to “Thousand Dollar Days Scam Alert for all Willing to Invest”

  1. Thank you for that article.
    I receive a phone call one week ago and a guy had proposed me to “invest” a minimum of 1000€ with them. Of course, I refused and this post comfort me in my decision.

  2. I guess that everytime someone tells you, you can make money without lifting a finger it is some sort of scam. And especially if you have to trade binary options, which is a quite complex financial security with potential loss of investment of 100%. In general, I would never believe a get rich quick scheme. Within investment I believe it is about reading a lot of theory study practicians with success. Spend time on learning, and try out the market in small dozes in the beginning, and have patience.
    Never invest anything you cannot afford to loose.

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