Trade Fusion scam in pursuit of the investor’s money

Trade Fusion scam in pursuit of the investor’s money

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Binary options trading will now become way too easy for you because we will offer you all the help you need. Most traders get fooled into opting for trading bots. There is another new scam in the market with a new name.

Note: A good alternative to this Trade Fusion scam is the Super Simple Bot.

This trading bot is known as Trade Fusion and it has the intention of taking the trader’s hard earned money. This scam has been created by Timothy Marcus. If you want to know the reasons why then make sure that you go through the complete product review of Trade Fusion and you will get all the answers to your questions.

 Trade Fusion offers a supposed 90 day trial

The investor should not get enticed by this offer because this is yet another gimmick. Usually if a 90 day trial is available then the prime objective is to inculcate a false illusion in the mind of the trader that this trading system is a good choice.

These trials offer limited features of the trading bot so the trader will not be able to get in depth insight about the trading system so the investor should not fall in for this trap at all if he truly values his money. Thus the trader should not get attracted to this offer.

Trade Fusion

Note: Make sure that you avoid trading scams like Trade Fusion and opt for reliable trading bots.

Now there is another fake claim by the trading system and that is the investor can earn about $30,000 during the trial period. Well this is just a trap. It takes in a lot of experience to start earning through binary option trading. The investor needs to have a strategy to earn and he just cannot earn in so easily.

False claims by Trade Fusion

When the investor looks at the website of Trade Fusion then he will notice that there are fake testimonials and claims that some renowned people have been able to make money through this trading system.

Trade Fusion Scam Review

Note: Choose reliable trading robots if you want to earn a decent amount of money.

The trader should not get lured into opting for Trade Fusion by just listening to or reading what others have to say about this system. The investor should form an opinion about this trading system only by trying the system on his own.

 Trade Fusion claims to have an accuracy of 90 percent

Now no trading bot can prove to have an accuracy of 90 percent. Even with manual trading it is not possible to predict the winning percentage. It takes years of hard work and experience for  a trader to learn binary options trading.

Thus if a trading bot is making in such a claim then it is a big lie and the trader should not believe the lie at all if he values his hard earned money. The truth about binary option trading is that it takes a lot of time for a trader to learn the basic perception of binary option trading so the investor needs to be careful with his choices.

 Key features missing from the Trade Fusion website

The main features of Trade Fusion are not mentioned on the website so it becomes difficult for a trader to trade using this system without knowing the truth. Now the real game of this trading system is to entice the trader to opt in for a trial.

Now for the system to become functional the trader will have to make a deposit and the objective of this fake trading system will be achieved this way. The absence of the key features makes one thing clear that this system has got a lot to hide.

$500 is a very high price for Trade Fusion

The website states that the trader can purchase this scam after 90 days of trial. However, the cost is too high for the system. $500 is a big amount so the investor needs to think a lot before investing this money.

The reason is that the investor will not just have to pay for the system, he will need to pay for the broker deposits as well. For example, if the purchase amount is about $500 and the deposit amount is $250 then it makes it about $750. This figure is too massive for a scam.

Trade Fusion Auto trading not the safe option

Now the maker claims that the trader can earn a lot through auto trading, but this is not the truth in real. When the investor earns through the assistance of an auto trading system this means that the system will hamper the growth of the system. The way the investor can earn is by devising trading strategies. Earning is always a gradual process through binary option trading and the investor needs to understand this fact.

 The fake claims by Trade Fusion sales video

Now when the trader watches the sales video of Trade Fusion then it focuses on the profits earned. If this system was real then the investors should have focused on the strategy through which an investor can earn.

Usually the strategies are not revealed when the trading system does not want to reveal the reality. The trader needs to think and then make his decisions. Only then he will be able to earn in the long run. The investor should not make the mistake of believing the credibility of this system.

 Reliable customer support missing

Trade Fusion does not offer reliable customer support as well. This means that the investor will be stuck in with the queries. They just have the facility of an email. Therefore, if the trader wants to have a live chat with the trading system then it is not possible.

There is no way that direct queries can be put up to the system. There is no surety about the fact whether the emails of the trader will be answered or not. Thus this means that the trader needs to act smart and should avoid this system by all means.

Why Trade Fusion is a bad choice?

Now the sales video talks about the algorithm of Trade Fusion, but it does not discuss the in depth working of this system. This means that they are either exploiting some loop holes or earning profits is just another hype. The trader needs to act with wisdom.

He needs to understand the fact that a trading bot will not make him a millionaire overnight and the investor will need to be clear with his goals and ambitions. When the investor will have an understanding about basic binary option concepts then scams like Trade Fusion will not be able to fool him.

The best approach is to shun the idea of opting for Trade Fusion. The investor should not give in to these scams and pick an original one from our suggested binary robots. There is no doubt about the fact that there are some good auto trading systems as well. However, the trader will need to look for them. When many questions are unanswered then this means that the particular trading system is a scam.

Trade Fusion is one system that can never lead the trader to success so the investor should not be fooled in the first place. The trader should have realistic goals when it comes to profits. This way he will not have to be disappointed and will earn a lot at the end of the day so the trader needs to act smart. Drop the idea of opting for Trade Fusion.

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