Wells Investment Ltd Scam the Danger Lurking Around the Investor

Wells Investment Ltd Scam the Danger Lurking Around the Investor

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Trading is fun as long as you have the knowledge about the job. The problem arises when you start to trust trading platforms blindly and thus you end up losing money. Now most of you lose money when you opt for fake trading bots. You assume that these trading bots will help you earn a decent amount, but the actual scenario turns out to be the opposite.

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The real issue is that these trading bots are misleading. For example, Wells Investment Ltd trading bot gives you this deceptive perception. It gives you the brighter side of the picture that you will earn a huge amount, but the actual situation turns out to be a lot different. This scam was started by Nicholas Wells. For knowing the truth read the review till the end.

 The sales video of Wells Investment Ltd is selling false dreams

Now the video starts with the company profile. The investors are not really interested in how many employees are working in this company or how much revenue the company earns. However, this is a quite a smart way to distract the traders from the essential questions that might come to their mind. This video has crossed all limits of exaggeration.

Promising the trader that he can make about $879 and 26 cents an hour is a big deal. Obviously Wells Investment Ltd is not an ATM machine that the money will keep coming out. They have to give a logical explanation about the claims.

Wells Investment Ltd

Note: Let the credible trading bots be your choice and say no to the scammers.

The video has really worked on delay techniques and is focusing on the fact how Wells Investment Ltd came on the forefront. Well it is better to come straight to the point rather rather than beating about the bush.

Now Wells Investment Ltd designed an automated trading manager making use of the HFT trading algorithm that as per the presenter of the video is able to able to generate 1000 trades. Their perception revolves around the fact that instead of placing a single trade, the algorithm works on the concept that several small trades should be placed to mitigate the risks.

Now the profit figures are exaggerated. The video states that the Wells Investment Ltd trading bot can generate up to 172 percent profit for the clients. Everyone knows fairly well that it is impossible to generate such a high trading figure even if the investor is an expert at trading.

The presenter is trying to convince the trader that Wells Investment Ltd trading bot is a smart deal. Now it is up to the trader to evaluate the facts correctly and then make his decision in the light of the truth. It is very easy to claim high profit figures without presenting the evidence. Information presented without evidence does not hold any weight and is not to be believed by the investor. If the investor falls in for this trap then yes he will lose in a lot of money.

The sales video of Wells Investment Ltd is selling false dreams

Note: The better choice is not to opt for scam trading bots and invest trust in reliable trading systems.

Now the lies continue in the sales video and states that the trading bot can place about 950,000 trades per day and the presenter proudly claims that this system is the second best in the world. All this points to one fact and that is Wells Investment Ltd trading bot is utter deception because the claims are so outrageous. No sane investor will believe in what this fake system has to say.

The sales video of Wells Investment Ltd

Yes, the trading bots do take out the emotion from trading, but yes real sanity lies with the traders who want to start their career with manual trading. How can an algorithm be programmed to perfection. The loopholes are always there. There is no chance that a trading bot is programmed to deal with every crisis situation with perfection. The interesting part is that every word of the sales video of Wells Investment Ltd leads the trader to believe the conclusion that this system is a big lie and the trader should not fall for this trap.

The evident flaws of Wells Investment Ltd website

The website of Well Investment Ltd is a sure shot disappointment because it does not have what an investor is looking for. The website has this long boring video. The Wells Investment Ltd website has a lot of testimonials that are useless.

The reason is that an investor will only form his opinion about Wells Investment Ltd after trying it out. Secondly, the trader needs to know the features of the system. However, the features are also not present on the Wells Investment Ltd website so this is yet another issue that the investor has to face.

Now it is mentioned on the website that the trader can use his own private broker. Now this a vague term. The Wells Investment Ltd website should clearly state the names of the brokers that it allows. If they are not revealing the names then this means that there is an element of mistrust and Wells Investment Ltd lacks the credibility.

Usually the new traders are an easy prey to such scams because they are so desperate for money. However, the new traders should make it a point to at least review the website so that they can get an idea about this system.

The Wells Investment Ltd has a sign up option. Well if the trader makes the mistake of signing up then he should get ready to receive unsolicited emails from the system. This can truly turn out to be a curse. Usually the real trading bots offer real knowledge, but usually the fake trading systems just flood the inbox with useless promotions so the trader needs to understand these details if he does not want to suffer a loss. All these little things are quite important if the investor wants to be successful.

Wells Investment Ltd misses out on an effective customer support

Everyone will agree with the fact that customer support is one aspect that cannot be compromised upon. When an efficient customer support is there then the trader can put up questions without an issue.

However, Wells Investment Ltd turns out to be a disappointment in this regard as well. There is a support option on the website, but when the trader clicks on the support option he can just send in an outlook email. Obviously scams systems like Wells Investment trading bot are not really keen to answer the trader’s questions.

The trouble does not end here. There is no live chat option too. All the reliable trading systems have a live customer support section so that the traders can put up questions that come across their mind. However, Wells Investment Ltd fails to offer this facility to the trader as well.

The final verdict about Wells Investment Ltd is that the trader should put up a brave face and should deny the opportunity to sign up with this system and pick the original binary bot. The investor should understand that the Wells Investment Ltd trading bot is not designed to benefit the trader in any way. If the trader invests using this system then that money is gone forever so it is better not to make the mistake in the first place.

If the investor is getting enticed to sign up with a trading bot then he should explore the reliable options, but not Wells Investment Ltd for sure.

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