Trader’s Buddy Review: A Real Scam!

Trader’s Buddy Review: A Real Scam!

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Trader’s Buddy is a new trading scam in the market that is all set to fool the potential traders. Now this trading bot has all the traits of a scam and does tend to make things hard for the trader. This review will look at the potential loopholes of this trading bot and why it is not advisable to opt for this system by any means at all.

Note: A good alternative to this Trader’s Buddy is the Super Simple Bot.

To know all the potential details make it a point to read this review till the very end and you will get the answer to why it is not a recommended option.

Trader’s Buddy: The real deceit

Trader’s Buddy claims to be the best software that can boost the trader’s profits right away, but it does not turn out to be the case at all. First of all, Trader’s Buddy does not reveal the approach that it uses for trading and that makes this system the worst choice for the trader. The trader needs to have the knowledge regarding the fact how a system works to opt for it without the need to worry. Trader’s Buddy apparently seems to be offering auto-trading, semi- automatic trading and social trading as well. However, if the trader opts for the auto-trading mode, then this will surely not improve the learning curve of the trader and he will not get much of an insight through this system. This is why the trader should never go in for this system by any means at all because Trader’s Buddy is unlikely to live up to the expectations of the trader. Another issue is that the semi-automatic trading is also not a reliable option for the trader because the trader has no guarantee regarding the fact that he would be able to get his hand on reliable signals. Most of the scam systems like Trader’s Buddy do not offer authentic signals and this is what makes this system a deplorable choice for the trader.


Note: Select the reliable trading systems only and say no to scammers.

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Now the worst part about Trader’s Buddy is that it does not offer adequate educational support to the trader for exploring the platform and this is one reason that the trader should make it a point not to choose this system in the first place. When a system does not offer educational resources to the trader then such a system can never improve the learning curve of the trader. This is why the trader should make sure that such a system is not the trader’s preference by any means at all. Trader’s Buddy promises the fact that the trader can open up a free account with this system. Well the trader should not go by the word of this system because he will have to make a deposit to the associated broker. In most of the cases the brokers that are associated with the scam systems are also scams. This is why the trader should not select the trading system blindly because he will be in for a lot of trouble coming his way.

Trader’s Binary claims to be making use of 3X Trading algorithm but the details on how this algorithm is used is missing on the website. Neither a video is available that mentions the working of this algorithm. Thus this is why the trader should never choose this system in the first place if he really wants to get success coming his way. Now Trader’s Buddy promises the fact that it gives the opportunity to the traders to get the advice from the best in the business. However, practically things are not that easy for the trader and thus the trader needs to be careful when he makes his choices.

As mentioned earlier Trader’s Buddy offers social trading as well. This means that the trader would be getting the trading advice based on the community votes. Now this again does not guarantee the fact whether the trader would get authentic advice and this is the reason that the trader has to be careful with his choices as he just cannot afford losses coming his way. In the auto trading mode Trader’s Buddy apparently seems to be offering a stop-loss feature. However, it is hard to determine whether this feature can truly be good for the trader or not. Moreover, the trader has no knowledge about the fact whether this system will practically be of good use to him. The stop-loss feature claims to be controlling the risk factor but it is not stated how so this makes Trader’s Buddy a risky option.

Moreover a demo is not available for the trader. Now this means that there is no way that the trader can practically figure out if this system will work for him or not and this is why Trader’s Buddy is a very risky investment for the trader. With the demo the trader can test run the system but it does not turn out to be the case with Trader’s Buddy. This is why the trader needs to act in a smart way if he does not want his trading career to be doomed and if the trader intends to get success coming his way. Trader’s Buddy can never be the right choice for a trader and the investor has to make a note of this fact.

Trader’s Buddy leaves no stone unturned to allure the traders and mentions the fact that they are just waiting to reach 500 testers and once they do reach that limit they will close down. This is just another attempt to push the trader to opt for the system. However, the trader really needs to act in an intelligent way and should not let this gimmick fool him as this system will never turn to be a supportive option for the trader. This is why the trader needs to shun this choice. The investor needs to explore the reliable trading options that can support him in his time of need.

The hilarious part is that there are many credibility badges on the website of Trader’s Buddy but none of these badges are clickable. This is one more reason that the trader should not trust the system because it just lacks the credibility factor and the trader cannot go for this system. Another reason to despise Trader’s Buddy is that it fails to offer live support to the trader. This means that if the trader has any on the spot questions then he would not be able to get any answers to his questions. Thus this is a deplorable aspect because a trading system needs to have the element of transparency otherwise there is no use in opting for such a system that cannot stand by the trader in the time of need. Trader’s Buddy fails to help the trader and the investor needs to understand this aspect at all times.

Verdict about Trader’s Buddy

Never choose Trader’s Buddy as it cannot be a good support by any means at all. Go for the credible options that can help the trader eventually. This will save the trader from a significant amount of trouble coming his way. It is important to discourage the scammers and the best way is to refuse trading options like Trader’s Buddy and this will ensure the success of the trader for all times to come. Trader’s Buddy is a bad choice so the trader has to refuse this choice and go with the original and reliable trading bots

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One Reply to “Trader’s Buddy Review: A Real Scam!”

  1. Thank you for exposing this scam! I am a victim of the makers of Trader’s Buddy myself. I was new to this field and not experienced with dealing with these sites, and Trader’s Buddy took advantage of this. I can only imagine how many other people like me have been taken advantage of!

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