BinRobot Lady ( Scam Review

BinRobot Lady ( Scam Review

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There are times when you feel that you lack the understanding about binary bots and you feel that the best refuge in this situation can be to opt for a bot. However, you are oblivious to the fact that all the trading bots are not good enough. You surely will have a hard-time figuring out which bot can prove to be the best pick for you. However, this task is about to get easy. I will review one of the scam bots available in the market today and that is Binrobot Lady ( This way you will get a better perception why this bot is a bad choice.

Binrobot Lady ( Key highlights

The following are some of the main highlights about Binrobot Lady (


Profit:  approximate $1570

Binrobot Lady ( Review

When you look at the website of Binrobot Lady ( then it appears to be a heavily loaded website. However, it lacks the essential insight. When you will look at the website for an about us page you will notice the fact that it is missing. A robot by the name of Abi appears to be introducing this system. Now this system encourages auto-trading. However, making money through auto-trading is not quite a simple job. The reason is that you will not be able to get miraculous results if you lack the basic understanding about what binary option trading is all about.

Note: A good alternative to this United Trading Network Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

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Now what puts a big question on the authenticity of Binrobot Lady ( is that it fails to elaborate the fact how this auto-trading bot can improve your learning curve. Now the trading strategy is not revealed to you so this also creates this doubt in your mind about this system. Binrobot Lady ( apparently offers you trading signals but you have no idea whether these signals are good enough or not.

The Binrobot Lady ( tends to offer three main trading systems. These systems include Fibonacci, Martingale and Classic system. The main thing is that you may not be having a clear concept what these trading systems are all about so you need an improved explanation. In fact you would prefer to try these methods using the demo account so that you get a clear perception. However, Binrobot Lady ( deprives you of this facility.

Binrobot Lady ( misses out on the video as well. The video can prove to be quite useful in giving you a detailed insight about the system. The reason the video is not there is that the makers are aware of the fact that they will fail to offer useful insight. This is why you are deprived of this facility. Now the website of Binrobot Lady ( defines the process to be too simple.

They just say that you need to opt in for the registration. Make the deposit to the associated broker and you are all set to start earning. Moreover, the names of the brokers are also not revealed. The main reason is that the brokers are scammers. If you end up making a deposit to these brokers then you will end up losing in a lot of money. Usually the deposit is not less than $250 so you can end up losing this amount if you decide to choose this system.

Several trading indicators like trend, CCI, Stoch, MACD, RSI and Williams are also listed on the website of Binrobot Lady ( However, if you are new to trading then you have little insight about these indicators and you do need real help. Binrobot Lady ( does list the basic parameters that you can select. For example, you can set the expiration time,  transaction amount and trading system. However, you are still unaware of the trading algorithm.

There is a statistics section on the Binrobot Lady ( website. This lists down the profit figures of the traders. However, if you are opting in for this system this facility will not be able to give you a lot of help. Thus you need to make careful selections if you just do not want to end up at the loser’s end. You need to make smart choices.

Now in the articles section you expect to find educational material related to Binrobot Lady ( However, you will just get hold of some basic articles related to Classic, Fibonacci and Martingale system and these articles will not be able to prove useful to you.

When you are new to trading then you need an explanation from the scratch which Binrobot Lady ( fails to offer to you. When you looked at the FAQ section of Binrobot Lady ( then you are bound to be disappointed as this section will fail to give you much of an insight. This is why you need to act in proactive way. You need to ensure the fact that you make clever choices only. The FAQ section of Binrobot Lady ( should have been detailed and should have addressed specific questions that cross the mind of the trader.

The email of Binrobot Lady ( is there but you need to understand the fact that the scammers are never willing to address the queries of the new traders in a whole-hearted way and there are little chances that you would get a timely response to any questions that come to your mind. This is why you should not let this deception mislead you. Binrobot Lady ( also fails to offer you the live chat support. This means that the customers will not be able to get the access to the support team to get the answers to questions that come to their mind.

It would not be wrong to state that Binrobot Lady ( offers incomplete insight. You need to look at the picture below and you will notice the fact that this is all that you get to know about the interface of the system.

Note: Stop the potential scammers and choose reliable systems.

The truth is that when you look at the website of Binrobot Lady ( then you will have many unanswered questions in your mind that you just cannot ignore at all. All what is mentioned above are red flag alerts and indicate the fact that choosing Binrobot Lady ( is a wrong move on your part.

The scam personalities behind Binrobot Lady (

Now the key question is that there is no discussion about the people who have created this Binrobot Lady ( Therefore, this is something quite frustrating and something that you cannot ignore this easily. There are testimonials on the website of Binrobot Lady ( but you have no idea about the fact that these people are paid actors. There is no way that you can trace these people back and get a chance to figure out if they are real traders. This is why you just cannot take any risks.

Note: Shun the scams and choose the best systems.

The final conclusion is that Binrobot Lady ( is not a system that can offer you adequate support. This is why you need to opt for systems that have more credibility and will be able to get you the appropriate trading knowledge that you need. It is important that you should never select the scammers and just choose systems that can live up to your expectations. It is essential to say no to Binrobot Lady ( This will be the right strategy on your part. Remember that scam systems will never be supportive towards you. This is why you need to use your discretion.

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