Omnia is a real Scam! The Incontestable Review

Omnia is a real Scam! The Incontestable Review

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Are you devastated by the amount of money you have lost by investing in scam trading bots? Well it is time for a reality check. Omnia is a ridiculous automated trading bot that promises huge profits. It claims the fact that it can easily make you about $1350 a day. This scam has been launched by the con artist Matthew Hammersmith who is responsible for giving you a ride into this unrealistic dream world of money. This review is meant to expose this trading scam.

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Omnia scam

Exposing Omnia

This Omnia is the creation of same fallacious people who put up scams like Profitball Software which we have exposed in the past. These scammers show no signs of stopping. Therefore we believe that you should forfeit the idea that you will make $1350 with Omnia. The promotional video also intends to deceive you and pull out your hard-earned money. You get a chance to witness the scam techniques the minute they pitch the video. The sales pitch is all about hypnotizing you to sign up right away to get that additional $5,700 in your account. This surely can be termed as pitiful marketing. We wish to bring you out of the illusion that there is no risk with Omnia.

When you trade binary options high-level of risk is always there. The only way possible to save yourself from losses is to keep your eyes open and check out the fact if there are any evident scam indicators. IN THIS REGARD OUR LIST OF REAL TRADING BOTS WILL HELP YOU.

Omnia does claim the fact that you do not need to make any large investments, but realistically speaking even $200 to $250 is no small amount if you are thinking on the lines to go with this bot. The biggest problem is that if you sign up for Omnia you will end up dealing with unregulated brokers that are bound to cause havoc in your trading career. To top it all Omnia does not provide you a demo facility.

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This means that if you are thinking on the lines of trying out this system then you are in for some massive disappointment coming your way. You will not be able to test Omnia so obviously it will not be possible for you to reach any solid conclusion regarding this system. You will not know the loopholes of the system as well without trying it out. This is the biggest risk if you decide to go with Omnia.

If you believe that just dropping in an email to Omnia support team will solve your problem then you are again mistaken. Usually you will find the scammers to be not responsive and this is why you ought to be careful if you decide to choose Omnia. Well when your questions will not be answered then you will be stuck with Omnia for all times to come. If your hopes are pinned on the live chat support, then let us inform you that this system does not have reliable chat support as well. This is why you should have your apprehensions regarding Omnia.

Now Omnia states the fact that it is fully-automated so one thing is for sure that it will be hindering your learning curve. Most credible trading bots allow you to trade manually but you also have the option to switch to auto mode. Omnia does not reveal its trading algorithm so you will not really get an idea how this system works in the first place and this can be quite frustrating for you.

This trading system also claims the fact that over 1000 traders tend to make $1350 on a daily basis. However, it is really not that easy to put forward proof in this regard. Perhaps this is the reason that Omnia fails to furnish any proof regarding the number of traders who have been successfully using Omnia.

If you observe this system keenly another revelation will dawn upon you. Well you will notice the fact that this system fails to offer any educational material as well to understand this system in a better way. This also adds up to the setbacks of this system. This is why opting in for Omnia can turn out to be quite a risky move for you.

Scam Personalities behind Omnia

Matthew Hammersmith is the CEO of Omnia. However, if you Google this man’s name then the only authentic results that you will get are Omnia scam reviews that mention his name. This man is just another paid actor from the cheap online marketplaces. This person claims to be a millionaire and promises to make you a millionaire as well. To win your vote you would notice Hammersmith displaying the profits that a user can make using this system. Luckily he gets hold of other scumbags paid actors as well who supposedly use this system and make money. The worst part is the people who are giving testimonials for this system.

Tragically they are willing to become the face of this Omnia scam. These scapegoats charge as low as $5 to make this video. Therefore we have a fair right to question the authenticity of these people.

Omnia scam review

Moreover, there is another shocking revelation awaiting you. We intend to let you know that Omnia is a non-existent company as per the Better Business Bureau. Well, this means that Omnia is a scam that we need to shun.

Verdict: Omnia is a major Scam!
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  1. Here they come again with another BS software. They never get tired right? The answer of course,they will never ever. So my little advice,please avoid this Omnia App software!! It’s completely 100% scam! Thanks Valforex for another important review.

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