Binary Diploma New Scam Alert!

Binary Diploma New Scam Alert!

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Do you feel that binary option trading is a lucrative option for you and you do stand a fair chance to make your mark? If you are thinking in this direction, then you are right. However, have you ever thought that if you end up opting for the wrong bots, then that can be damaging for your trading career? If not it is time to think now. There are scam trading systems out there as well. For example, Binary Diploma that can prove to be a serious threat for your trading career. It is supposed to be a binary options learning platform. To know more read the complete review.

Digging out the truth

Now Binary Diploma claims the fact that it offers you authentic insight to learn the art of binary option trading. This platform states that their courses can give you the binary option trading insight that you will need at the end of the day. However, we could not find any verifiable proof that they have genuine courses that can do you real good at the end of the day. The site defines the process to be way too simple. It states that you have to simply sign up and unlock the binary videos and start earning. However, things are not that simple in real. Making money with binary options is not that easy. It is more of a gradual process.

Binary Diploma

Now there are verification badges on the website of Binary Diploma as well. However, you should not believe in what those badges say because they are nothing but a scam and an attempt to fool you the traders.

Believe in the guidelines laid down by Valforex and you will not have to face any issues in your trading career.

What we believe is that if this platform is genuine, then they should offer demo access to the traders. However, it does not turn out to be the case. Now this is what made us apprehensive about this system. Without demo it is not quite possible to believe in the real potential of a trading system. You just cannot judge the authenticity of a trading system without the demo.

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Now you do get to see a few videos on the website. However, when you click those videos, you just cannot view them because you have to give in your sign up information. Now this does not sound fair enough. The maker is not giving you a fair chance to judge the authenticity of this system. This is truly a red flag alert that you cannot ignore by any means. Secondly we noticed the fact that once you end up giving your personal credentials, then you will be compelled to give in a deposit of about $250 which is a huge amount. Moreover, you have no chance to check whether those videos are good enough are not. The reason is that you will have to practically apply the techniques that you learnt on a binary options trading platform.

Now we do understand the fact that at this point of time you will have your questions about Binary Diploma. However, the bad news is that the email address is there on the site but usually you will not find the scammers to be responsive. We missed out on the presence of live chat support as well.

Now the prime reason that the makers have not offered live chat support is that they just do not have the answers to the concerns of the traders. This is why this facility is just not available for the traders. The truth is that you just do not get a clue when you look at the website of this platform.

They do not have online presence as well. When a platform has social media presence, then you do stand a chance to know something about the system. However, this is not the case with Binary Diploma so you can end up with a fair amount of trouble by opting in for this system.

Scam Personalities behind the system

Now this scam platform is the brainchild of Brian Davis. He claims to be a senior instructor. However, we could not get our hands on any proof in this regard. This guy entices the traders to opt for the system by claiming the fact that you will be able to get a certificate at the end of the diploma. The credibility of all this furnished information cannot be verified by any means. This should be enough to make you sceptical about this system.

Binary Diploma Scam

Do you believe that you can trust this guy when he lacks the element of credibility? He should have published his educational background on the site if he is an instructor in real and then his claim would have sounded believable but it really does not turn out to be the case here.

Coming to the testimonials, you should not have your hopes pinned on the testimonials as well. The reason is that they are also by paid actors. You have no idea whether these people are real traders or not. Only the real traders can give you the real picture about this platform. This is why you should not trust these people. There are no follow links available as well that would justify the fact that you are walking in the right direction. This is what makes this platform a bad pick. We strongly discourage you from signing up with Binary Diploma.

Binary Diploma Scam Review

Verdict: Binary Diploma is a Scam!
False website:

Now if you are looking for real insight about binary option trading, then your best refuge is Valforex. We put in immense effort to offer you real information about binary option signal services and the latest scams as well. Remember binary option trading can only prove to be a lucrative option for you if you make the right trading decisions. One wrong move and the trading career is ruined for all times to come so do not let this happen to you.

Embark upon a journey to explore Valforex and benefit from the valuable insight.

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