Equinox Scam Alert! A trading System to Avoid

Equinox Scam Alert! A trading System to Avoid

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Do you want to have a fulfilling trading career? Did you have little success so far? Well, it is time to unearth the reasons that have been causing a mess in your trading career. The truth is trading systems like Equinox can be factor in this situation. This trading bot promises you a huge sum of money but we will just dig out the truth right here. To get all the details make it a point to read the review till the very end.

Uncovering the trading system

When we had a good look at the website of Equinox, the first thing that caught our attention was that the site states that you do not require any prior experience to use this trading bot. Now this element made us quite apprehensive. The reason is that there is no way you can survive in the field of binary option trading without experience. In fact people who have little knowledge are more vulnerable and can suffer from financial losses.


The site states that only limited spots are available. Now this is yet another technique to entice the trader to opt for this bot. We believe that there should be no restriction on the number of spots available if the bot is real.

Equinox claims the fact that their servers are super-fast. In fact they state that their servers are about 10 X faster than the public servers. However, we could not locate any third party verifiable proof in this regard. This binary bot claims the fact that it has a huge capacity bandwidth connection and low latency. The truth is that these factors are not enough to justify the fact that a bot truly works in the real world. Equinox states that you can make $10,000 every month. The important thing is to clarify right here that you cannot earn such a huge amount with this bot.

Equinox Scam

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Go forward and select the credible binary bot services only and seek the guidance of Valforex.

Now most of these scam bots play a very smart trick. They entice you to opt for the system as a beta tester. However, what these scam systems do not let you know is that you will have to make a deposit to this bot. Usually the deposit is between $200 to $250 so it is not a small amount for sure. Investing this amount on a scam system can prove to be a bad decision on your part. The prime objective of the scam systems is to get hold of your deposit. However, you should not make this mistake by any means at all and you need to think wisely.

When we had a good look at the video we realized the fact that they were not shedding any light on the algorithm that is used by the system. This is what made us quite apprehensive about this bot. A genuine trading bot should be able to offer you a complete walkthrough of this bot. However, that does not turn out to be the case with this system.

We also felt that website of Equinox also lacks this professional touch. This is something that made us more apprehensive about the system. The website is not organized. It lacks the essential widgets as well. This trading bot claims to have a winning rate of 96% but again it is not believable for us. The reason is that the proof is missing so we just cannot buy this claim by any means at all.

Contacting this platform is also a major issue. All you can do is send in an email. The problem is that the scammers are not usually responsive about the emails. Secondly, this system does not offer live chat support as well. This is also something that makes this system a doubtful pick. Now we also noticed the fact that this binary bot does not have online presence. You will not be able to get your hands on any social media information on the website. This is yet another red flag alert that you just cannot ignore by any means.

Scam personalities behind this system

Anthony Johnson is the CEO of this binary bot. However, we investigated the CEO and searched information online but could not get our hands on any reliable information. We are of the opinion that if the CEO is not reliable, then it will not be the smart move on your part to trust this system.

Equinox scam review

Secondly, we could not locate any testimonials on the website of Equinox. Now this is also something that made us doubtful. When a system is real, then the testimonials are there so that you can check the authenticity of the system but it does not turn out to be the case with this binary bot. There are no follow links through which you can track people who have used this system. This is why we strongly feel that this system should not be your choice by any means at all as you can end up with significant losses coming your way if you select this system. We recommend you not to choose this system in the first place.

Verdict: Equinox is a Scam!
False website:

We truly encourage the traders to explore binary option trading as it can truly benefit your trading career. However, to assist you in taking your first Valforex has set a career path for you so that you do not end up with losses coming your way. We offer detailed insight about binary signal services and we also offer you a clue about the potential scams in the market. Our prime goal is to save the traders from frustration because of financial losses. We take pain to offer relevant insight to the traders. Remember understanding binary options is the real trick behind successful trading and you will be able to achieve your goals without a problem.

Take the plunge into binary option trading and gather relevant insight from Valforex to take your trading career to the next level.

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