Velev Trade Review – A New Scam is Out!

Velev Trade Review – A New Scam is Out!

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Do you feel that you have failed to get the necessary results with trading just because you have made some crucial trading mistakes? Are you eager to rectify your mistakes? Well now is your chance? First, you need to dig out the scam systems so that you do not end up opting in for them. The most common scam haunting the trading world is Velev Trade which is an online trading community. This trading community has embarked on a journey to ruin your trading career. Read all the details to get exclusive insight about this scam and how to avoid it.

Exposing Velev Trade

Now first of all we will start with the fact that earning through trading is not a one day process. On the contrary it is more of a gradual practice. It does take you sometime to master the art of trading through your mistakes. When we visited the website of Velev Trade we feel that it is presenting more of an idealistic scenario. They seem to be offering daily live trading sessions and promise the fact that you can get huge success this way. Well, we strongly feel that success is something questionable when there is no proof presented.

Now Velev Trade states that the fact that you can get consistent results with this community. The question is that there is no verifiable proof available in this regard so how can you just go by the word of this community.

Velev Trade

Now there are many things here that tend to make us sceptical. What we will like to mention here is that the trading tips can just give you an idea. However, there is no sure shot tip that will help with your trading career at all times.  The live webinars will not decide your trading future. What will eventually help you out is your practical implementation of the binary option trading strategies.

The signup process is equally risky. It requires you to send an email to the platform. The website states that upon receiving the email the admin will suggest you some brokers. Now here lies then big question are these brokers regulated? The reason is that the website does not have the name of any brokers and this is what creates this element of doubt. Moreover, does the website offer trustworthy advice? We could not find any answers to these questions.

Now what made us so apprehensive about this system is that there is no demo facility available for the unregistered users to test how this community works. This is why it appears to be quite a risky venture and there seems to be a lot on the line for sure. If they would have offered demo access, then it could have become much easier for the traders to find out the truth about this system.

Say goodbye to scam trading systems and invest your credibility in Valforex that will give you the real perception of binary option trading.

What we condemn here is that you will only know the truth once you join this community and this is where things get risky. We had a good look at the video as well. The presenter seems to be presenting the information about Velev Trade but he is not showing any snapshots in the video that show the actual working process. This is something dangerous because this increases the probability of facing a loss and this is something that no trader wants at the end of the day.

Now we noticed a tab on the website that states indicators. However, when we visited this page it simply states Soon. This is something that made up doubtful because we believe that if Velev Trade is genuine, then the maker should not have missed out on this information because this is not something to be ignored.

Velev Trade Scam Review

We could not find an FAQ section on the website. We are of the opinion that the FAQ section can prove to be quite useful in answering many of the concerns that come to your mind but that does not turn out to be the case with this system. Secondly, the site has just listed an email address as the point of contact. Now we strongly doubt the fact that you will not get any answers to your email. The reason is that the scammers are not usually responsive. What we judged is that this system tends to have a lot of loopholes that we just cannot ignore by any means. Now there is a separate page on this community website which lists down the Facebook results.

Now we believe that you just cannot go by the word of this system when it comes to the results. The reason is that every result for every individual trader is different. There is no sure shot formula for success and you need to be aware of this fact.

Velev Trade Scam Review

What we felt is that this system misses out on the social media presence as well and we could not locate the Facebook page for Velev Trade. Now when a social media page is there for a platform, then it gives an assurance that this platform has its set of followers. However, you will not get this assurance with this community.

Scam Personalities behind the system

Well Ventsislav Velev is the founder of Velev Trade. This person does have a Facebook profile. However, that is not enough to assure you as the trader that this community is dependable. There is no authentic insight available for this person’s trading expertise so it does appear to be a risky venture to trust him.

Velev Trade

The testimonials are there on the site but again there are no follow links available and you have no proof of the fact whether these testimonials are by reliable traders. This is why we discourage the choice to sign up for this community.

Verdict: Velev Trade is a Scam!
False website:

If you want to get excel, then you need to make smart investments. We at Valforex give you the necessary insight about credible binary signal services and scams as well.

Do not make wrong decisions that lead to the decline of your trading career and take refuge in the information presented by Valforex.

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