Top Rated And Recommended Forex Robots/Forex Training Resources

Top Rated And Recommended Forex Robots/Forex Training Resources

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There’s no doubt that Forex trading is growing in popularity. This trend is driven by the fact that the modern day trader now has access to myriads of tools for trading, which ultimately make work easier. Forex Expert advisors are popular, and so are mentoring programs which teach people how to trade and actually make a living out of it.

But at the same time, we have to recon that scams exist at large. These so-called revolutionary expert advisors are dubious in the sense that they don’t give a decent win rate. Most of them have an awful win rate which is way below the 50% mark.

Yet they are still advertised by their owners as the greatest revolution that ever happened in the retail trading industry.

So today, we want to let you know that all scams in this niche often use ostentatious claims to fool traders. There is no truth in them. It’s for this reason that you should not be intrigued by anything that looks flashy.

On the same note, we are advising traders who want to use Forex robots or some kind of training to look in the right places. We spare you the rat race by searching for all expert advisors, then reviewing them and listing them down on a table. Rest assured that what appears on the table below is nothing but our top-rated Forex EAs and mentoring programs with proven results:

All have 5 star rating *****

Top Rated Forex Robots & Mentoring programs

Software/mentoring programAve. Win RateTypeBeginner FriendlyCost


The above table is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to make a mark in Forex trading. Even if you have been trading for some time now, you still need to check out any of those products since there is always something new to learn.

The Forex mentoring program, for instance, is a good resource for both newbies and experts who want to learn. You’ll definitely find value in such programs.

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WallStreet Forex Robot 2 (Most Profitable Product)

Now, WallStreet Forex Robot 2 is the icing of the cake considering that it has features that give users an edge in the market. This Forex robot uses a set of complex mathematical algorithms to make judgement as to whether or not to execute a trade. And the benefit of using this robot is clearly seen in the way its algorithm changes in line with artificial intelligence. You see, many Forex robots are pre-programmed to follow a set of rules regardless of the prevailing market conditions. That is the reason we hear two people using the same Forex robot and getting very different results. It’s all in the design of a rigid trading robot — which will obviously take you nowhere. However, with Wallstreet Forex robot, this limitation is lifted. What is more, this Forex robot comes with a host of features to make your trading convenient and profitable. For example, it makes you immune to tricks that are often performed by unethical brokers. For example, if your broker decides to involve himself in stop hunting tactics, Wallstreet Forex robot will hide your stops, thus making them impossible to see. The result — you will always be safe.</ Secondly, the program comes with a feature that’s meant to protect you from unfavorable slippage and spreads. These conditions are sometimes created by the broker (although they’ll never admit it). If you suspect that your broker is getting mischievous with these things, dealing with them is easy because Wallstreet Forex robot has a formula that will warn you and also prevent you from trading during those hours. Other benefits include 24/7 customer support, true ECN trading, advanced money management, and compatibility with all account sizes.

Forex Trendy (Most Affordable)

The path to least resistance in Forex will give you an edge. And have you ever heard that the trend is your friend? Well, many struggling traders don’t get it. They still find themselves sucked in by erratic market conditions. And we know very well that uncertain market conditions are an account killer. If for some reason you can’t help but jump into every market that looks good in your judgement, the best thing to do is to stop what you’re doing before your account is blown up. What you need is the Forex Trendy tool because it’s a very handy resource for anyone who wishes to profit from any trend. This tool is efficient in the sense that it can scan all markets in all time frames. It works with every trading platform that you can ever think of. Another thing we like about Forex Trendy scanner is the fact that it knows how to identify reversals and continuations earlier on. This way, traders can jump in at the right time to squeeze in the profits. The markets can never catch you unawares if you use this tool. And the best thing is that it’s one of the most affordable Forex robots/signals in the market.

Forex Mentor (Highly Recommended Course for Both Beginners & Expert Traders)

Forex Mentor is a collection of useful resources for learning how to eventually trade like a pro. It’s also a course where traders are educated by the big boys on how to avoid getting sucked in by the enormous Forex market. Because Forex Mentor is the number one go-to place for anyone who wants to learn, they made sure that the platform is friendly and welcoming to traders of all levels. If you’re new, you will find a list of courses that you must take to become proficient in trading on your own. But if you’ve been trading for a while, chances are that you will still learn a thing or two. Let’s face it; the reason why you’re still reading this article is because you feel that you’re not getting decent returns with your current trading activities. Thankfully, the Forex Mentor is what you may need to change a few things which you’re currently doing wrong. Here, you will learn everything there is to master as far as Forex trading is concerned. For instance, you’ll learn trend mastery, recurring patterns, daily scalping techniques and many more.

CopyFX (Best Copy Trading Service For New Investors)

CopyFX is by far the best copy-trading service launched under the brand umbrella of RoboForex broker.

Working with this trade copier service is easy and convenient for all traders regardless of their level of experience.

Before you select a trader whose account activities will be mirrored on your account, CopyFX will ensure that you have all the necessary details needed to find this particular trader.

The system ranks the best traders according to their win rate, maximum draw down, trading strategies and many more. If you exercise due diligence with this copy trading tool, you will definitely have fun with the Forex market — although keep in mind that commissions will be charged for every successful trade that is copied to your account.

Generally speaking, this is a good service. We recommend it to people who would love to invest in Forex even if they don’t have knowledge on how to trade.

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  1. Ich möchte einmal verbindlich wissen , ob es ein automatisches Trading gibt bei welchen ich keine Entscheidungen treffen muss , ob Kurse steigen , oder fallen
    MfG. Burkart

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