Forex Mentor Pro Is a Deadly Scam, and Here’s Proof!

Forex Mentor Pro Is a Deadly Scam, and Here’s Proof!

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Traders who are not bothered to conduct due diligence on Forex systems will likely get scammed. This is because scam Forex trading programs like Forex Mentor Pro are out and about, looking to scavenge on the appetites of new traders who are of the illusion that money comes quickly and easily in Forex trading.

We’ve established that this web page which can be accessed here is using seductive sales pitches to indoctrinate potential victims.

They are selling 3 ”most powerful trading strategies”, daily video analysis and step-by-step training. They are also guaranteeing that users will see profits skyrocket after joining their membership program which costs $47 per month.

You see, $47 per month for an effective Forex trading course is justifiable. But the problem is that this system does not work as claimed on the official page. There are lots of questions which we have to ask before buying this scam. Unfortunately, those questions have gone answered all this while.

Forex Mentor Pro: what you probably don’t know about this scam

Details of Forex Mentor Pro team members aren’t true

This scam uses people’s identities to commit cyber crimes. Let’s consider this person called Marc Walton. The site claims that he is part of the team involved in managing the entire Forex Mentor Pro system. However, we have all reasons to believe that this guy is not related to this illegal money-minting scheme.

Marc Walton actually runs a website called Forex Training Academy. He claims to be a renowned Forex expert who has been in the game for over a decade (according to details on his website).  We now realize that he has nothing to do with this scam — Forex Mentor Pro.

forex mentor pro marc walton
Marc Walton not involved in Forex Mentor pro scam

On the other hand, Pierre Du Plessis is a motivational speaker in South Africa as opposed to a Forex trader. The screenshot below shows that Pierre Du Plessis has never been involved in Forex trading.

forex mentor pro pierre du plessis
pierre du plessis not involved in this scam

Finally, the other ”coach” in the team is called Omar Eltoukhy. However, our research reveals that this is not the case since he is already involved in managing the same website that Marc Walton is operating.

Furthermore, their photos on do not represent what we are seeing on Forex Training Academy website. Check below.

forex mentor pro Omar Eltoukhy
Omar Eltoukhy not involved


At this point, we don’t have to scratch our heads too hard to figure out that this scam is using fake identities to fool its victims. The truth has emerged that Forex Mentor Pro is run by a one-man army who is armed with the right sales tactics to swindle traders of their hard-earned money.

How this scam works

Subscribing to the false Forex Mentor Pro program means paying $47 every month and sticking to any one of their recommended brokers.

But now that the scam has failed to prove its legitimacy, do you think they will ever introduce you to the right Forex broker? Chances are that you will end up in the hands of an unscrupulous broker.

Now, the second aspect of this scam is found in the training itself. What are you buying to begin with?

You are buying a foundation video course that will teach you how to pool profits off the Forex market. Not likely!

But if that is not the case, then we can go with the second product description which says that Forex Mentor Pro program consists of 3 trading strategies that will change your life.

These 3 strategies for trading are described as powerful when the truth is that they are not. Why would someone with a powerful strategy give their trading edge to every Tom, Dick and Harry who is willing to pay $47 per month? There is something fishy going on here.

No past performance or results to justify the use of this training course

Whoever is responsible for putting this fraudulent program on the web wants us to believe that daily video analysis, combined with fake user testimonials is enough to prove that Forex Mentor pro works.

Another purported user claimed that he makes 600+ pips in less than 2 weeks. This is obviously fake testimonial.

fake testimonial Forex Mentor pro
fake testimonial

There are no verified results from members who have actually used this system before. Instead, the hype is centered on daily video mentoring and marketing analysis. We don’t need these things at this point. What we need is real evidence that Forex Mentor Pro has been performing with an edge since it was first launched. A platform like MyFXBook would have helped us verify these things. Unfortunately, the scammers avoided this question like the plague.

Private member forum: give us a break!

”Full time professionals run this private forum?” Well, according to this rogue website, Pierre is the figure behind the wheel, and he mostly ”tunes in” during the London and New York trading sessions.

We already saw that Pierre isn’t involved with this website in any shape or form.

In fact, this is a case of stolen identity. They are using names of real personalities who work in other disciplines to fool traders who do not want to conduct research on Forex traps before subscribing. Let’s just forget that a private member’s area even exists. No screenshots to prove so. Can we still believe? No way.

The use of fake badges: not a clever idea

This site says that it is secured by McAfee and other popular internet security companies. However, one can’t click on any of those badges since they are leading us to nowhere.

These badges are usually clickable when you find them in reputable sites. It’s a totally different case with Forex Mentor pro website. Treat these red flags with caution.


Although countless ”testimonials” exist on this website and not anywhere else, there is nothing in form of proof to show that those testimonials are legit. That’s one problem.

Secondly, the promise of daily video analysis and mentorship is not something you should spend $47 monthly bill on unless you have evidence that what you are buying is working.

Finally, if they are using false identities to propagate lies on the internet, how much more will they mislead you if you actually subscribe to the program? We strongly recommend that you sign up with Wall Street Forex Robot instead.

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