CryptoTrader Review: Crypto Trader Is a BIG Scam! Fraud!!

CryptoTrader Review: Crypto Trader Is a BIG Scam! Fraud!!

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Any investor looking for a serious binary options robot would conclude that CryptoTrader software by ”David Richmond” is just another scam.

This is because Mr. “Richmond” is selling dreams by confidently telling his viewers that CryptoTrader makes 5k a day, when we know very well that riches don’t come easy with trading.

His claims are far-fetched, plus no one can believe that such a ”gentleman” can shamelessly spew one lie after another on camera when the world is literally watching.

Mr. ”Richmond” caught our attention by his ridiculous claim that this binary signal service has been winning the price of the ”best and most profitable trading signal” in the last 1321 days.

Obviously this is a big fat lie because says that this site was registered in June 2017.

Crypto-Trader-Scam information

It’s less than 30 days ago since CryptoTrader was launched. So, how can they claim a title that was not awarded?

Let’s just say that nothing is ground-breaking about the software hosted on this domain —

Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg as more dirt is about to be uncovered.

Last but not least, if you have a keen eye for details and are in sync with your instincts, you won’t ignore the fact that there are already numerous red flags floating around.

And these are obvious signs that foul play is involved in this filthy project.

So, just in case you want an assurance that CryptoTrader website is up to no good, you should get proof in this review:

CryptoTrader: an expose of fake bitcoin trading software

No one loves to delve into stories that most scams are built around. However, for purposes of proving that this system is not revolutionary as advertised on the website, we will once again go over the nonsensical stories that Mr. Richmond fed our ears with.

First and foremost, the background story is quite vague. The actors (yes, these are actors) didn’t have a whiff of creativity to help with the promotion of this software.

Those who have watched the promotion video already know the story — that Mr. ‘Mark Evans’ fell into partnership with another mysterious fellow by the name ‘David Richmen’, and they came up with a 100% automatic trading system that you and me are supposed to take advantage of.

Please, someone raise a red flag. These stories are too common with scams of this nature, and it’s simply unacceptable to cook up stories just to gather email contacts of those who will never suspect foul play until when it’s too late to run.

It would also be worth mentioning that all people who feature in this promotion video are actors. Their personalities are not real, and so is their identities.

The man whom they call ‘David Richmen’ has featured in other scams as well. His acting is just awful, plus you can never fail to recognize his face since he is a popular and an infamous figure.

There is no need to think twice about CryptoTrader (Crypto Trader) since the story behind it is utter nonsense. But they still have faith that the unfortunate viewer will sit throughout the presentation, ultimately getting convinced by this trickery.

Who is David Richmond?

A self-made millionaire and owner of CryptoTrader app? This is not likely.

However, he still has to assume that role because it’s convenient for purposes of promoting this software.

He is in fact, an imposter — going by his false story of how his parents took him to a certain mysterious uncle only identified as “crazy Arthur”.

This mysterious uncle lived the good life in the middle of nowhere. He loved books, so his house was filled with books.

Apparently Mr. Richmond got an inspiration from these books, and that’s how he came up with the idea of cryptography.

This is just typical make-believe stuff that is propagated by a low-end actor.The intention is not good because there is no evidence that this story represents his true background.

Why is this offer so dangerous?

It’s actually easy to fall for this traps, thanks to their super-gifted marketers who tell bizarre theories to support their claims of making 5k a day.

Sure, CryptoTrader project dedicated time to this offer and made sure that it was fairly convincing.

We’ve seen numerous crypto-currency software scams on the internet before. However a big number of these programs don’t really commit their time to what they are selling. That’s the reason they’ve been dubbed ”lazy scams”.

Now, the saddest truth is that those who are oblivious of their sales gimmicks are the most likely people to fall in their trap.

We’ve already seen that some criminal element is involved in pushing this fraudulent trading Crypto trader app into the market.

And the only way to lose money is to fund your account with the requested minimum investment before trading it using the CryptoTrader software.

By the way, they don’t give you the chance to demo-trade with this software. Why is this so?

Because they work with ‘preferred partner brokers’ who in the real sense are not regulated.

Since these brokers are not traceable, it’s easy to lose money into their untraceable offshore accounts.

Furthermore, there is only one broker on this Crypto trader platform. This means that you can’t use your current broker or even select the ones you think are reputable.

This explains why they don’t have time for demo accounts. They simply want to snatch your cash and disappear as fast as their legs could carry them.

The alleged success rate: it can’t be 78% or 90%

The aim is to appeal to novice traders who easily get mesmerized when they learn that the success rate of a trading system is 90%.

CryptoTrader is promoted as an accurate robot with a win rate of 78% when scaling and 90% when using conservative trading approaches.

Now, it would be good to provide independent evidence that would go a long way into substantiating these claims.

Since nothing exists in the form of evidence, we can clearly say that these guys shot themselves on the foot with their crazy profit projections.

Testimonials: You should have fun reading some comments here

Like every other product that claims high degree of legitimacy, CryptoTrader website went ahead to post a few ‘testimonials’ which we think are very interesting to read.

These purported users all put up a smiling face with claims that they are living life on the first lane, thanks to what CryptoTrader did for them. It’s hard to believe them because some of the paid actors are actually propagating the 5K a day story on this website.

CryptoTrader-Software scam

However, it’s also clear that the guys behind Crypto trader robot write their own reviews to make you feel happy once you subscribe to your dashboard where you will be asked to deposit $250 before trading can begin.

Our Best advice for you

You cannot deny the fact that this CryptoTrader is fraudulent. Otherwise, doing so would be like burying your head in the sand and waiting to lose money.

The aim is to fleece your wallet — that is, if they get the chance to.

It’s hard to say that these are ethical businesses people. Cryptotrader lacks integrity, and that’s the reason why we can’t prove their backgrounds.

The same applies to the crazy profit projections promised with this CryptoTrader package. So unless you sign up with these recommended binary options software/signal service, there is no guarantee that you will have a good head-start as far as making money trading binary options is concerned.

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6 Replies to “CryptoTrader Review: Crypto Trader Is a BIG Scam! Fraud!!”

  1. Thank you for writing this article and exposing David Richmond. I was looking to get into trading myself and I found CryptoTrader. I submitted the $250 initial fee and was robbed by this Mr. Richmond! I was so stupid to believe the false testimonials. I wish I found this article sooner, I’d be $250 richer with a simple read. I’ll be sharing this article so people don’t make the same mistake I did. Disgusting practices from CryptoTrader!!!!

  2. Hi, this is all so familiar to me now, I have been asked on numerous occasions to `refresh my account“ …with another 3000 dollars, until I realised that up to this point, “they” have lost me , over 7000 dollars, from `rubbish software, and bogus systems ! I suspect that most of what was my money, was `syphoned off` simply by these sort of `thieving buggers`, ……and I can`t prove any of it now ! ( Richard A Blundell of Coventry, is a real scumbag and crook, he de-frauded my family of more than 9,000 pounds, in gold and precious metals `trading` !! check him out on google searches, i.e olivetreetrust. com, and scambook. com, and also BBC wales – X ray programme- consumer fraud cases etc. ( his old firm, GSK coins, and Mercia jewellery company, both in Coventry, this `crook and thief`, even has the `audacity, to create a pack of lies , lies about his so-called career profile on `LinkedIn` what a scam, this is !! he self `wound-up, over 5 previous businesses, accumulating more than £360,000 pounds, from de-frauded victims !!!!! ( check company house records !! what a scum-bag !! £78,000 stolen from innocent gold and silver `investors ! )

      1. You probably just need to report their mails as spam and if they’ve already charged your card, file a charge-back request with your financial institution/bank.

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