4U GROUPS Scam – Important Review!!

4U GROUPS Scam – Important Review!!

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4U groups is a shady options broker whose rights to serve clients were stripped off long time ago. Having been blacklisted by French Regulator AMF, among counterparts like Easy Gestion, Luxembourg Capital Finance, CBF Financia among others, this broker continues to operate with sheer defiance.

Working with this broker will therefore rob you of a peace of mind because their operations are suspicious, plus their license was revoked long ago.

4U Groups is simply a dangerous broker. Any serious investor would avoid them at all cost until matters are sorted out. But chances that this broker will reconcile with regulators is almost zero. So let’s not touch on this at all.

4U Groups broker: disturbing facts about this options broker

No investor in their sane mind can do business with this broker because of the reasons stated above.

And if you defy this warning, you will have yourself to blame since this broker will most likely employ monkey business tactics with your hard-earned investment dollar.

The website clearly welcomes everyone who wants to trade binary options. It’s attractive and also appears to be targeting French nationals or those who speak French language.

4U Groups claims that the platform is very intuitive and effective since trade execution is instant.

Every broker promotes their business by saying that they have the most intuitive platform that delivers instant execution. Nothing special about that, plus it does not guarantee that indeed you will enjoy those benefits. One has to test them first to find out whether or not those claims hold water.

Demo account trading: Is this account a true reflection of what will happen when you do business with 4uGroups?

This French broker caught our attention because they were still running shop despite getting into loggerheads with regulators.

Therefore, we could not risk real money in a live account because the fearsome thing would happen.

Instead, we committed our testing to their demo account. We run several trades with 4 minutes expiry time on the demo interface.

Out of the 10 trades, we did not incur one single loss. Of course this is not usual. We have tried demo trading with other brokers as well, and nowhere have we achieved 100% success rate in any shape or form.

In my opinion, this demo account is manipulated to give false results. 4U groups is simply playing tricks with investors through a manipulated demo account which is designed to give positive results every time it is put to test.

We did not get convinced. This prompted us to test their so-called 24/5 customer support.

Our experience with their Customer support

Their support staff can only be reached through email, no phone or chat support. That’s a bad thing for a broker who claims to offer modern features that make trading convenient.

The support was responsive to the usual questions. However, when we asked them about whether or not 4u groups was regulated, they never gave as a credible answer.

The support staff replied that 4U Groups was regulated, although they never mentioned which organization was in charge.

Of course they denied the fact that they have been blacklisted by the AMF. That’s a red flag because 4U Groups was just denying the fact.

Account Types

4U groups offers different types of accounts which are not worth your time by the way.

The minimum investment is 250€ or 20.000€ depending on the account type you’re opening.

4U Groups also claims that they do offer access to nearly 200 markets.

In addition to this, 4U groups claims that clients who open live accounts are entitled to elite training on how to trade and actually make money.

Those are called added value services which really amount to nothing.

In fact, there’s strong evidence suggesting that 4U Groups is a bucket shopper.

Rest assured that the moment you fund an account with this broker, you will record one loss after the other. It’s an agitating experience that no one wants to witness.

Also, those features mean nothing if 4U Group has already been blacklisted for not fulfilling industry requirements. It’s simply a dangerous operation zone.

Details of the company behind the brand 4U group

4u groups is an anonymous company

Who owns 4UGroups? Apparently, no one knows because the website doesn’t want to give this information.

Not only is our research telling us that this broker is unlicensed, but we also learned that the face behind this company is unknown.

The registration details are hidden for the obvious reasons.

The domain is also very new. It has very low trust ratings, which suggests that this could be a fly-by-night operation as opposed to a serious broker who is into this business for a long term.

4U Groups is simply an offshore broker whose operations are not regulated. Moreover, they don’t offer segregated accounts to assure you of the fact that your money will not be accessed by this broker.

It’s therefore clear that 4U groups is operating a very dangerous business model to the investor. They may be operational today but not tomorrow since such brokers are prone to disappearing with investors money. We do not have confidence in a broker whose domain name was updated last month.

The bottom line is that this company prefers to conduct its operations anonymously. Trading with such a company is not our cup of tea.

Address listed on the website

This address BALI LIMITED LTD 1421 Sofia City, Sofia District, Bulgaria Lozenets, Bolgrad No.5 is listed on their official website as the location where their offices are.

4u groups false address

4u groups shares same address with gbo capital

A quick check on that address reveals that the address belongs to a Forex broker called GBOCapital and not 4UGroups.

What do you make of this? Well, you now know that this is a fly-by night binary broker who doesn’t even have an office to start with.

It is mostly a scam operated from a residential place as opposed to a commercial building where real offices can be rented for this kind of business.

From the word go, we knew that 4U Groups was a shoddy broker with no real office or phone contact.

Reviews or user feedback

There aren’t any reviews or user feedback online concerning this broker.

This suggests that 4U groups is very new in this business. However, their approach is making it clear that they are out to scam investors.

Also, it’s very dangerous to try a new service with real money. In fact, don’t even waste your time on their demo account because it doesn’t reflect what will truly happen when you trade on a real account.

Last but not least, the red flags are too overwhelming. It almost looks like 4U group is covered by a red blanket due to the fact that it’s got so many striking red flags.

Our Best advice for you

An unregulated broker does not deserve your time. A one-man army that operates in a residential place while masquerading as a reputable binary options broker does not deserve your time as well.

We have absolutely nothing to recommend in favor of 4U groups, especially after seeing that irrefutable evidence has been given against this broker.

On the same note, we’d like to announce that we are yet to prepare a list of top reputable binary options brokerage firms. It takes a little bit of research to pick the good ones. Meanwhile, make sure that this broker (4U groups) is not in your cards.

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