Bitcoin Pro Signals Review: Scam Crypto-Currency System Revealed?

Bitcoin Pro Signals Review: Scam Crypto-Currency System Revealed?

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Scams are taking advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin trading at an alarming speed. These guys sell what does not exist in reality.

Tales of how investors were misled into subscribing to these get-rich-quick systems have infiltrated the internet. In all this, we see that Bitcoin trading is particularly of interest because it’s an emerging yet promising niche.

Nevertheless, newbies who venture into the world of trading still find these cheap lies very appealing to the ear.

It’s the reason someone will pay $97 just to sign up for a scam like Bitcoin Pro Signals despite evidence pointing to the fact that this is a rogue trading service.

And by the way, Bitcoin Pro Signals is the latest scam in the crypto-currency trading niche. It follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin Millionaire and other recent crypto-currency trading systems which have been launching since the beginning of this year.

The point is, all rogue systems tend to exhibit the same scamming qualities. When you look at any trading service with these characteristics, you will not think a second time whether or not that system is for you. The red flags are obvious.

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Although the Bitcoin Pro Signals trading service is a new business, there is sufficient evidence that whoever is behind it does not even have a track record of ever making a nickel out of trading Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency.

Testimonials virtually don’t exist because no one would bother using a service that exhibits so many obvious scamming elements. But despite this fact, Bitcoin Pro Signals website makes a lot of misleading promises which you’d think are valid points as far as talking about this trading service is concerned.

Let’s take an in-depth look into what this service is and why you should never use it.

Bitcoin Pro Signals Review: Hold your subscription fee

Who owns this service? Well, the explanation on the website is not very convincing when it comes to introducing the owner of this business.

Bitcoin Pro Signals

It says that Bitcoin Pro Signals is the work of professional traders who came together with the purpose of building a signal service that would help others build their financial future.

Why would a faceless internet marketer help you make money? They must be having an ulterior motive as you will see that our suspicion is confirmed by many other scamming factors.

Who are these traders by the way? Can’t we have their leader’s name or someone who is in charge of the whole business?

Apparently, this information is kept secret. Moreover, there is no evidence that Bitcoin Pro Signals is owned by a ‘group of professional traders”.

In our opinion, this is unacceptable and an unethical way of running any business on the internet.

Before you send your subscription fee to get their signals, you need to investigate the person you’re dealing with. Otherwise, if that product or service turns out to be a fraudulent offer, you will be at a disadvantaged position. You cannot submit a formal complaint to a faceless seller. Lack of transparency in this website is a red flag which you ought to take very seriously.

Past performance of trading history

What do you expect from a faceless and fraudulent internet salesman who only cares about their belly?

Well, they’ll mess you up. Performance history or track record matters a lot. If a software developer or a signal seller cannot show proof of how their product has been performing, then chances are that they don’t have the records.

In as much as Bitcoin Pro Signals is described as a professional trading service which is managed by a group of experienced traders, their resume or trade activities cannot be verified. It is non-existent.

When claims cannot be substantiated, they remain as claims. And in this case, the Bitcoin Pro Signals website alleges that the service is run by experienced professional traders who use cutting-edge tools to generate signals. But where is the evidence?

Contacting the owner of this website

Now that we are done with claims that algorithmic trading is the reason why Bitcoin Pro Signals is successful, it is only appropriate to let you know that basic things like the contact form on this website does not work.

Bitcoin Pro Signals

Once you submit a message, you will get a warning telling you to wait until the message is sent. Rest assured that this contact form is not functional for the obvious reasons. These fraudsters don’t entertain any form of communication with visitors. In fact, the process is entirely automatic.

An investor lands on that website, gives their credit card information only to realize that they spent $97 on fake signals.

Remember, these guys are notorious for sending spammy signals each day because they earn tidy commissions for every trade that is executed by the customer regardless of the outcome.

The point is, you should never spend money on any service whose owner cannot be reached through phone, email or any other means of communication. They will most likely con you.

More troubling issues

This is a very basic web page. Lack of transparency is an indication that Bitcoin Pro Signals is run by internet crooks.

Secondly, they never published signal results to help with the verification process. Also, the system cannot be tested because such provision does not exist on the Bitcoin Pro Signals website.

These guys simply rely on claims that their system is PROVEN. We need historical charts or data highlighting how this signal service has been performing over time. Unfortunately, this information has not been provided, either in image or text format.

Instead, the scammers simply want you to act on faith, believing that they can generate the right signals for your trading. What makes you think that these signals will not be generated randomly? Honestly, it would take blind faith to part with your money.


Moreover, Bitcoin Pro Signals does not talk about their affiliated brokers.

The website has no educational material or an FAQ section to answer the most burning questions about this signal service.

Also remember that the contact form does not work, plus these crooks have never been bothered by this problem at all. No alternative contact email either. We actually wonder what would happen if you sent your subscription fee and were in need of instructions on how to get started. They would certainly spoil your day. Avoid.

Bitcoin Pro Signals claim to sell their services through ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate platform that deals with digital products. Most importantly, Bitcoin Pro Signals is a signal delivery service where you subscribe and get signals in your email. At no point in time will a customer make purchases through ClickBank.

So why do they cling to the name of this reputable brand? Well, it’s a credibility showpiece. If they mention brands like PayPal, ClickBank etc, you will easily fall for their lies.

Our Best advice for you

You need a reliable system to make money in crypo-currency trading. So far, Bitcoin Pro Signals does not make it to the list of genuine trading products recommended by us. Actually, we saw that it was only fit to blacklist this service once and for all. We hope you’ll take this warning seriously and that you’ll invest your trading capital wisely.

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