Fxlifestyle Review: Best Forex Signals or Scam?

Fxlifestyle Review: Best Forex Signals or Scam?

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Honestly, a novice Forex investor would be dazzled by the flashy lifestyle of this guy named Samir. He is the alleged owner and operator of a Forex education and signal website called

When you visit that site, you will be fed with a healthy dose of images displaying luxurious sports cars, fancy vacation gateways, piles of cash, gold watches, fake investor reviews, and all the the other nonsense that Forex scammers love to propagate.

Fx Life style is quite an irksome entity, and the slick nature of their marketing operations will convince anyone who doesn’t have time to research properly before dispensing large sums of money.

Fxlifestyle is allegedly operated by a 22-year old man who claims that he is a billionaire, thanks to his Forex trading knowledge which he has built and refined in the last 6 years.

Is this true? And does this man have what it takes to teach you how to trade successfully? Also, is this signals service profitable? Finally, is this man the real owner of Fxlifestyle or is he using stock photos to spread lies and mislead you into something that will cause you a great loss?

Fxlifestyle Review: Burning questions answered

We will address those questions and concerns straight away.

This opportunity looks like an outright scam right from the word go. I was not expecting investors to fall for it. Apparently, many people have fallen for the sweet lies that are peddled on the Fxlifestyle domain.

It appears that this con artist is very clever. Gauging by the number and age-group of people who have been scammed through Fxlifestyle website, I was able to establish that his target was mainly people from the US, UK, South East Asia and Australia. These people were aged between 18-25.

I also learned that this website is offering a number of ”trading solutions” in the name of Forex trading courses. This is in addition to Forex signals, Binary Options signals, trading videos and so on.

I’d like to make this very clear: that if you trust this guy’s auto-trading service, you will ultimately lose because his job is to make money off your pocket. It’s the reason why he is working hard to convince you that this opportunity is real.

He has to use expensive cars and show of wealth to convince you that trading Forex is a lifestyle, and that you can make it too if you accept any one of his offers.

This guy is nothing but a pathetic individual. He should be hunted down and stopped before things can go haywire.

Fxlifestyle: The truth

Most of the trading courses offered here are below $200. He also runs a signal service which costs $40 per month.

This is affordable compared to what other scams have charged and taken away from unsuspecting investors.

However, there is still need to know that however small the fee is, it can quickly amount to a big loss if you factor in up-sells along the way.

It also appears that Fxlifestyle was launched in 2015. It has existed for all this while. You can be pretty sure that the service has taken advantage of many victims in the process of its existence.

Anyway, I was able to research this website to verify its authenticity.

I began conducting a stealth background check on social media. Then I realized that Fxlifestyle was pure ”trader porn”. And that’s why the website appeals to many people.

Samri’s social media pages shows pictures of a rich young man flaunting stacks of cash and standing next to a Ferrari.

Fxlifestyle Review

A more in-depth review of those pages reveal the lifestyle of a young man whose life is characterized by money. He travels and even lounges in some of the most expensive hotel suites.

This is to create the impression that he is living a million dollar lifestyle.

Thankfully, subscribers of this blog can no longer lose money to such scams. Most of you are probably laughing at this outrageous douche bag since he wears the very stereotype image of a wealthy Forex trader who doesn’t struggle with life.

You are better off sticking to these products rather than trusting a stranger who is obviously manipulating you with a fake million dollar lifestyle.

So, how is this scam executed?

Those who fell for this scam first encountered it on a forum called Forexpeacearmy. The rest were brainstormed through email marketing before finally getting convinced to join the ”good life”.


The trick that is used is very simple. Samir has to dazzle you first with images of cash and expensive cars. He then displays images of laptops which show Forex charts and stacks of money which the scammer claims was made by him through Forex trading.

The would-be victim is then enticed some more through fake student/client results. This link will make you understand what is going on here.

You can see that the trick is very convincing (although I had under-estimated this scam initially).

Of course anyone who is looking for a serious side-income opportunity would easily get hooked to this opportunity.

So the next step is to sign up with a random Forex broker who does business with Fxlifestyle.

All Forex brokers who have been integrated into this website are nothing more than affiliate links.

What this means is that once a victim is convinced to hand over their wallet, part of that money will go towards trading. The rest will be paid to the scammer in charge of Fxlifestyle because he brought in a client.

In addition to this, Fxlifestyle earns money every time you execute a trade in the affiliated brokerage account. This could mean expensive spreads because their affiliate commissions have to be factored into the cost of your trades.

Constant stream of copy-paste signals

After signing up, you will be ”trained” by this scammer. You will also ”enjoy access” to a few tools that can be used to facilitate convenient trading.

Now, the saddest truth is that these signals are randomly-generated signals. The reason why the owner of Fxlifestyle is sending you random signals is because they want to generate a huge volume of trades to rack up more commissions for himself. The trick works like clock-work.

The truth is this man does not care when you win or lose. Their only concern is your money. Once you churn and burn your Forex investment dollar, they will say thank you because you enriched them in the first place.

But please remember than some folks will be ”lucky” to win a few trades based on the signals which they were provided with.

This is purely by chance, not strategy. Apparently, this is the long-awaited opportunity which the owner of Fxlifestyle is always looking for.

Time to sell you another product. They will sell you another system called ”super-secret” trading signals which can be traded automatically.

However, in order to access this super-secret algorithm, you have to deposit additional funds into your trading account. I hope you can see that this is a plot to drain your credit card. You will never achieve the purported lifestyle of the Fxlifestyle.

Our Best advice for you

If you come across any system that flaunts wealth in an attempt to convince you to join Forex, run.

The good news is that we have already prepared a list of Forex products which have been tried and tested. Forget Fxlifestyle scam because it will drain your wallet for no reason.

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6 Replies to “Fxlifestyle Review: Best Forex Signals or Scam?”

  1. Is fx lifestyle really a fake ? Have you tried there signals or service? I was thinking of using their signals but their website seems fraudulent to me because of the way the supposed owner expresses by flashing expensive things and not really showing proof of live trades or any real proof. If someone could help me make a decision as I’m trying to find a good signal provider.

    1. hi, yes, they are really fake. We tried their system and it doesn’t work. Also, the owner was unable to prove to us that they are legit and they are able to give traders the promised benefits.

  2. Hello,
    Kindly advise if i should invest in imarketslive (IML) IBO. This they say is a business scheme that can build another stream of income for forex traders. Kindly advise appropriately

  3. I will be honest with you, I understand were you are coming from with the blog & I do agree he flashes etc.. but his signals are actually not that bad.

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