Order Flow Analytics Review – Scam or Legit Educational Provider?

Order Flow Analytics Review – Scam or Legit Educational Provider?

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There’s always something interesting to say about Forex educational providers. We stumbled on a certain website called Order Flow Analytics. Things got interesting because this site was claiming that it would teach investors how to eliminate the complexities of trading.

And then it refers to other investors as ”fools” because they have refused to teach themselves how to eliminate the so-called ”complexities of trading”.

Order Flow Analystics also claims that their mission is to teach investors how to see, analyze and change market attack plan for the overall benefit of the trader.

Of course these statements will capture the attention of the enthusiastic trader who wants to learn. They will most likely end up parting with a lot of money than they are willing to lose.

Thankfully, we were able to catch up with Order Flow Analytics with the aim of doing a review so as to help investors make an informed decision of whether this trading educator is worth their time.

However, before we get to the bottom of this, I’d like to give you a list of Forex products and training resources which you can use right away. With that said, we can move to the next phase of this review. Here we go:

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Order Flow Analystics: Fancy names mean nothing as far as your trading is concerned

After going through the Order Flow Analytics website and even contacting the owner to verify his claims, I concluded that this trading educator was using very sneaky and misleading marketing tactics.

And by the way, Order Flow Analytics is owned by a man called Don (DB) Vaello. He certainly sounds like a nice man with no bad intentions. After all, marketers in this Forex and stock business do sound nice to convince investors. Once they lock you in, you won’t have any other option but to count your losses.

For your information, this is the longest living Order Flow educational provider on the web.

And in as much as this person sounds like a trading guru, he does not have a track record for trading successfully.

On top of that, this guy maintains a Twitter page which showcases alleged trade performance and dollars earned. These supposed results indicate that these trades were winning with 100% accuracy.

However, when we inquired from Don (DB) Vaello about the supposed trading performance, he simply admitted that his service was meant for educational purposes only, and thus he does not have a track record!

In addition to that, this guy publishes what appears to be ”live trading videos” which gives the perception that he day trades on a live account, and that he often makes enormous profits.

But when confronted to explain something about the supposed live trade videos, he adamantly refuses to corporate because he does not have a track record as admitted by him initially. So this is pure marketing and not what happens on the ground.

In fact, the owner of Order Flow Analytics simply wants you to trust him and his analytics tools as statistically functional.

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible because your hard-earned money is at stake. You can’t just trust someone because he claims to have a good understanding in placing trades that win.

Products offered by Order Flow Analytics website

Rest assured that in the last 5 years or so, Order Flow Analytics has offered a multitude of trading products to the public.

One of them includes an intensive boot camp valued at $2,500 and an Apprentice Upgrade for the value of $2,500.  And then there is what he calls ”Bootcamp extended access” which he sells for $250 subscription fee each month.

You can see that this guy is not just targeting the average Forex retail trader who complains for the rest of his life when he loses $2,500 in a scam deal.

A reliable source indicates that the average amount of money that students spend on Order Flow Analytics products is $3,500.

This sum is spend on both courses and educational materials in addition to $97 per month, which students spend when they lease indicators.

Nothing new about Order Flow Analytics indicators

It seems that those who desperately spend $3,500 on this website are oblivious of the fact that ‘Volume Visualization’ trading indicators have been used for ages, and are not unique in any way.

As a matter of fact, data that is used to create this technical analysis tools were first made available back in the days when electronic trading started in 1992.

Technically speaking, ‘Volume Visualization’ trading indicators work by collecting the Bid/Ask price and displaying that information on a graph. When that happens, subscribers of Order Flow Analytics nonsense are supposed to see a trend emerging from those graphical displays.

order flow analytics visualization

This trick is used by some sleazy trading educators who will tell you that this tool often helps them to anticipate big market moves.

Others will use jargon like Volume Cluster or Delta Divergence to refer to the same thing which we are discussing here.

In all this, I can only detect one trend. All salesmen who preach the use of order flow analytics tools lack a track record. When asked about their track records, they often beat around the bush, eventually leaving you with nothing to chew as far as evidence that they have traded successfully is concerned.

At this point, you’d say that am rubbishing Order flow technical indicators or calling DB Vaello a scam artist. But this is not the case as I am simply stating the obvious. If this guy’s method of trading were a success, he would have simply showed us a track record in form of verifiable broker statements.

I am yet to come across a vendor of the so-called ”order flow analytics tools who has a solid track record of implementing whatever they teach successfully.

Verifying results as shown in one of the videos at Order Flow Analytics

It occurred to me that Don ‘DB’ Vaello was just a clever sales man who could not produce any evidence to show that his supposed live trades were real.

It is even frustrating to learn that this guys is using a sneaky marketing tactic to market his Order Flow Analytics nonsense.

Let’s take a look at the screenshot of the video below. You will see that this video is giving the perception that he is monitoring the oil market and a trade setup is forming at some point.

demonstration of how order flow analytics works

He takes the shot and the trade returns a profit of $1,000. The idea behind this video is that we are all watching the live trade unfold while being accompanied by a magician.  In this case,  the magician is Don ‘DB’ Vaello of Order Flow Analytics.

While we do this, he creates the impression that he does not know what will happen next. Then all of a sudden, he is able to predict that the trade will win.

In the end, anyone watching such a video at Order Flow Analytics will get a sense of hope and simplicity, thus they will quickly pay $2,500 or more.

Our Best advice for you

By this time, you know that you are being taken for a ride because nothing new is being taught here, yet you’re investing a minimum of $3,500 to learn the secrets taught at Order Flow Analytics trading school. Please avoid. You better stick to these trading products as we have said before.

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