Pure Financial Academy Scam – Disturbing Facts in This Review

Pure Financial Academy Scam – Disturbing Facts in This Review

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Pure Financial Academy is a trading educational business franchise owned by the son of a second generation investment hustler named Tom Busby.

His son, Will Busby seems to have preserved the family tradition and has no verified trade results. This does not bother him because clients are, nevertheless, expected to pay up to 12k in order to access and enjoy a ”truly magical training experience”.





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One of the most outstanding products offered by Pure Financial Academy is a ”set and forget” trading system that goes for a whooping 5k. Pure Financial Academy does not want to hear that it will fail.

What surprises us is that Will Busby does not even have the performance record for this system. The authenticity of this trading system which he is now selling for 5K cannot be verified by any substantial data.

Therefore, it is impossible to verify its performance. Nevertheless, users are expected to part with 5k because it is a never seen before ”magical trading indicator”.

So why does he refuse to show us the performance of this tool on a live account? Well, he claims that it would be ”unethical” to do so. We are just wondering how so is this unethical.

Pure Financial Academy Review and things to take note of

The Busby name is a hallmark in the trading scenes because it has been around for quite a long time. To be honest, they’ve been around since the 1990s, when his dad started a trading business and moved it to the internet.

Tom Busby who is Willy Busby’s dad has been peddling all types of investment products since the 90s. However, in 2012, the son went separate ways with his dad. That is how Pure Financial Academy was founded.

Initially, he was working with his dad on his business. This one is known as Diversified Trading Institute whose domain can be accessed here —

As you can see, Diversified Trading Institute was setup in 1996 with the aim of ”helping people learn how to trade stocks, options, futures, etc.

They even have a very nice office situated somewhere in Alabama. This suggests that the business has been making enough money even to enable Busby acquire a slick office space.

We investigated Pure Financial Academy and discovered that they were offering a number of magical trading indicators and courses.

Will Busby claims that he will teach you how to reduce subjectivity and unlock your full potential to read price action with advanced graphic tools.

He also claims to have unparalleled technology that has been back-tested and has been found to reduce screen time. He also appears to be teaching supply and demand principles of trading.

The cheapest product here seems to be the so-called Silver Pro Trader Program. It sells for 2k. With this program, Mr. Will says you will lean how to ”follow the money”. In addition to this, you will also learn to locate what he calls ”institutional demand and supply”.

For the price of 3k, Mr. Will will give you something called Gold Pro Trader Program. It teaches you how to analyze the market, plus how to read Fibonacci.

And for the price of $5947, you will be honored to gain access to Platinum Pro Trader Program. This is the ”ultimate secret” and a get-pass to speaking with Will Busby directly.

As if this extortion isn’t enough, Pure Financial Academy still offers software which they claim will help you trade like a pro.

For the price of $1497, Pure Financial Academy will sell you Supply and Demand Volume. This is a trading software that is alleged to predict the direction of the markets in all time frames.

It does not matter whether you’re using the 15 minutes or the 1 hour time frame, this software is so intelligent that it will recalculate those factors and still make prediction of price a walk in the park.

Pure Financial Academy sells it as an indicator through the Ninja Trader ecosystem.

Now, here comes the so-called PFASD Trading System. If you have 5k, you can get this ”adaptive algorithm” system that trades all asset classes and all time frames with great profitability.

pure financial academy product offers

This is the ultimate trading system which Pure Financial Academy is selling by telling traders that once you set it, there is no need of looking at it again. It is automatic, intelligent and profitable. You don’t have to go through the hustles of learning or even thinking for yourself.

Speaking to Will, the owner of Pure Financial Academy

We have been receiving requests from investors to review Pure Financial Academy.

People are specifically complaining about the 5k-worth of trading indicator.

This has forced us to reach out to him so as to request his personal trading performance as well as that of his 5k worth of trading indicator.


Sure, Mr. Will looks and sounds like a professional because he has hosted a lot of videos and presentations. He must surely be having a verifiable track record for the job he does, right?

The usual response came. He claimed that he could not provide any personal track record for his trading. On top of that, he could not provide past performance for his so-called set it and forget it system.

He now claims that this is unethical, and that he will never do so because that is not the way business is done. Moreover, he stated that people ought to read the reviews on his site to ascertain whether or not his services are genuine.

pure financial academy testimonials

Now, let me ask one thing. This guy expects traders to spend 12k at Pure Financial Academy yet he does not even have a track record of success. The so-called set and forget system is very costly by the way. You are supposed to act on blind faith if you need his 100% full proof trading system. He must be crazy. This sounds like a bet for suckers.

Moreover, this guy claims that showing his account statement is unethical. Well, how unethical can this get? You see, being unethical is when someone claims to be a professional yet they cannot even verify their track record of success. In our opinion, that’s the unethical part of it. It’s the reason we disqualified Pure Financial Academy and its offering.

It’s ridiculous because Will Busby has been calling on people to make a career change and start trading to make their life better. Yet his only job is to sell magical trading indicators while claiming that traders will realize success with these products.

This particular trading indicator worth 5k has costed traders a lot. One particular trader believed in the crap, and bought it. Within a few days, his 20k worth of trading account had experienced one loss after the other. He then wondered when the so-called adaptive algorithm would take over the operations of this software.

Now, for this customer, the only thing he had to adapt to was to work overtime just to settle the 5k debt which he had incurred as a result of buying this product from Pure Financial Academy website. This even resulted in domestic issues at home because his wife had warned him several times. But due to greed, he could not listen, and thus his 20k account was burned.

Our Best advice for you

Let your trading be practical and simple. Forget these magical systems which yield losses. Forget Pure Financial Academy because it has nothing for you. Just use these Forex products because they have always proved to be the best.

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