Aggressive Gains Review – A Scam By Jordan Lindsey

Aggressive Gains Review – A Scam By Jordan Lindsey

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Jordan Lindsey of JCL’s Forex is a commission grabber who will go to the worst extremes just to trade your account vigorously and make some quick bucks in the process. His managed account service is called Aggressive Gains. This service is the subject of complaints against Jordan Lindsey.

Lindsey of aggressive gains

He claims that his managed Forex account service delivers 30% monthly return on investments. But the truth is that despite promising such huge and impossible returns, his performance is consistently sub-par. Draw down can be as high as 78%.

This charlatan doesn’t even have a success record of ever making a nickel out of his trading activities. He is just concerned with commissions which he earns the moment he trades your account regardless of whether he wins or losses trades.

He is also a very skilled salesman who will do everything to get the attention of the naive and desperate.

He is very active on internet forums that deal with Forex trading matters. Avoid him at all cost.

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Review of Aggressive Gains by Jordan Lindsey

Aggressive Gains is the name of the managed account service offered by Jordan Lindsey.

He claims that if you try his service, you may end up with up to 2000% yearly returns.

lindsey of aggressive gains promises the impossible

According to Lindsey, if you want your situation to change, you must be willing to fool around with huge risks.

He claims that fortune favors the bold. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that taking foolish risks will make you rich.

This guy says that he can turn a 1k account into 100k account in a very short time.

When asked about the strategy which he uses to make this a reality, Lindsey says that he uses short-term volatility break-out driven system.

Investigations reveals that Jordan has some lucky weeks where he makes good returns. But those are the weeks in which he markets to Forex traders who are desperately looking for managed Forex account services.

Overall, his service is very poor because in the long run, all his naive clientele lose their money in his hands.

His robbery character manifests when he takes your 1k worth of account and brings it to a $200 worth Forex account in just 1 week.

He has no problem with aggressive trading where he uses the highest leverage possible to gain profits or losses quickly.

Even if you traded this account on your own, you’d stand a better chance of making a profit than letting this con handle matters on your behalf.

He is high on promises but low in returns. But because he is a sharp salesman, the masses consistently fall for his trickery.

He replies to email inquires with the speed of lightening. Sometimes you may think that he uses intelligent robots which handle this job for him. But again, you realize that you’re only dealing with a man who understands the art of preying on his victims.

This managed account (Aggressive Gains) is apparently hosted at Tallinex Forex broker.

This broker doesn’t have a very good reputation though. No wonder they have been encouraging this nonsense to go on for some time now, thanks to Jordan’s trickery.

Customer complaints

Complaints against Jordan and his Aggressive Gains managed account service have been trickling in so fast. We actually took notice of how poor victims were cursing this man for having robbed them in broad daylight.

We received a typical complaint from a previous customer who said that he funded his account with broker Tallinex and in less than 10 days, Jordan had traded this account to a draw down of 78%.

There were 152 trades gone bad in that account. When he inquired from Jordan, he was told that this account was leveraged 3 times, hence the big loss. And of course Jordan is very careful not to mention this kind of leverage anywhere during his marketing campaigns.

Other customers have also reported the same thing. Some of them even told us that Mr. Lindsey sometimes gets a 30% draw down with only one trade.

Despite these complaints arriving in our inbox thick and fast, we did not take them so serious until we received one final complaint that made us change our mind.

This customer was asking us to help expose the so-called Aggressive Gains Forex managed account service by Jordan Lindsey because this man had robbed him what sounded like his lifetime savings.

Usually, when someone presents evidence of how they were robbed, we take that information and if it is sufficient enough, we end up writing a negative review. But first, before doing so, we always contact the service provider, which in this case is Jordan Lindsey.

Verifying customer feedback from Jordan Lindsey

In the month of July 2017, we reached out to Mr. Lindsey to verify if these customer complaints were legitimate. We were very open and honest, so when we called and introduced ourselves, we made it very clearly that we had received several complaints against Aggressive Gains Forex managed account service, and that we were looking to confirm if these claims were legitimate.

Mr. Lindsey asked us to submit proof that indeed these were his customers who had wrote to us concerning this matter.

Of course we took a few screenshots of those emails and forwarded them to him. He promised to get back to us in a few hours which he never did.

Our patience was running out, and we were no longer hesitant to expose his so-called Aggressive Gains product.

We sent him another email with a warning stating that we were going to write a negative review against his Aggressive Gains Forex managed account service.

Of course he was winy at first. But we made it clear that we were not going to compromise our stand.

Our final thought and opinion on Aggressive Gains

This product is promoted at As you can see, this is a website that is devoid of any useful information that would lead an investor to want this service in the first place.

aggressive Gains jordan lindey of jcls forex

There is only one sentence and two video clips that explain whether or not you can become a millionaire trading Forex. The other video clip serves as a marketing piece where Mr. Lindsey showcases his knowledge to hordes of ignorant audience who do not know that this man only rants and does nothing to build Forex accounts.

Aggressive Gains managed Forex account service does not meet our criteria, and thus we cannot recommend it. First of all, this man does not have a track record. He doesn’t even have a myfxbook account which we can use to ascertain that indeed his 30% ROI is a real.

Our best advice for you

Aggressive Gains by Jordan Lindsey is a losing product because this man uses a risky style of trading, and thus it’s not unusual for him to blow accounts.

Several clients have lost their money through him. It’s therefore not a surprise that he doesn’t own any myfxbook account where he can prove that indeed he is knowledgeable in matters related to trading.

It would therefore be a risky affair to choose Aggressive Gains over our recommended Forex products just because Mr. Lindsey promises 2000% yearly return on investments.

That kind of ROI is not real. It sounds too good to be true, which is why none of his customers have ever realized any profit with this service. Avoid.

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