Binary Robot WS Review – A Shameless Scam!

Binary Robot WS Review – A Shameless Scam!

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Binary Robot Winning Systems at is the latest app to join the hall of shame. It is an outright scam that seeks to fleece your wallet since that is what they know best.

We dislike using the word ‘scam’ when referring to some of these trading opportunities. But in the case of Binary Robot Winning Systems, we realize that the more we pumper it, the more it will expand its reach, thus convincing hordes of opportunity seekers on the internet to sign up for it.

Binary Robot Winning Systems website fails terribly in our verification test.

For example, when asked for any assurance that this robot is not a scam, the faceless owner explains that this robot gives you total control over your account, and that it is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Have they given a valid reply to the above question? We do not think so.

Of course when asking such questions, we expected the anonymous owner to furnish us with verifiable data that shows how this app has been trading and winning according to the alleged 91% win rate. Unfortunately, no such data exists, yet this developer still insists on pushing this software to the gullible masses.

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Binary Robot Winning Systems review

Binary Robot Winning Systems review

Binary Robot Winning Systems is a problem from the word go.

See, it creates the impression that you can become rich while sited on a cozy sofa, thanks to the auto-trade function which delivers an amazing win rate of 91%.

First of all, this system claims a very huge win rate yet this developer is not able to back their statement with verifiable data.

No live trading results have been given to help verify the legitimacy of this software.

They claim that this software was created with the modern-day trader in mind, and that they have the best customer support ever.

Surprisingly, this thing is offered for free as well. It makes us wonder why on earth someone is giving away such a game-changing app for free.

The best trading systems come with a price. They also come with proof of profit, not just empty talk here and there that when people use them, they can go from rags to riches in a couple of days.

This particular fraud is very rampant on the internet. Binary Robot Winning Systems is just one of those websites claiming to make traders rich for doing nothing.

We don’t like how they promote this software because it misleads traders in the name of marketing a robot. When someone tells you that only 1 minute is standing between you and your financial success, you should think twice or even thrice.

And with all the disturbing red flags that characterize this system, we don’t think that we will ever get convinced by these charlatans.

Reality check

Binary Robot Winning Systems generates ‘winning signals’ with an amazing 91% win rate. This does not bother us much because we already know that such claims can never be proved with evidence. However, we do recon that providing winning signals is considered as giving investment or financial advice.

To be able to run such a service, one needs a license. Their activities have to be regulated by a financial authority.

But in this case, we only have ‘winning signals’ delivered onto your dashboard yet they do not have the license to do so. This amounts to fraud.

The ultimate proof that Binary Robot Winning Systems is a scam is that these guys don’t have this particular licensing, yet they offer a critical service that is often regulated in most countries.

The win rate of this software is impossible and an obvious lie. This is the financial markets, and trade conditions vary a lot. There is no automated software that can trade and maintain this win rate in the long run.

So this is just a gimmick that amounts to fraud because the developer is seeking to attract users through false marketing declarations.

More alarming things

Who owns Binary Robot WS? Honestly, we do not have the answer to this question. And we also think that it’s unethical to offer a trading system without mentioning who is behind it. And it’s a shame that this information is missing on that website.

So, are these people real with the promises which they make on this site? We cannot confirm this. But we are 100% certain that they are lying about what this binary options software can do and what it cannot do.

At this point in time, there is no wishing that Binary Robot Winning Systems website could have published their company information or physical address.

Why are we saying this anyway? Well, first of all, we recon that this is how scams operate. Scams never provide their phone contacts in most cases. Their only point of contact is through email.

Seeing that this critical information is missing, one cannot go ahead and claim that this is a legitimate service when evidence points to the fact that this is a scam.

We cannot verify the authenticity of this offer. It remains an anonymous service, and that is a huge red flag.

How does this system work?

According to the website, we learn that Binary Robot WS places winning trades on your dashboard, 24/7 and that their technology is used with the modern trader in mind.

The website summarizes this explanation by saying that this is the most precise and reliable trading system available on the internet now.

The problem is that this is not an answer to the question of how this system works in order to achieve such a high win rate.

They are vague in their explanation. The 91% win rate cannot be confirmed because the owner of Binary Robot Winning Systems does not have anything to say concerning the working of this software.

Fake trade history

When we investigated Binary Robot Winning Systems, we found evidence of fake trade history.

Binary Robot Winning Systems fake trades

When you reference this domain on, you will find out that it was registered in June this year, meaning that this service officially started its operation in June and not in any other month or year.

Now, let us consider the trade history chart. The chart indicates that some of the trades were taken in January 2016. Why is that so?

You already know the answer. We do not need to provide more clarity here because it’s obvious that these people are lying.

Our best advice for you

After conducting an investigation to ascertain the legitimacy of Binary Robot Winning Systems, we have concluded that nothing looks good here.

It is clear that this service was launched with the aim of looting. The domain was registered just the other day. We do not even know the owner of this robot because their true identity is hidden.

There are of course words here and there which try to convince us that Binary Robot Winning Systems is a legitimate operation. However, the current red flags cannot be ignored. The promise of fast cash rewards for doing nothing is the number one indication that Binary Robot Winning Systems is a scam.

So what do you need to do now? You need to steer clear from the path of this robot. Once you have done that, check out this list of verified trading robots. Then pick any of the robots that shall please you.

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  1. Robots are taking over everywhere so it is better to do this yourself(Investments), because when dealing with decisions for investments human instinct and your gut feeling about that stock to buy is I believe another way to do things as well; which robots cannot feel and make decisions this way.

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