Multinational Forex review – Scam or Real?

Multinational Forex review – Scam or Real?

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Today we’re taking a look at a Forex trading service called MultiNational Forex or MNF. By using multiple languages to reach out to their customers, this provider believes that they are providing a unique service.

MultiNational Forex does provide an educational program and a trade copier which they charge on a monthly basis. Also, this provider attempts to utilize a transparent approach with their offer so as to win the trust of its consumers.

We shall certainly keep this in mind during the rest of this review.

First of all, unlike many other providers in this business, this particular one has included a physical address at 18851 NE 29th Ave, Aventura, FL 33180.

Support is offered via email and Skype as well. No phone support though.

Multinational Forex review

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top right hand side of their page to select your language.

Multinational Forex Review: what you should know about this company

This company boasts of providing 15 different platforms and strategies for trading all instruments. In addition to this, Multinational Forex claims to serve both professional as well as institutional consumers in continents such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

These people simply believe that they have what it takes to make you successful, and that you should leave your trading decisions in their hands. This is because they are allegedly well connected in the market, thanks to their supposed vast experience in trading all kinds of Forex markets.

Now, when we hear these claims, the first thing that come in our minds is results. Does Multinational Forex have results to prove their statements?

Can we get real life examples of people who have been using the services of Multinational Forex and are ripping it big like the company puts it?

We shall come to this shortly. For now, let’s review some of their products below.

Products offered by Multinational Forex

There are two types of products/services which this company purports to offer. These include an educational program and a trade copying service.

multinational forex-services

We will start with the educational program of this company. This one goes for $80 per month. Consumers have to settle the bill via Wire transfer, Western Union and Skrill.

We do not know why these are the only payment options by the way. Secondly, this provider says that consumers have to alert them of the payment once it is settled.

Again, we find this very unprofessional. If they claim to be a multinational company, they should have an efficient support in place. Their customer support should be able to monitor all receipts of payment in time.

So this is actually the first sign that Multinational Forex has poor support. You will end up getting frustrated if you ignore these tell tale signs.

And what does this educational program offer? Well, according to Multinational Forex, you will receive full trading education, trading strategies, indicators, live trade videos and many other things.

You will also have the opportunity to trade what you have ”learned” in a demo account for 1-2 months. During this time, the company claims that they will offer you professional help so as to monitor your progress until you become successful.

On top of this, Multinational Forex claims that they will take care of technical requirements of this service. Your work is to learn and finally trade with an automatic robot among many other tools that they will provide you with.

And please realize that this website is primarily offered in Spanish. Although websites be translated to any kind of language, we still don’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t speak this language. Stick to services that are primarily delivered in English.

Multinational Forex trade copier service

For the price of $50 per month, this company claims that they will offer you their trade copier service. This is supposed to work with all currency pairs, all account types and all brokers. You are not restricted to use their brokers, although there is a reference somewhere on the website that Multinational Forex recommends brokers to their consumers.

That means there is a chance that these people will try to talk you into joining their brokers since they are entitled to receive an incentive whenever you use their brokers.

To tease visitors a little bit, this website provides supposed trade results for their trade copier. However, if you look at those results carefully, you will see that large gaps exist. That is to say that they do skip results for some weeks.

This could potentially mean that Multinational Forex only chooses weeks when results are good. However, when results are bad for a particular week, those are not posted.

Moreover, what they are posting as results are presented in form of a screenshot. Therefore, it’s difficult to trust that these are the real results since screenshots are prone to fabrication. What is more, skipping results for some weeks means that they were cherry-picking trades.

We also doubt their myfxbook results. Instead of taking us to the web page where their account is hosted on myfxbook platform, this website gave us a few screenshots here and there.

What does this mean for Multinational Forex? Well, first of all, this discovery is quite funny. It means that a company that supposedly serves clients from 180 countries does not have an active myfxbook account. Probably they have never even signed up for one.

It is therefore a big shame that this website just copied screenshots of someone else’ myfxbook account in order to present those results as their own. This can be considered fraud because they are misleading their customers into buying a service that is misrepresented.

Let’s see what customers have to say

It is very difficult to trust that this service will deliver to its customers. This is because we have already seen the dishonest elements above, and we are afraid that they may just fabricate customer testimonials too.

See, there is a screenshot of an alleged customer feedback on their site.

They’ve also posted several screenshots of their alleged customers praising their system. However, when you seek for an alternative opinion outside this domain space, you find something totally different. This proves that what we saw on the website of Multinational Forex are not real testimonials but mere fabrications.

Multinational Forex testimonial

We managed to get hold of one real customer testimonial from someone who says that they used this signal service for 2 months and lost money.

Summary of points to note

This service does not have a myfxbook account. If they provided one, we would have had a better opportunity to analyze their service and probably give a good rating.

Now, seeing that they have ignored this important part of the presentation, we will not spare them by saying that Multinational Forex is a good service when it’s not.

Our best advice for you

You do not have to be a loser with this service. This provider seems to be masquerading as genuine when the truth is that they do not have what it takes to deliver a profitable service.

Therefore, avoid. If you must trade for a living, use these Forex trading services instead. They have been tested and proven to work. They have passed the test of time as the developers always update them accordingly. Also, there are at least 2 Forex educational services in that list. Take note.

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