Super Math Scalper Review – Scam by Karl Dittman?

Super Math Scalper Review – Scam by Karl Dittman?

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Karl Dittman is infamously known for creating and selling fake trading indicators. He has been around for quite some time now. In fact, we have written about his products before. But it looks like this guy won’t give up fooling lesser intelligent traders. We therefore feel the need to counter his wrong action in equal measure. This is actually a review of his trading system known as Super Math Scalper.

What is Super Math Scalper? It’s a Forex indicator that trades the m1 and m5 time frames respectively. It’s a scalper that has a unique mathematical formula that will apparently make your work easier because you don’t have to sit in front of the computer the whole day.

This is obviously good news to most traders who love scalping because it could potentially relieve them from the intensive nature of scalping. However, this could only become a reality if Super Math Scalper proves to be the real deal.

Now, the question is: how can this Forex indicator be any different from the previous ones that Karl has released before? You see, this man has a history of creating indicators that don’t work as expected. He has actually been trolled badly on trading forums like FPA, yet he continues making and distributing these indicators.

Anyway,let’s see what Super Math Scalper is all about and whether it has the potential to make money in Forex trading.

Super Math Scalper review

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Super Math Scalper Review

We have already mentioned that it’s a scalper that is designed to work with m1 and m5 time frames. The next thing to note here is that Karl is claiming that this indicator has an ingenious math formula that allows it to spot good trade setups with laser accuracy.

He also claims that Super Math Scalper is fast, simple to use and is full of features that every trader will love to use. Another claim that we find ridiculous is that Super Math Scalper is designed with the busy people in mind. You can only work for 20 minutes a day to make money with this product.

Karl basically uses analytical approaches when creating these indicators. However, the problem with this man is that he never gives us his trading performance. In fact, the website of this trading indicator leaves us wanting more in the way of trading performance.

The home page of this site shows the software in action. However, this does not mean that the potentially buyer has seen results including how the software works. Screenshots are misleading indeed. They are also prone to fabrication (if you’re doing business with the so-called trading gurus who cheat you).

Super Math Scalper review in action

Super Math Scalper review in action1

In this website, we can also see a handful of trade examples. Again, be warned that trade examples are not the actual thing. If someone cannot prove their trading performance by providing trading statements in addition to their myfxbook link, then this person is definitely playing games. He is most likely intending to cheat you, which is why they are not providing real trading results that can be verified.

This website actually shows us things that we are not very interested in. For instance, they talk of the Trend Power and show us the current signal, current time and duration of time left before the opening of another candle.

Even if these things were to be considered as evidence of trading by Karl, then we would say that this is a very small sample of trade size or history. We would need to work with data that was compiled for at least 6 months. The good thing is that myfxbook platform often does this job very well. We do not see why Karl was not willing to prove his point using a third party verification source.

Exceptionally smart math formula

Super Math Scalper is said to use exceptionally smart math formula. However, this statement is not expounded on. We would have appreciated an explanation here. But since Karl just touched on this matter and moved to other things, we are being forced to believe that this is just marketing hype. There is no truth in this.

And if it was indeed true that Super Math Scalper uses a smart math formula, Karl would be proudly showing his results using a third party platform that allows verification of trade results. But as far as this review is concerned, Karl does not have any third party who is tracking and verifying their trading activities.

The only information that we have concerning this Forex indicator is that it can be set to safe, medium, aggressive and custom. This is to make it possible to choose your trading style depending on your skill level. If you are a newbie, the safe mode would be ideal for you. On the other hand, experience traders can go with the medium and aggressive modes respectively.

But then, nothing is so unique about these modes. Most expert advisors have these features by the way.

Features and so-called benefits of using Super Math Scalper

This software is promoted as newbie-friendly and that it does not lag or repaint signals. Karl also puts emphasis on money-management aspect of this software. Claims that it has a simple to use interface and that you will never lose money when you trade with this software.

But the question is, what assurance is he giving traders that these features will are not just mere dreams but reality? Can these features really help you make money? To answer that question, we need to revisit the issue of trading results.

Karl Dittman’s trading results

At this point in time, it should be noted that this man is not a full time trader. He is a developer who specializes in creating Forex indicators.

The problem with trusting developers who don’t have hands-on trading experience is obvious by now. There is no way you can trust someone who does not trade for a living.

There are simply too many vendors on the internet who outsource their projects to third party developers who proceed to creating fake trading software that do not make profits at all.

In fact, 90% of these developers are simply con artists. In the case of Super Math Scalper, there is no trading results or even back-tested results to allow users to gauge whether or not this product is worth the price it is being sold for. That’s a huge disadvantage by the way.

Cost of Super Math Scalper

The cost of this indicator is $87. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee where Karl claims that he will not ask you any questions afterwards.

Well, to trust him on this, we would need to work with PayPal for example because we do stand stand a chance of getting our money back if we submit an official complaint against Karl.

Our best advice for you

Super Math Scalper is not that expensive. However, this price can still be too high for someone who only wants to test the indicator and see whether it works.

Also, this software already shows some discouraging characteristics. Why would you buy it in the first place if these issues are not tackled now? It doesn’t make sense ignoring the issues raised above. So stick to our usual recommendations.

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