Global Investment Satellite Review: Yes, It’s A Scam

Global Investment Satellite Review: Yes, It’s A Scam

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It’s been a while since we reviewed any binary options product on this site. That is because lately, we have not came across binary options products that are worth spending time on. Nevertheless, this one caught our attention. It’s called Global Investment Satellite.

The reason why it leaves tongues wagging is because this vendor is claiming that Global Investment Satellite makes $750 per hour. This is because the program uses a secret trading strategy that utilizes a special GPS technology.


The presenter of this software is known as Richard Heffner. Richard Heffner is a well-known person in the binary options scenes. The problem is that he is infamous for promoting scams. He is the go to guy when you have a product and want to trick people into buying it.

global-investment-satellite scam

Richard is experienced in selling the dream life or what we have been referring to as trader porn. In this specific example of the Global Investment Satellite, Richard claims that all participants will make at least 20K by the end of the presentation, and that this will be their lifestyle from the day they subscribe to the app onward.

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You see, this man is literally the CEO of all scam robots out there. Today, he is the CEO of Global Investment Satellite. The sad news is that it is impossible to trust him since his reputation say that he is an untrustworthy man. All the robots that he has promoted on the web before have failed to deliver.

This time round, he is throwing a cunning hoax on the internet. His intention is to get the attention of the unsophisticated investor and trick them into subscribing for this bogus trading system.

Global Investment Satellite Review

To be honest with you, Richard has also featured on scams like GPS Trader, Safe Guard Trader Scam and Terabit Trader Scam.

Surprisingly, all of these scams use the same 27-minute video that is now featuring on the Global Investment Satellite landing page. In fact, you do not even have to waste your time watching the entire video because it lacks content. Instead, the presenter keeps saying that you will earn $20,000 at the end of it.

And we know that some guys are prone to falling for such scams. This guy is promising you a lot of money in one day. To justify his claims and make it look like he is speaking the gospel truth, the dude claims that Global Investment Satellite has a special feature known as rapid counter trade. This feature is supposed to shield you from any loss that may occur as a result of trading with this software.

But if you think of this from an objective perspective, you quickly realize that this is an unrealistic trading concept that has never existed anywhere in the world. They only exist in the world of scams where individuals claim that their trading secrets can never lose money no matter how the markets behave.

You can be sure that Global Investment Satellite is a money sucker because all individuals who watched the video presentation and opted to send their money lost it all. But you are obviously too smart to act dumb, which is why you are reading this review in the first place. Hold on as we reveal the truth.

So, why is Global Investment Satellite a big fraud?


Honestly, when you find out that a digital product that promises overnight wealth is being promoted by someone whose reputation is shoddy, you should be cautious and even suspicious of the fact that this particular product is being promoted by someone whose words never turned out to be truth.

In the example of Global Investment Satellite, we have no doubt that this program was recycled from old scams, and has victimized dozens of innocent traders who thought they’d found a gold mine. Many of them had expected to turn in a profit of 20k out of a small seed investment of $250 that very same day. However, it turned out ugly as neither the technology or profits mentioned in the video were real.

You might be new in this business. But no matter your level of experience, you should know that earning $20,000 profit per day is not possible with trading. And even if it were to be a possibility, that specific trader would need to invest a fortune to make that profit. On top of that, they would need to trade using a good program for them to even dream of making a small profit, let alone the promised 20K per day.

Generally, when we watched this video, we felt annoyed because Richard kept repeating the lie that traders were going to make abnormal profits with this trading system. We felt irritated because 20K per day profit was like saying that this system makes 8000% return on investment every 24 hours. Isn’t this just too good to be true? Well, it certainly is, and this fact alone will annoy you.

The Global Investment Satellite is just a lousy auto trading robot. We have come across such robots in the past, and we can promise you that there are quite a number of them out there.

Let’s be clear on this: That Global Investment Satellite, rapid trade counter and the promised profits are all unrealistic things. Richard too is a fake because that is not his real name.

The concept of rapid counter trading cannot work in options trading or even in Forex trading. You see, even if you were to use that ”concept” of trading, there is something called spreads, plus the payout in the event that you are trading option will still put you in the losing zone.

On the other hand, when trading CFD or Forex, you will still lose money in form of spreads because you opened a counter trade. It does not matter how fast you do it because it still remains that you are opening trades in opposite direction, and it’s costing you.

Let’s review the details of this man, Richard Heffner

By now, it should be pretty obvious that Global Investment Satellite is a scam. This man Richard is just an actor in real life. He has never owned any trading company in his entire life.

If you want to know that he is an actor and a con artist, just read this Omnia app review. He revealed himself as Matthew Hammersmith.

This guy simply has so many identities, yet the same face keeps resurfacing on many binary options scams on the internet. We are forced that these are the very same network of fraudsters who decided to produce Global Investment Satellite.

Therefore, this software is fake. The so-called actual trading results are fake too. It is not logical to make that amount of profit from trading. But this guy seems to love engaging in cheap lies.

Our best advice for you

At this juncture, we’d like to warn you not to sign up for this software because this man has appeared countless times in other scam projects on the web. He is not offering anything new this time round. Instead, he is just giving it a fresh shot to see if he can steal more money. On the other hand, you can try our tested products here.

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