MPS Review: Recycled Scam on

MPS Review: Recycled Scam on

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The new binary options software, MPS by Richard Ewing is a hoax. We have established that this project first appeared as Multiplexer trading system where users were being promised $850 per hour of trading profits. Those who subscribed to the scam lost everything, and felt disappointed.

So today we have a recycled version of the former scam on the internet. It is called MPS, and we are warning our readers not to waste time getting involved.

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You see, this lazy scam has recycled every feature of the Multiplexer trading system. The MPS trading system promises a profit of $20,000 every day or $850 per hour.

These figures are ridiculous and hard to believe. According to the landing page, MPS trading system is efficient because it relies on a special multiplexer technology that guarantees to maintain a win rate that is close to 100% at all time.

So now that Ewing is offering the MPS system for free, the question is, can it make you rich? Is there anything like getting rich overnight using automated trading systems?

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MPS trading system review

MPS Review: An outright scam it is

The truth is that this trading system is not new. It was recycled from Multiplexer trading system since they have used the same material and same video to promote it. The only unique thing here is the logo, which they figured was worth changing.

When we look at this site, the first impression that comes into our minds is that this is a scam. The video flaunts wads of dollar bills. The presenter is only concerned with talking about the flashy lifestyle instead of telling his audience what this software does and whether or not it is capable of reaching an extremely high strike rate.

When we observe this video, we see that it is a total waste of time because it lacks substance. It only makes promises that are impossible to achieve. In fact, the kind of promises that the MPS website make are rather ridiculous– only possible to achieve in your dreams.

According to these scammers, the MPS software is fully automated. It was designed like a personal ATM machine that spits cash even when you don’t have any money in your bank account to withdraw.

And the ”best” thing that ever happened is that it doesn’t require you to know how to spell ”binary options”. The system works round the clock to make you a millionaire overnight.

The MPS trading system is the biggest lie and manipulation on the internet. Initially, we thought that this scam was so blatant that no one would fall for it. Then it somehow occurred to us that despite the signs getting clearer, some people were still getting convinced and losing money thereafter.

Who is Richard Ewing?

Richard Ewing is just a fictitious character played by someone who was probably paid to promote a scam trading product.

This man loves to act in these promotions. He has already featured in several similar projects online. He is a total joker, and a charlatan who only cares about his belly. Follow his instructions and put yourself at great risk of losing $250 or more.

You see, in a separate case, this man identified himself as Mark Bromovich. We are now forced to believe that he is not a trader, and that whatever he is trying to present to the world is just fiction.

As a professional liar, you do not expect ‘Richard Ewing’ to be truthful even one bit. The website claims that when you sign up, you will get access to live trades of wealthiest Wall Street stock brokers. But we know that this is a lie because for one, MPS trading system has nothing to do with Wall Street Stock Brokers.

There is no connection at all. Even if we started researching this matter to try establishing that connection, we would hit a dead end. There is no need to waste time.

The alleged trading results

Scammers know that unsophisticated investors will always ask for some kind of proof that a trading system works. But these investors will never do their own due diligence to validate the kind of data that they are being presented with.

mps trading fake performance table and payout

Once they are presented with edited figures and screenshots of supposed profits, the investor will go ahead and give it a try with real money. In some instances, the broker will ask a bigger deposit, promising huge profits in return. But as you know, this may never be the case because no one has ever gained a dime from these scams.

In the case of MPS trading system, the red flags are so obvious. You cannot miss them.

On the homepage, we have a table that is showing supposed profits that members are earning by the hour. This is supposed to be a ‘live performance’ table after all.

At the time of writing this review, the table was showing various pairs that members had allegedly traded and made money out of. The same table is also showing supposed payouts to the various members who seemingly make money with this system like clock work.

It is rather weird to see that this system opened Buy positions in all trades regardless of the pair that was being traded and still won. None of those positions were closed in losses. Don’t you think this is just too good to be true? The software, MPS, keeps winning all trades. In fact, according to the website, it only opens trades when it is 100% sure that it will win.

The truth is that we don’t have a transparent and credible performance record of this trading system. This table is not an equivalent of proof of trading performance. It is just a fabrication. And based on that fact alone, we can conclude that the MPS trading system is a scam.

User reviews: Are there any user testimonials?

We wouldn’t want to believe that people are falling for this scam. You see, this is the dumbest project that criminals ever launched on the web.

mps fake testimonial

We searched for these reviews and testimonials to confirm what we had seen on the video. This video features some people who claim that they traded with this software and made lots of money in a short period of time.

We wanted to confirm these things. But now it turns out that these video testimonials are fake. The MPS trading system has never been used by anyone, thanks to the numerous red flags which serve as a warning not to proceed.

At this point in time, we have the ”owner” of the software, who is an actor. We also have people who are pretending to be real users of this software when the fact of the matter is that they are just actors. They have never used this trading application.

Our best advice for you

The website is selling empty dreams as opposed to reality. What you get with this trading system is pure horse manure. They will show you the middle finger once you fund your account with an unregulated broker who is equally a thief in liaison with whoever is in charge of the MPS trading system. There is nothing much to expect out of this deal.

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