Nexgen Software Review: Is Scam?

Nexgen Software Review: Is Scam?

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Thanks for taking your time to read this Nexgen Software services review. The website’s domain can be found at But the business sells its products under the brand name, Nexgen Software services.

Nexgen Software services is a family-run business that is owned and managed by John Novak. Other family members who have a hand in this business include Christopher Novak and Melinda Novak.

The magical software that John Novak is selling costs $3,500 every 3 months. But if clients don’t want to keep incurring this subscription cost, they can opt for a one-time payment of $16,500 which will ”guarantee” them total financial freedom.

Before getting into the meat and bone of this Nexgen Software services review, we’d like to recommend these trading products first.

We’d also like to mention that John Novak has been running his trading business for the last 20 years or possibly more. Throughout the years, he has been selling all kinds of magical trading indicators under the name Nexgen T3 Trading Software.

The most current one is known as Automated Fibonacci day trading software. This product apparently highlights critical Fibonacci turning points so that traders can easily scoop profits.

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Now, the problem with John Novak is that he does not have a good reputation. In his 20 years of selling these magical indicators, he has been ripping off traders instead of helping them realize success in trading.

At one point in time, John Novak was convicted of fraud by both the CFTC and the NFA. In fact, the CFTC fined him a sum of $120,000, and yet he still continues to peddle his bogus trading products at Nexgen Software services.

The CFTC has already proved that this guy is a liar who sells broken promises and dreams that can never materials. They have proved that he has never traded profitably.

Let’s catch up with him in the rest of this Nexgen T3 Trading software review.

NexgeT3 Trading software review

Nexgen Software Services Review: the ugly truth that you should know

The $16,500 magical trading indicator that is being sold at Nexgen Software services is the ultimate financial utopia aimed at the naive and desperate.

Having been fined a whooping sum of money for defrauding traders, this guy seems to be determined not to give up ripping off traders on the internet.

That is why he is still using hype on his website and even selling trading indicators from planet Jupiter.

John Novak of Nexgen Software Services has even deployed his children to continue his legacy of selling magical trading indicators that are clearly scams.

Before we even move into details, we want to remind you that the reason why we wrote this Nexgen Software Services review was because we had received a lot of review requests from traders who were either contemplating to use it or had already lost money and were looking to expose John Novak for what he is.

One typical request came in, and it was like ”I have seen a really nice trading indicator at Nexgen Software Services, and am wondering whether I should get it, your opinion please.”

Occasionally, we would receive a complaint from a really mad trader who was ripped off $16,500 because he was tricked into buying a magical trading indicator from Nexgen Software Services.

It shouldn’t be an uphill task to prove that John is an indicator hustler who only makes his income by selling fake trading indicators.

When the CFTC basted his illegal business, Mr. Lael Campbell proved that John had never earned a single nickel from trading. At the same time, Mr. Campbell recorded John while making outrageous claims of his personal trading record and how he was going to retire soon because he was already making lots of money.

This recording ended with John saying that if you wanted to be rich, you ought to hand over a total sum of $16,500 so as to access his snake oil trading indicator which would guarantee you a secure financial future.

We must admit that this investigator did a good job in catching up with the owner of Nexgen Software Services. This document was a dozier, and in no way was this man going to go scot-free without incurring the fines.

The document in question has been published below for your viewing. It is proof that John and his Nexgen Software Services is a scam project.

Nexgen Software Services owner John Novak fined

Even the NFA fined John Novak

Just when John thought that he was done with the authorities, the National Futures Association zeroed in on him and levied an additional $40,000 in fines on him. Now, over the years, we have noticed that the NFA does not practice witch hunting. In fact, it is very rare for them to take an enforcement action unless it is crystal clear that someone is really breaking the law with all the impunity you can ever think of.

So they served John with a fine and made sure that everyone was aware of the fact that he is a seasoned con artist.

The document below proves that the owner of Nexgen Software services will dupe you because old habits die hard, and this is something that Mr. John has proved many times before.

National Futures Association fines John Novak

Investigating John Novak

With all this evidence lurking around on the internet for everyone to see, no one can doubt the fact that the CEO of Nexgen Software Services is a shady character. You see, he has been around for quite some time now. In fact, he has been fleecing traders of their hard-earned money since the dawn of the world wide web. He has since made a career out of stealing people’s money on the pretext that he is selling them magical trading indicators.

Sometime in 2000 before he started Nexgen Software Services, he claimed to have earned more than $269,900. But given that he already has a tainted history, no one can believes those figures since investigators have proved that he has never made a profit in any trade.

More complaints stacking up against him

If you search his name on the internet, you will find lots of complaints against him. The same thing happens when you search for Nexgen Software Services. These complaints have been stacking up against him for several years now.

This is the worst online reputation that a trading vendor has ever made for himself on the internet. If you check out this rip off report, you will find very nasty things being said about him.

Most of these complaints date back to 2007 all the way to 2016.

Even FPA forum has a lot of user complaints regarding the magical indicators that were sold to them by John Novak. In fact, it appears that people are complaining about him everywhere on the internet.

Surely it is impossible for all these people to confess the same things or even lie about John. We cannot say that he was being framed because these are independent customer reviews which were published by those traders in various places across the web.

Our best advice for you

Nexgen Software Services at is his newest project where he intends to scam as many traders as possible.

You see, year after year, more evidence emerge that this guy is a fraud. It is actually hard to believe that some people still fall for his tricks. But now that you know, you shouldn’t fall for his lies.

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  1. I read the the NFA&CFTC DOCS 11YRS OLD?? lOOKS LIKE $40k NOT $120k sO WHO’S EMBELISHING NOW? I USE NEXGEN DAILY..IF YOU LISTEN TO JN YOU’LL DO FINE. FOREX IS A ZERO SUM GAME SO MORE HAVE TO LOSE SO i CAN MAKE MINE.Wanna make yours? follow the prog. Some will most won’t. No whining, follow the rules & win or U will lose, your call!

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