She Can Trade Review: Scam? Read This

She Can Trade Review: Scam? Read This

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Have you come across a website hosted at and wondering whether or not it’s a legitimate way of gaining from trading?

Well, regardless of your answer being a yes or no, this review is an eye opener.

She Can Trade is basically run and moderated by a woman called Sarah Potter. It’s a live day trading service that offers three types of plans. The first plan charges $119 per month to get trade signals via SMS. The second plan costs $197 per month to deliver trades via Text message and also watch the trades being triggered on a live screen.

And now the third plan is the icing of the cake. It costs $497 per month, and promises to deliver trades on SMS while also guaranteeing that you will watch Sarah trade on a live screen. On top of that, it also gives you a one-on-one meeting with Sarah where you can hold personalized conversations with her.

But these are not the only products sold at She Can Trade website. Sarah has a number of products which she is selling at various prices.

These include over-priced indicators and training videos. We will just mention a few of them due to time limitation.

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Trend Indicators cost anywhere between $497 and $997. Trading Indexes and ETF’s is a training video that runs for 4 hours and costs $500. Futures Trading is also being offered for the same price as the above video course. This one runs for 4 hours too.

Trading Options Consistently runs for 6 hours, and the price is $600. Trading At The Money costs $500 and runs for 3 hours. Debit Spreads runs for 2 hours, and the cost is $400.

And of course she also has another 2 hour training video with a fancy name. This one is called Maximizing Your Success Trading Puts and Call. For the price of $400, you will get this 2 hour training video.

The question is, do these products work? Does this woman hold a track record of ever trading successfully? Can you trust She Can Trade website?

She Can Trader Review

To answer the above questions, we will need to investigate the background of Sarah and how she started her (She Can Trade website).

A background search reveals that She Can Trade domain was registered in 2013. The early version of this website was just a simple blog where Sarah only talked about the markets.

Now, as time went by, Sarah was magically transformed from a blogger to a ”full time trading guru”. Then in 2014, she published a book entitled How you can trade like a Pro.

sarah porter's book

This book had a Kindle version which was being sold for $15 per copy. But when you look at this book, you can’t avoid but see evidence that this book was only written with the aim of acting as a launch pad for her various products and services in the trading niche.

However, before Sarah became a ”trading guru;” at She Can Trade, she appeared to have taken part in education work since she indicated that she had a Bachelor degree and Masters in education. These qualifications are only useful for school teachers, not full time traders. We hope you can see the difference.

Investigating the owner of She Can Trade website

We have been receiving a constant barrage of requests to review Sarah and her business, She Can Trade. These requests were of a general nature, meaning that people honestly want to read about her trading venture before making up their minds on whether or not to pay for her products and service.

However, one gentleman wrote to us, claiming that Sarah Potter had refused to verify her track record. He claimed that live trades were not being verified in Sarah’s live trading rooms. Another person wrote to us telling us that they read her book, and that information that was related to credit spreads was misleading.

This person was particularly complaining that Sarah had published that if a person executed a credit spread, that person would risk unlimited losses in the event that the market went into a ‘fat tail’ scenario.

Another person wrote to Sarah, requesting her to send him a redacted account statement proving that she is a full time day trader. Instead, Sarah refused this claim and proceeded to ignore him altogether.

Now, as you can see, people are not happy with Sarah or her website, She Can Trade. That is why these people sat down to write to us. Most people just write to us when they want to express their displeasure with a certain trading product, service or website. That is why it is always important that we confirm these allegations from the horses mouth.

Speaking with the owner of She Can Trade

When we reached out to her, we made it clear that we were looking to review her website’s products and services here.

It appears that Sarah was very excited about this matter. She even said that she was honored to have her business reviewed on this blog.

Then we made it clear that we were looking to endorse companies that had 100% verifiable trading records. We actually showed her proof by sending her this list of trading products and explaining why those products were well worth it.

We then explained that majority of ”trading gurus” on the internet were just failed traders who somehow morphed into ”trading mentors” simply because they could not make it as successful traders.

Finally, we proceeded to tell her that it was important for her to verify her claims of being a full time professional trader. This was going to be an important part of writing this review, hence we needed her to legitimize her claims.

she can trade review

The above quot is evidence that Sarah claims to take live trades in a real account with real money. But when asked to prove that these trades are real and that she has been playing with real money, she turns as ice cold as Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

When we persisted to engage the owner of She Can Trade in a meaningful conversation which could potentially see her business being reviewed here in a positive light, she flat refused to corporate. She suddenly went quiet. We insisted on sending her a couple more emails with tracking cookies inside. This meant that we could see the actual time in which these emails were opened and read. Again, the silence was deafening.

We might not know what exactly was the intent of reading our emails and then proceeding to ignore them. Perhaps Sarah was afraid that a malicious hacker would reverse-engineer her redacted account statements to expose the fact that she actually trades and makes money.

Or maybe she was afraid that we were asking too much, and that if we actually got hold of this information, it would elicit a Rihanna-like response which would crash the website as a result of the heavy traffic that was being sent there.

Our best advice for you

We feel that She Can Trade is not for anyone who wants to make money as a trader. Maybe you might do well if you sought other trading educators to help you. But so far, we know that these trading products are the only working products that we have come across on the web.

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