Bitcoin Fast Review: Scam Designed to Rip Off Huge

Bitcoin Fast Review: Scam Designed to Rip Off Huge

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This review proves that Bitcoin Fast is nothing more than an illegal get rich quick scam. After going through the entire website and analyzing every detail, we did not find any evidence that Bitcoin Fast pays members who purchase their investment plans. Instead, we only found crude evidence that Bitcoin Fast was snatching coins from members of the public and quickly changing ownership of those coins as soon as the depositor sends the money.

Bitcoin Fast project is designed in such a way that it takes every coin that you invest with them and never pays out any profit afterwards.

There is a convenient payment form at the footer of the site where users are only required to type in their Bitcoin address so that payment can be made quickly. Below that form, there is a button labeled ”double now”. If you unknowingly click that button after feeding your Bitcoin address in the empty box, you will end up sending your money to scammers.

Just like any other scam Bitcoin investment network like Safeneo and many others, Bitcoin is promising quick profits for doing nothing. This website claims that they have the capacity to double your Bitcoin in 100 hours. Apparently, you do not have to wait until the 100 hours have elapsed for you to see profits because Bitcoin Fast is always crediting 2% hourly interest on your investment. That means that with every passing hour, this website will add 2% of profit into your portfolio.

These claims don’t make any sense as far as the reality of the world’s economy is concerned. Let’s take an in-depth look into this cony website to see why it’s not fit for any investor looking to earn with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fast Review

When you land on the homepage of the website at, the first thing that you will see is a message that Bitcoin Fast is doubling Bitcoin in 100 hours. That means that in less than 1 week, you will have doubled whatever amount that you invested with them.

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But what strikes us most is the claim that with every passing hour, this website will reward you with 2% return on investment. How realistic is this?

bitcoin fast interest

Well, first of all, you need to realize that this website does not actually say whether they mine or trade Bitcoin. But even if they were to mine or trade cryptos on your behalf, they wouldn’t give you those returns. It is not possible.

Maybe 2% is possible after 2 weeks or more. But 2% in one hour is an unrealistic target that only scammers can talk about. In short, any website that is promising more than 5% interest on investment is a scam. There is no exception whatsoever.

Nevertheless, we are not surprised to learn that Bitcoin Fast is promising really fast wealth. The minimum BTC that they are requesting is 0.005. The maximum is 10.91 BTC. Of course only a sick investor can go to these extremes. We don’t expect you to send 10.91 BTC to these scammers because you will end up kissing your lifetime savings goodbye.

That aside, we realize that a small part of this website appears to have suffered a design flaw. We call it a design flaw because whoever designed this part of the website didn’t see any problem with choosing the wrong background color which doesn’t match the color of the text. Basically, visitors to this website have to strain their eyes in order to see the text properly.

The hidden texts are nothing but a brief description of this website and what they intend to do. According to these writings, we learn that ”Bitcoin Fast is a community investment platform” offering the highest interest rates on investments.

According to this website, investors should just sit back and relax while knowing that their Bitcoin will be doubled every hour. Apart from the crazy hourly interest rate which this website is promising all investors, they also have a referral program where every other investor you send to their network will earn you 25% commission.

In simple terms, what we are reading here is just too good to be true. When something is too good to be true, the outcome is always bad. In this case, we are dealing with a scam because no legitimate crypto investment platform will ever give those returns no matter what.

Secure and professional service: will you get it?

They claim that your coins are 100% safe in their network, thanks to 5 Gbps DDoS Protection with 99% up-time among other Firewall protective applications.

bitcoin fast features

However, you need to realize that the safety of a network means nothing if the true intention of the website is to scam depositors. We don’t even think that this talk is relevant in this case.

What of their proclaimed professional service? Who has ever used this service and reported that indeed it was professional? Did they speak to a company representative? What was the nature of their query or problem? And did it get solved?

Well, typical problems which may arise from a scam like Bitcoin Fast is that a withdrawal request was placed and it was never processed.

In this case, Bitcoin Fast website claims that once the investment cycle is complete (after 100 hours), all your Bitcoin will have been doubled. You don’t need to place a payout request because the system automatically sends your profits to your provided Bitcoin address.

Now, that’s like dangling a candy in front of a toddlers. Toddlers are the targeted depositors who want to hear that once they have made a deposit in Bitcoin, they can simply quit their jobs because profit will be coming in a few days. They don’t have to work or do anything to make this fast and easy money. Again, this sounds too good to be true. That’s why this website is a scam.

The bitter truth that depositors don’t want to hear

Do you know what making a deposit in Bitcoin means? It means that once money is sent, it can never be recovered. No one can help you recover it either. Forget those ”recover your money programs” on the internet. With this one, you can never recover your money.

And that is why Bitcoin fast loves to ask you to make a deposit in cryptos and not in any other form of money.

Finally, details about this website have never been disclosed. We only know that they are a new business. The owner is not known. There is also no history to rely on. The payout stats at the footer of the website cannot be verified by any means.

In short, this website was designed to collect money from depositors. Until it collects enough or get basted by the authorities, it will continue to open its mouth wider to accept more deposits into their bank accounts. Only the ignorant will be funding their bank balances.

Moreover, it is not registered anywhere. It is not authorized to provide any kind of financial service to anyone. This makes their activities illegal.

Our best advice for you

The more you avoid these scams, the more you will save your money from getting lost in the hands of scammers. If you don’t want financial and emotional torture to be part of your life, don’t get involved in these kinds of scams. But you can sign up for this one because it’s an exception.

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2 Replies to “Bitcoin Fast Review: Scam Designed to Rip Off Huge”

  1. I think when a company like Bitcoin Fast advertise offers that are too good to be true, I should really have trusted my gut and stayed away. Thank goodness I read this article before I was in too deep and lost more money.

  2. I dont see a problem with this coin. Its fast its wallets work and ot stakes c***sitantly.i have boight coins and the staking pays off every few hours.a s*** coin maybe. A scam?? I dont see it.

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