Bitcoinly Is Scam: Review With Disturbing Facts

Bitcoinly Is Scam: Review With Disturbing Facts

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Thank you for reading this Bitcoinly review. What exactly is Bitcoinly, and can we trust these folks? Well, we have no idea whether Bitcoinly is even close to gaining the status of a legitimate business. There is no beating around the bush. This website is a scam, period.

Bitcoinly is hosted at, and they are claiming that their company’s purpose is to bring financial freedom to those who want it. They basically want to empower people financially through Bitcoin trading opportunity which they are offering on their site.

The introductory part of this website states that Bitcoinly is an arbitration trading group which was founded in 2016. They proclaim that their employees have been involved in crypto-currencies since the inception of these digital coins, and have now worked successfully with cryptos to make every member financially stable.

It is alleged that when you join this company, you will be entitled to earning a daily interest of 2% or more. This depends with the investment package which you shall choose upon signing up.

Our problem is that this website was registered in September 2017 as opposed to 2016. There is a sharp contrast between what this website is saying and what our cutting edge snooping tools are telling us.

Basically, the proclaimed 3 years of experience as well as the alleged launch date is a big fat lie. It is meant to create the impression that this company has been around for some time, and are therefore worth trusting. But the fact of the matter is that if you choose to do everything they tell you, you will end up losing your money. It’s plain simple.

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Bitcoinly Review: a dirty financial game

Some of the ”perks” associated with joining this website include constant accrual of earnings 24/7, 0.083% hourly return on investment, 20% affiliate commission and a secured system where money is kept away from DDOS attacks and hackers.

bitcoinly features

The first thing to take notice of is the abnormally high interest rate that Bitcoinly is promising. If you’re going to earn 2% daily interest, that would mean making 60% of interest on your investment at the end of the month. Does this sound realistic? It doesn’t.

Making 60% monthly interest on your money is a far-fetched dream. There is no legitimate business on the internet that can give you this return no matter what.

However, this website would like you to believe that since cryptos are the hottest thing to have ever happened on the internet, return on investments can literally skyrocket to the roof because demand is pushing prices upward.

But if you think about it critically, you will remember that trading cryptos is not any more advantageous than trading another market. Only scams are taking advantage of this cloud of ignorance by preaching the wrong message.

There is also another claim that this website is making, and we are thinking that this one too is a big fat lie. It’s about a robot which they allegedly created 15 months ago to trade crypto currencies. They claim that they have successfully operated this robot across 5 different exchanges, which is why they are offering higher returns than everyone else is doing in the industry.

This sounds like a make-believe story because evidence was not provided to back up these claims. Something is clearly suspicious here.

You see, if you claim that you have been making profits consistently over a long period of time, there is no better way of saying it than presenting those claims with proof to back up your words.

If you have been reading this blog, you already know that we are really a pain in the ass to those who make big claims and fail to legitimize them. We have no apology for such people because they spoil the good name of the industry. Bitcoinly is just one of them. However, it masquerades as a legitimate Bitcoin mining website when the truth is that they are just busy collecting deposits and refusing all withdrawal requests. If you become a bother, you get banned. That’s how it is,

Evidence that this scam is only accepting money but not releasing any coin

When you visit the Bitcoinly website, the first message that you will see is an alert telling visitors that they are aware of withdrawal pending.

The website explains that this is happening because they chose not to use dynamic fees for withdrawals to maximize their profit potential.

bitcoinly admits that it does not process payout requests

But there is also another jargon which we are finding difficult to understand in this alert message. The website calls it ”Segwit failure”. According to them, Segwit failure is a scenario where miners choose to prioritize dynamic fees, and hence this can cause a bottle neck on their wallet.

What are they offering as solution to their withdrawal issues? Well, they claim that members should just cancel those requests to resubmit again. This will apparently clear the bottle neck phenomenon on their wallets, thus allowing people to cash out. Will this happen, or has it ever happened to any investor who is requesting to take their money out of this cony website?

Well, no evidence can be found anywhere that Bitcoinly is trading cryptos and making money which investors can withdraw profits at any given time. It is just a statement they are making. No proof has been presented in terms of legitimate documents showing when and how payouts were issued. If we had this information, maybe we would have used a few Bitcoin addresses to verify those claims. But as it currently stands, Bitcoinly is simply lying.

Fake statistics to fool investors

In this era where information can be easily verified, we don’t expect people to market their websites using numbers that can’t be legitimized.

Bitcoinly website states that they have been up and running for less than 1 month. Within this period of time, they have already signed up 3578 members who have deposited $1112141.05 already. Do you believe this?

bitcoinly stats

Well, these figures look like they were just cooked to help this website look legitimate. We believe that there is a better way of presenting numbers such that people can verify them. We do not like the way scams throw numbers here and there when those figures can’t even be confirmed.

Again, we do not think that it is possible to register such a high number of users within a short period of time. When we look at this website, we do not see any sign of credibility. We therefore don’t believe that people are desperately signing up for this scam to gain ”financial liberation”.

What exactly is this website offering?

The headline on the homepage is Arbitration; Justice, blended with charity. We do not see how justice is coming in. The word Charity is totally irrelevant as well.

But when we read through the entire landing page, we see that they are a crypto-currency trading company that is purporting to trade on behalf of their investors.

Again, it is surprising that Bitcoinly is not showing any proof of trading activities or performance. Therefore, Bitcoinly has all the elements of a scam website.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoinly is a dirty financial game whose intent is to steal depositor money. Because they are anonymous and unregulated, unsuspecting victims should prepare for the worst nightmare in their lives.

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  1. So, this place disappeared in december, sadly with my money too! any advice to getting it reported or any way to get justice?

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