Complete Currency Trader Review: Scam Project, Beware!

Complete Currency Trader Review: Scam Project, Beware!

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We landed on this domain and thought that it was worth creating a review about it. What’s Complete Currency Trader? You ask. Well, the most straight forward answer is that it is a Forex educational website owned by none other than James Edwards. We suspect that this is a two-man operation.

The founder of this website, James Edwards, claims that he used to work in the Royal Marines before quitting his job more than 10 years ago. He later became a ”bodyguard to the wealthy and mighty”. He discovered Forex trading, and so he began trading in 2006.

According to Edwards, this discovery has changed his life. He has since established himself as a force to recon in the Forex trading community.

On top of that, Edwards claims to have worked as a “Hedge Fund Manager”. However, no prior trade or work history has ever been listed to his name. We currently don’t even know of any company that ever hired him to work as a hedge fund manager.

The website, Complete Currency Trader, is run by a second person named Brian Stickney who also appears to be living in Nevada. According to Brian, Complete Currency Trader came to his knowledge in 2012. He has apparently achieved ”remarkable success” with the system, and so he had to be part of that system.

Brain Stickney also claims that since the year 2008, he has been actively trading Forex and making money. That is why he got an opportunity to work with Complete Currency Trader website.

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completecurrencytrader review

Complete Currency Trader review

The year 2012 was the first time this website appeared on the internet.

Today, Complete Currency Trader is offering a range of products and services. The Introduction Course is worth $100. Elite Insider’s Club is worth $700, and this fee must be paid on an annual basis. Alexei Janssen’s Trading Minds Course goes for $3,500. Complete Currency Trader Course costs $9,500 and finally, Elite Insider’s Club costs $147 per month.

When you visit this domain, you will see that they have only listed their introduction course. This product is simply used as a bait to market the rest of their products. Once you unwittingly purchase this relatively inexpensive introduction course, you will have no option but to get tricked into submitting to whatever up sells that will come along the way.

This is how it happens. Once you purchase the introduction course, you will be given a chance to read it. But when you’re almost done, you will be told that it is now time that you learned the true secrets of unlocking unlimited wealth in the Forex market.

The ultimate goal of this game is to convince you to spend 12,000 to $15,000 in buying Forex course and mentoring programs which are offered in this website.

There are many complaints against Complete Currency Trader

In the last few months, we have come across a couple of customers who spent over $30,000 in educational fees. This money was paid directly to the owner of the Complete Currency Trader website.

None of the people who wrote these reviews were happy with this website. They all claimed that this company was good at marketing everything related to Forex trading and were light on actually concentrating on the act of trading Forex.

James Edward and Brian Stickney have both been accused of not trading any live account. The packages which they are exorbitantly selling on this website are simply educational packages. You might think that since they are expensive, they are worth a try. But that is not the case here. It is one of the few instances where cost was not directly proportionate to quality.

These two individuals, James Edward and Brian Stickney have no prior trading track record despite claiming that they have been trading Forex for a long time. Then how come that people are still getting lured into their trap.?

Well, the answer is that these victims are being lured by a combination of marketing factors.

These two persons, James Edward and Brian Stickney are responsible for posting powerful marketing YouTube videos every day. In these videos, these individuals often begin with commentary of the Forex market in general before talking about the trades which they took during any particular trading day.

But there is no live trading experience whatsoever. This means that customers simply have to trust that the information being presented to them is the fact.

Surprisingly, none of the people who have purchased their products or services did manage to convince the two to produce account statements showing proof of live trading activities.

In fact, in these complaints, we saw that these individuals were regretting for having ignored the verification part. They simply believed that the owners of Complete Currency Trader were active traders who could not cheat them.

Another factor that played a critical role in convincing these people to invest into these company’s products was the sheer volume of seemingly positive testimonials on YouTube and Google concerning this company’s products. This gave them a false sense of authenticity.

complete currency trader marketing

How these people have managed to create positive reviews about their company

When Complete Currency Trader launched their trading educational package back in 2013, they embarked on an aggressive marketing mission which involved attracting the attention of affiliate marketers on the internet.

They took this product to Warrior Forum and other similar sites. By the way, Warrior Forum is visited by at least  120,000 to 200,000 active affiliate marketers each month.

So, what was the net effect of writing fake positive reviews about the Complete Currency Trader on this forum? It would, over time, build confidence towards this company and probably make it show up on Google searches for various keywords related to Complete Currency Trader.

In these videos, dozens of people testified that they were making hundreds of thousands of dollars after purchasing the secrets that Complete Currency Trader was selling.

Over time, these ”positive testimonials and reviews” have littered Google and YouTube. You can imagine how absurd the situation is when someone Google’s up the name of this company, then comes across these testimonials only to go straight to the website with the intention of purchasing their magical trading products. That person would end up losing a huge amount of money to this scam.

There are still more concerns

This company uses clever graphics to purport the existence of a fancy office located somewhere in London.

The images which represent James Edward and Brian Stickney convey a sense of importance and legitimacy. However, these images are just stock photos that have been pimped up with graphic overlay and background to make them look the way they look.

James Edward owner of Complete Currency Trader

This makes us think that these guys are operating their fraudulent business out of an office or room situated in a cheap apartment.

Why can’t they give us their track records? This guy named James claims to be a Hedge Fund Manager. Where did he work?

Our best advice for you

When red flags become obvious, pointing to the fact that we are dealing with a scam, people should think twice. Complete Currency Trader is a shame. This company feels that it is absolutely fine for victims to send them $14,000 in the name of buying trading educational courses. But we are saying that this is not fine. Please use these affordable products instead. Don’t sink into this financial black hole.

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