Crypterra Review: A Decent Crypto Mining Service or Scam?

Crypterra Review: A Decent Crypto Mining Service or Scam?

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Crypterra is a new Crypto-currency mining company set up in May 2017. The company believes that they have the most ambitious employees around. They claim on various crypto mining forums that they are very professional, plus they own the latest, most efficient cutting-edge mining equipment in the planet. targets both individuals and business owners who want to invest in Crypto-currency mining without necessarily undergoing the hustles that come with operating hardware and paying huge electricity bills.

When we look at the background details of this cloud mining company, we realize that it’s based out of Hong Kong, China. This is supposedly an advantage because China has the lowest cost of electricity in the world. This would automatically translate to bigger profit margins because the cost of electricity is the major impediment among those looking to mine Bitcoin profitably. And if data centers are located in a country like China, it cuts costs significantly.

So when we made further inquiries to learn about Crypterra and their offers, we received very convincing sales pitches which depict how great this company is and how they are determined to help investors of all levels make money.

Can you make money with Crypterra? Definitely you can? Is it the best Crypto currency cloud mining company on the web right now? Not really. There are dozens of competitors out there, and we are sure that no matter how good Crypterra sounds like, it cannot beat them in this game.

Crypterra review

This is a very promising company cloud mining company in terms of their offering, customer support and other benefits which they tout on their site.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Crypterra claims that they are always struggling to create the best customer support environment. They also believe that they are the only crypto currency cloud mining service with unique suite of products. And when they combine these advantages with their cutting-edge mining hardware technology, they can deliver a level of service that is far beyond what other competitors are offering.

Crypterra also alleges that they have clients of all levels who are making real profits with their platform. Apparently, this assertion cannot be verified, although people are already talking about them in forums like

Crypterra seems to be very confident when it comes to the category of clients which they are targeting. As you can see, they have plans for individuals, businesses and organizations too. We’d love to hear what these organizations are saying about their experience with this site.

Their data centers are described as ”world class”. Decent up time is always guaranteed in addition to fast connections.

The company has invested in GalxC Cooling system, and that means clients shouldn’t be disappointed with hardware failure due to heavy workload or unforeseen technical breakdown.

Since Crypterra believes that they are sufficiently equipped, the company is also very confident that every investor who joins their platform will make profits quickly. Is this true?

Too good to be true promises

”The price you see is the price you’ll pay.” That’s their slogan. But when asked how they are able to run their mining rigs so efficiently while keeping costs down, they claim that their mining rigs are operated from a place where electricity costs are insignificant. In fact, their website states that mining rigs run on 300% Clean Renewable Energy, a factor which has made it possible to keep electricity costs in check while also maintaining a greener planet.

And when they combine this factor with their industrial-grade hardware (GalxC Data Centre Cooling systems), they are able to achieve their objectives while making the operation as affordable as it can get.

Of course everyone would be rushing to open an account with them if it was this easy. Crypterra makes it sound like a walk in the park. But the truth is that so many factors affect mining operations. These factors also determine the level of efficiency that a company will operate at. If this efficiency is high, then more coins will be made as their systems finds and solves more blockchains. But also remember that it is always easier said than done.

Crypterra mining pools

We appreciate the fact that Crypterra works with some of the most established Bitcoin mining pools around. These include bestxmrpool, minero, dwarfpool and many more. Unfortunately, you customers cannot choose their own preferred mining pool.

Types of Crypto-currencies that Crypterra is mining

Crypterra mines a variety of coins for their investors. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, and Monera. The minimum investment for each one of the coins also varies. For example, when you want to invest in Bitcoin cloud mining through this company, the cheapest plan will cost $35 only. This will get you 250 GH/s of Bitcoin mining hash power.

crypterra plans

Business and enterprise plans attract a minimum investment of $384 and $1920 respectively. These are open-ended mining contracts, meaning that investors will continue to make profits for as long as the contract is able to pay for its running costs and still yield some profits.

Are their data centers real?

There is an increasing concern about websites that claim to have state-of-the-art data centers when they don’t even have a data center in the first place.

These sites will also go a long way into convincing naive investors through fake pictures that don’t represent data centers which they own.

However, with Crypterra, we see that indeed they own real data centers from where their mining operations are based out of.

Although there is no sure way to confirm whether or not this company owns the mining facilities which we are seeing in the pictures below, it would be difficult to believe that this company is not a legitimate cloud mining company.

crypterra data centers

So far, their records are in order. We’ve come across a few threads on the internet discussing this company in details. These threads are mostly started by people who are curious to learn about this company and whether or not they can invest their coins here. We also see their representatives actively participating in those forums, which is a good sign.

How does Crypterra compare to its competitors?

The difference isn’t big. The reason why this company hasn’t appeared in our list of best crypto currency mining companies is because we haven’t used it yet.

We don’t like recommending companies just because they look professional. This would be far more misleading. So hopefully when we get involved by testing one of their plans, we will update this review accordingly.

Does this mean that Crypterra is a scam?

We don’t believe that this company is a scam. Can we confirm if payments have been issued to members? Again, this is quite difficult to find out.

It takes us back to scouting Bitcoin forums where this company is being discussed. In those testimonials, we didn’t come across anything that raised an alarm.

But at the same time, there is lack of concrete evidence of people who have been using this service and are making profits out of it.

Our best advice for you

If you don’t want to gamble your coins to a company whose services we have not used, just stick to the safer alternatives here –our recommendations Crypto-currency cloud mining services. This will give you the best chance of succeeding since we’ve tested them before.

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78 Replies to “Crypterra Review: A Decent Crypto Mining Service or Scam?”

      1. how long did it take for your withdraw to go through? I’m waiting 3 days for my second withdraw to go out of ‘pending’ mode. How long have you been using them for? Thanks

    1. We are GalxC Cooling, a genuine refrigeration company based in Southampton.
      We provide cooling systems for industrial, HVAC and high efficiency cooling for data-centres.
      Please see,, where we have case studies of work that we have actually done.

      We have recently been contacted by individuals questioning about investing in “Crypterra”, wanting to verify if have invested in our equipment as per their website claims and can be found online in other articles.

      Please can we advise the we have had NOTHING TO DO WITH CRYPTERRA and that we have NEVER HEARD OF THEM and claims made that they have invested in our equipment are FALSE.

      We have also been contacted saying multiple investors (173,000) have been scammed for over $12M and are trying to recover their monies, and do we have any contact details for Crypterra. Sorry we do not know them, never heard of them, as above.

      We hope that this post will help anyone affected.

      The Directors
      GalxC Cooling

  1. SCAM.
    Signed up, withdrawals were good for about 7 days, then suddenly they stopped. No response from support and no transmission of withdrawals for over a week now.

    They made a post claiming it was due to traffic in the blockchain but the withdrawals are not even being processed and thus never given a Tx #.

    Seems they take your money, pay you minimal amounts for a week or so, try to get you to buy in more with “sales” then cut the cord and stop responding to you or paying you out.

      1. I received a response after a few more days and the withdrawals began again.

        I am officially now only receiving profit from them as due to the increase of BTC price in December, I have already made back my initial investment in Crypterra.

  2. BEWARE, POTENTIAL SCAM. They just increased their min payout amount to 50 bucks, and it keep increasing, seems like for you not to be able to withdraw. They also shut down their support domain.

  3. I have paid for their service, the bitcoin transaction went through with more than 10 confirmations now they do not respond and I do not know where my money is. The phone number does not work, there are no channels that they respond to. Be careful with your money try legitimate websites.

    1. Update: my transaction went through, a support person reached out to me and apologized for the delay; and the mining has started. I have tried to withdraw with one days earning. The withdrawal took 8 hours to go through, seems like they send money in batches to everyone in one transaction…. if they are doing that, that’s a smart move and I don’t have any complains with it. The transaction has been on the blockchain since 12 hours with no confirmations yet; so i’ll keep on the lookout for it to go through. I am a bit skeptical that they are mining, if they are really mining and paying out this would be the best mining service out there. whether it is a scam or a real company remains to be determined.

      After my first withdrawal went through I got an email from their support asking me if everything is working as planned; and I replied with if they continue to deliver and perform the same service over time, the users of the service will ensure that they get more business….

        1. What you need to do is send a small amount to the same address again to help “push” the transaction through. Crypterra had a 15min window where the price could change with the fluctuations in the coin market. This would mean you didn’t pay enough by maybe $10usd or so. Hope this helps!

    1. and this is the second one…which has my second withdraw

      Will they continue to pay people? I don’t know, but so far I gotta give them the benefit of the doubt, my guess is that it’s a small team and can’t keep up. Couple more payments and I get my initial cost back so I think the risk/reward is pretty good. My advise would be spend no more than you can afford loosing cause yeah they can one day shut it off and there’s no way to track them down

  4. Watch this picture crypterra**ets/images/blog/article_4.jpg

    copy and paste from

    At Crypterra, we are carefully selecting the best mining datacenters locations to satisfy the mission-critical security and performance requirements of our customers. We have three strategically positioned datacenters in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Together, they present a solid platform for delivering a customized mining environment that evolves every day. All facilities are equipped with infrastructure designed for maximum availability, and have everything required to serve infrastructure customer requests of any scale and complexity.

    Well-trained, on-site engineering support teams at each of the locations ensure that all infrastructure layers run smoothly and our 99.99% SLAs for power and network uptime are always upheld.

    Our mining hardware are located in a world- cla** data centres with multiple fast connections, and with GalxC Data Centre Cooling systems is specifically designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air is essential.

    At Webzilla, we are carefully selecting the best datacenter facilities to satisfy the mission-critical security and performance requirements of global businesses for which data protection and zero-service failure online remain crucial aspects of daily operations. We have five strategically positioned datacenters connected by 13 network points of presence (PoPs) in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Together, they present a solid platform for delivering a customized hosting environment that evolves with your project. All facilities are equipped with infrastructure designed for maximum availability, and have everything required to serve infrastructure customer requests of any scale and complexity.

    Well-trained, on-site engineering support teams at each of the locations ensure that all infrastructure layers run smoothly and our 99.99% SLAs for power and network uptime are always upheld.

    Webzilla’s datacenters in US, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are fully compliant against Payment Card Industry standards and PCI DSS-certified.

      1. Want to provide proof ? Are u investing ? No…. u do realize all these sites are the same right ? Does your dad own genesis mining or hashlare ,? Can u vouch for them
        ? Are they regulated by anything no? So this is no diff . is there a risk? Yep.

        1. You are not very smart. Are u investing? What kind of question is that? Yes we all have invested in some way or fashion but you do your due diligence first. What a troll. Your english is very poor. We know you work for them.

          1. Omg lol……. lmafo… are you THAT NAIVE??!! You are basing hashflare on being legit cuz they take credit cards???!! Whoa buddy, you are way too naive. You think just cuz they take CC they can be tracked ? Hey man I applaud you , you are so simple minded. Any of these sites can shut down tomorrow . Try reading hashflare (or any other sites) term. They reserve the right to cancel your contract at any time if mining isn’t profitable. Guess what, you agreed to it. So your “tracked cc payment” mean nothing here. All they gotta say is “mining was no longer profile for us”……

            Oh god I really wish I was as simple as u. ALL THESE SITES CAN GO UNDER, THEY ARE ALL RISKY, if u r gonna risk then choose the one with the highest returns and cheapest cost .

            Be a little smarter at least if u r gonna make baseless comments . I can already tell you invested more than you can afford and now you have to be emotionally vested in HF to make yourself feel good ab9ut your over investmentl. Have fun waiting to 800 USD to withdraw every time

  5. I guess when genesis and hasflare started everyone said it was a scam,best way here is invest a little and see what’s happens.take out your roi,then anything after that re buy in,if it folds over night you’ve lost nothing

    1. Yes i did, i bought their christmas offer, 20th. I can withdraw for the last 3 days but the todays withdraws are pending… keep you updated

            1. 1 month with crypterra, last week no payouts….
              Reason: they added a security pin, need to wait 10 days before next withdrawal.
              Don’t invest until we know if the payouts continue. Keep you guys posted after feb-6.

              1. Feb 15, no payouts for 1 month, website changed to x-mining but isn’t working at all. It’s very hard to believe that they are back soon….

      1. Lol…your numbers don’t make sense. Stop making up stuff. I mine too, nobody breaks even in 30 days. Following a statement with referral link reeks BS. GTFO here.

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