Bitcoin Pro App Review: Fishy Scam Doesn’t Make Money

Bitcoin Pro App Review: Fishy Scam Doesn’t Make Money

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We’ve been introduced to a character called James Robins in our quest to find out whether Bitcoin Pro App is legitimate. This guy claims to be the creator of Bitcoin Pro App. His other claim is that this is the very first Cryptocurrency trading software to leap forward towards the new industry with fresh technology.

That statement sounded vague. We don’t even know what to make of it. But one thing is clear. James Robins is an illegitimate person. What he is touting as Bitcoin Pro App is just as fake as any other generic trading application which you used and lost money to.

We conducted an in-depth search operation in a bid to establish whether James was real and that he was the owner of this project. But instead of succeeding (as you’d expect with someone who created a revolutionary trading software), we hit a dead end.

It confirmed to us that James was just a marketing character. He was used to shield the real criminals behind the Bitcoin Pro App scam.

However, this isn’t the only dubious thing about this app. There are more evidence to suggest that this software is a scam.

We will be mentioning them here in this review.

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Bitcoin Pro App review

As we have already mentioned, this system is presented by a man called James Robins. His claim is that the company behind this software was established in 2013, and that he is the owner of the company in question.

This company has allegedly gathered a team of professional Cryptocurrency analysts and programmers with the aim of creating Bitcoin Pro App.

They explain that the Bitcoin Pro App is equipped with a database of information that can be accessed in real time. According to them, this software is designed to search and analyze repetitive patterns in relation to the price of the asset that is being traded.

Essentially, the Bitcoin Pro App system is relying on historical data to find profitable trades in the market. This has allegedly given them a remarkable win rate of 93%.

Unfortunately, we were not able to verify this win rate. On top of that, we have always proved that such a high win rate is not possible to maintain on a consistent basis.

bitcoinproapp review

More details are revealed about the software such as the number of trades it places a day as well as the expected daily returns.

According to the website, this software opens 26 trades everyday. With the high win rate, a good day can allegedly earn you $3,700. In the worst of days, you should expect $1,350.

This is a figure that James claims will depend with the amount that you will invest into this software. The minimum amount that this software needs to begin trading is $250.

With $250, you should expect over $1000 per day, a figure that we have proved to be impossible to make with $250 investment capital. That would be a pipe dream.

Another thing to note is that these trading results are impossible to verify. Those who have been scammed by this website before will tell you that this is far from the truth. The truth which they’ve witnessed is that this is a generic trading robot whose aim is to gamble with the traders’ money.

Too good to be true

You can agree with us that Bitcoin Pro App system is a too good to be true offer. Any website that makes unrealistic promises should never be trusted.

Any trading system that is promoting unrealistic profits is definitely a scam. It is likely to waste your money and time.

There are many signs that confirms the fact that this software is not a quality system for trading Cryptocurrency pairs with any broker.

Why do they have to use a voice over to introduce James’ background? That is suspicious indeed. If this man called James was confident enough, he would have showed his face on the video for people to at least gain some trust for him.

Now, James is hiding behind voice over narration, yet he is explaining the technical details of this trading app and giving you many reasons why you should subscribe.

That is quite interesting, don’t you think? The fact of the matter is that this website is using a cheap actor to tell lies. Yes, big companies sometimes use actors to promote their products. But in the case of Bitcoin Pro App system, there is no corporation to back it. In fact, the mention of a company that was started in 2013 to oversee this project is just empty talk. There is no such company on the planet.

Therefore, while big companies that use actors to promote their products or services are legitimate, there is no way a shady operation like Bitcoin Pro App system can be legitimate.

Bitcoin Pro App CEO James Robins

With such unrealistic claims of earnings which have never been verified up to now, you cannot expect anything good to come out of this website. Just forget it.

Members’ trading results

Bitcoin Pro App system website has listed some alleged members on their site which they claim to have had success with this software.

James the liar claims that his project has attracted so many people since it got launched in 2016. In fact, James says that there are over 1000 members who are active subscribers of this software.

However, when we run a background check on this site, we find that it was registered a week ago. So who is telling the truth here? Do we believe James or the internet records?

The safest bet would be to believe and other such like tools that help us verify the actual date of registration for any website.

It therefore emerges that Bitcoin Pro App website is only telling a fake story of how hundreds of their members have profited from this project. It is not true.

Also, the Bitcoin Pro App website is giving us results that cannot be verified, even claiming that people are making money from losing trades. They have integrated a widget on their site which fools people into believing that the program is actually helping traders make lots of money.

But that is not the case. A phony operation like this one cannot go any far because it lacks evidence of the proclaimed earnings.

Our best advice for you

When you want to trade Cryptocurrencies and have no idea where to start, you have to first conduct your own due diligence to identify trading tools that work.

A fake trading system like Bitcoin Pro App is bound to waste all your money as it opens random trades, losses and keeps doing the same thing until your trading account is empty.

It cannot stop trading and losing money until your account is actually empty.

By now, you should know very well that the profit claims are unrealistic. They cannot be verified whatsoever. The people who have allegedly used this trading system cannot be verified either.

No matter where you look, you will see that this is a phony operation.

For those who are searching for legitimate trading software for Cryptocurrency pairs, this is a good list to look at. We have just began to compile a list of tried and tested robots for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum you name it. Don’t lose money to scammers.

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