LTC Miner Review: Scam Will Never Mine LTC For You

LTC Miner Review: Scam Will Never Mine LTC For You

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You may be new to Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin. The idea of cloud mining altcoins may have appealed to you because it saves you from the hustles that are related to setting up a mining rig and maintaining it at home.

Those ideals can only be achieved when you sign up for these cloud mining companies. As for this particular website called, losing your coins is a guarantee.

If you’ve never understood the true definition of what a Cryptocurrency scam is, then this website can give you a good clue. LTC Miner is a true picture of a scam where the operators just take your coins and disappear.

LTC Miner is nothing more than a funnel site designed to such you into a ponzi scheme.

The worst thing is that LTC Miner copied Litemi Hub in every other way. 

For example, they share the same website template, and are both offering a fake chance to mine Litecoin for free.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

If you want to know that you’re dealing with a scam, just sit back and reflect on the fact that LTC Miner is promising free altcoin mining opportunity which is supposed to put some 0.003 LTC into your bank account everyday.

This is not realistic. Because of this, we have been forced to investigate and consider all facts and evidence in this case. So far, we have confirmed that this is yet another cheap ponzi scheme in the business.

ltc miner review

LTC Miner Review: why we don’t like this website

The fact of the matter is that we don’t like this website because it is designed to only receive deposits and never make any payouts.

The second fact is that this website is a copycat scam of another similar site called Latemi Hub. Both of them are operated by anonymous people which even complicated the matter further.

There is no way a stranger can pay you back when they have your altcoins in their bank accounts. It’s not going to happen any minute.

The fact that these domains are privately registered on is a sign that the people who run these criminals enterprises don’t wish to be tracked down.

A wise investor should therefore read the signs in advance before they can lose their money to these phony characters.

For us, anyone whose details cannot be seen on is mostly a scammer. Secondly, anyone who copies another scam is definitely one of them.

As far as we know, LTC Miner doesn’t even own a Litecoin mining farm. There is no cloud mining service here. Instead, they have a strategy in place which is designed to accept deposits and not issue any payouts.

Before writing this review, we sent them several emails to ask where their mining farms were located at. We wanted verifiable proof and not just claims that the mining rigs are located in secret places across the US, UK, China etc.

LTC Miner has never responded to those emails up to now despite threatening them that a review as about to be written here with regards to this website’s operation and reputation in general.

Were we committing a crime for writing and sending those emails? Absolutely not. We were just being real. There is nothing wrong with asking for evidence that a mining farm exists. After all, it is written on the homepage of the LTC Miner website that the mining equipment have been fully set up and are running in full throttle.

If that was the case, we had the right to inquire further into the matter. Unfortunately, it looks like our curiosity wasn’t welcomed. That is a huge red flag right there.

The plans

LTC Miner Version 1.0 is supposed to be issued for free. You can allegedly make 0.000002 LTC per minute with zero investments.

The other plans are basic, standard and premium. These plans are very similar to what is offered at Litemi Hub. They just copied everything from this site. Or we could say Litemi Hub copied LTC Miner. Whichever the case, it is still very apparent that the two sites look similar in every other aspect.

The basic plan is supposed to give you 0.00014 LTC per minute or 0.2 Litecoin per day. The premium plan, on the other hand, is supposed to make 15 Litecoin on a daily basis and without fail.

When we look at the affiliate bonuses, we can’t help that think that this is certainly too good to be true.

The projected income is ridiculous and unrealistic. The affiliate bonuses are just a pipe dream which can’t be achieved no matter what. It becomes apparent that these guys are not mining Litecoin but simply operating a cheap Ponzi scheme.

Mining results

It cannot be that Litemi Hub is offering the same results as LTC Miner.

Just like Litemi Hub, this scam is promising a ridiculous figure of +191.93% per year and +15.98% per month. Think about this carefully. Where is this money coming from? Has mining Litecoin all of a sudden become so easy and profitable that making money is just a child play experience?

When you look at those results, you should be able to figure out that these people are taking you for a ride. It definitely has to be a scam, no doubt about it.

But to reinforce the lie, these guys provided an alleged record of payment.

The tab labeled ”see payment proof” is the supposed payment proof that this site is banking on to convince its visitors.

ltcminer payouts

We want to state categorically that this is nothing more that a list of randomly generated Cryptocurrency addresses purporting that members were paid when the truth is that nobody has ever been paid by this site.

The anonymous operators of this site

LTC Miner is operated by anonymous people who claim to have massive experience in the field of Cryptocurrency mining.

Why didn’t they provide their professional linkedin profiles for easy verification? These strangers just want you to believe them blindly. They don’t tolerate questions or curiosity.

Stealing is the main motive of a stranger asking for your Bitcoin. When you open your eyes, you will come to the realization that no genuine person will ever hide behind the computer and then ask people to send payments in Bitcoin or in any other Cryptocurrency.

LTC Miner customer feedback

These folks are being doubted everywhere on the internet. The reason why guys are doubting them is because their promises are too good to be true.

Whereas they are popular, there are no reviews or customer feedback about them. Instead, people have expressed their concerns and varied opinions concerning them.

The owner of LTC Miner is also said to be owning Start Miner and which are all scams.

If there were any customer feedback, we are sure that this wouldn’t be positive at all.

A ponzi scheme can only make payouts once to fool you into believing that when you deposit to upgrade your plan, you will earn more money quickly. But that is when you will lose that money altogether.

Our best advice for you

Avoid LTC Miner as there is nothing good in this site. They don’t even have a reputation yet. Their popularity just means nothing. So if you want to mine altcoins, follow this link and sign up.

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