My Now Mining Review: Just an Ignorant Scam Attempt

My Now Mining Review: Just an Ignorant Scam Attempt

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As long as you’re aware of the fact that or My Now Mining is not really mining but collecting deposits from members of the public, you should be fine. Your Bitcoins are too precious. Anyone who wants to collect them from your pocket is definitely being unfair to you.

Unfortunately, this scamming attempt is not going too far. As you can see, this is a novice attempt to steal Bitcoin. We are actually wondering the reason why the owner of this site didn’t invest in a professional script. Was it rocket science to think that website design plays a big role in how visitors convert?

Surprisingly, the bounce rate for My Now Mining is so low. We are actually shocked that folks spend their time on this ugly site. What exactly are they possibly thinking about when spending their precious time on the My Now Mining website? There isn’t much to do here other than clicking the Facebook or Google sign up tab to proceed into the trap.

Thankfully, this review has investigated what is happening here. This analysis will save your Bitcoin so that thieves can go empty-Handed. Those Bitcoins can be invested here if you wish to multiply by mining in the cloud.

My Now Mining review: is your usual scam

Let’s start by investigating the background of this site. When you run that domain on, you will see that the owner is hiding their identity, plus they are using a generic Panama physical address which is common with most Ponzi schemes.

There is something special about registering a domain with a Panama address if you’re operating a cheap Ponzi scheme.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

mynowmining review

As it currently stands, the owner is anonymous. But they are expecting you to sign up and deposit some Bitcoins. You’re literally helping a criminal live the good life at the expense of your Bitcoin wallet.

The motto of this website is ‘’together everyone achieves more.’’ That’s sarcastic because when you trust My Now Mining with your coins, they will spend it and ignore you afterwards. There is no teamwork here. There are no mining pools to mine Bitcoin too.

The reason why My Now Mining website sucks is because it is a project of an anonymous person hiding behind a computer in another part of this world.

Are they backed by any company or corporation? Well, that cannot happen at least for now. With such shady operations and an ugly site to act as front-end of a phony business, no respectable company can involved itself with them.

There is something called reputation and aesthetic appeal. For visitors to trust your intentions, you must first appeal to their eyes before giving them the kind of information or opportunity they are looking for.

Secondly, reputation is built when the above things have been considered. Now, My Now Mining has no reputation at all. This site is designed to collect deposits, period.

What is it about?

Let’s pretend that a visitor arrives at the domain where My Now Mining is hosted at. How does this visitor find out what this site is all about when no information has been given at all? How exactly do they contact the operator(s) of this site when there is no ‘’contact us’’ or email address anywhere?

Actually, we are talking of a site that has no text expect the letters ‘’MNM’’. We are talking of a site that does not say anything about the owner or even what they intend to do with your Bitcoin.

At first, you may think that this site is under construction. But that isn’t the case. It was done by design. And that’s because these scammers are very lazy. Whoever is behind this site couldn’t invest their time and money to present a professional site.

They must have been dumb because when you look at their site, the first message that comes to your mind is that this is a scam. It’s like a thief announcing in advance that they are coming to steal.

Also, the only thing we can see on this site is the link for signing up with your username, password or through social media. According to us, this is a site that was designed to collect user information and probably Bitcoins in the process.

Their main aim is to collect two things which we have just mentioned above. Probably it’s an experiment. We may never know the truth.

Who mines with My Now Mining?

This site is very interesting. There are no numbers or any claims. There is no hashing power to buy either. What exactly is happening here?

Well, one has to sign up to find out more about the site and their offers. Unfortunately, we have no time for doing so. Our precious time is often invested in finding legitimate Cryptocurrency mining sites.

Nevertheless, we wanted to know whether My Now Mining had some investors already mining with their platform.

Think about this: it’s a silly thing to think about given that this site doesn’t even talk about whether or not they mine Cryptocurrencies.

But the most disturbing thing is that My Now Mining does not have any customer reviews on the internet, yet it’s very popular in the US. What exactly is happening?

Is popularity supposed to mean that a site is having many investors on board? So why is it that these guys are quiet about their experience with My Now Mining?

It’s a question that we haven’ found an answer to. So perhaps those who have lost some Bitcoin to this site can leave their comments below.

Overall, trust rating is extremely poor for this site. That means nobody trusts it at all. In fact, we did them a great favor by writing this review here. They will ultimately earn a star for making an attempt to set up a great Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Summary of points to remember

You will have to remember that this site is owned by an anonymous person who wants you to sign up and send Bitcoins to them.

The second most important point to remember is that it is unclear whether real investors have ever used the ‘’services’’ of this site. There is no need of taking unnecessary risks.

Thirdly, the site is not upfront with what they do and how they intend to achieve the purpose of whatever they are doing.

If the goal is unclear, don’t be fooled to believe that My Now Mining will be kind enough to invest your Bitcoin. They are not foolish to do so. The only ‘’investment’’ that is happening here is the act of collecting Bitcoin and using it to fund the lifestyle of a newbie scam artist.

Our best advice for you

My Now Mining is the laziest scam we have ever seen in this space. There was no attempt whatsoever to convince visitors of their legitimacy.

What is more, there were no customer testimonials or forum talks discussing My Now Mining site and their operations.

Anyone wanting to mine Cryptos should definitely spend his time on sites that are worth it, not phony sites that thrive in collecting Bitcoin from innocent investors and disappearing as soon as coins have been sent. We therefore advice you to invest with these Cryptocurrency websites instead.

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3 Replies to “My Now Mining Review: Just an Ignorant Scam Attempt”

  1. De venezuela inverti en esta empresa,ingrese con 500$ .exelente la propuesta .para creser en vista de la crisis economica del pais.y hasta los momentos estoi minando 25 centavos dan la cara para esplicar que ocurre.y mi consejo es a personas que le pinten pajaritos con estas propuestas lo piensen bien.antes de invertir

    1. Estas seguro que fue esta empresa? Te pregunto porque hay otra empresa NowMining que está estafando y buscando información di con este sitio.

  2. My now mining es una estafa, ya la pagina web de la plataforma desaparecio y ahora se hacen llamar vip mining, mismo equipo y misma ESTAFA, NO INVIRTAIS

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